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GOSPEL ACTED OUT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        salvation, forgiveness
SCRIPTURE:    Gen.1:27, Lev.19:2, Jhn.3:16, Col.3:1,
.             Rom.3:23
Style:        drama/narration: actors mime out the gospel
.             message as a narrator relays the message
Cast:         NARRATOR, JESUS, PEOPLE 1-4 or more
.             NOTE: person who represents Jesus/God
.             wears the white robe
Set & Props:  white robe, doll wrapped in blanket,
.             4 or more black garbage bags cut to act
.             like a jacket for all the PEOPLE


(At the start, have Jesus/God wearing the white robe.
PEOPLE can wear white shirts.  Have garbage bag jackets
laid out along the back of the stage.  Have the doll
ready at the back, maybe hiding behind a tree or a box.)

NARRATOR                      ACTION

In the beginning, God -       JESUS steps out
.                             at stage left.

created men and women         JESUS holds out left arm
to live on the earth.         and PEOPLE walk out.  As
.                             JESUS holds out right arm
.                             PEOPLE go to stand on
.                             the other side of JESUS.

All people had                ALL, including JESUS,
a close relationship          hold hands and form circle.
with God.                     Spread the circle out,
There was spiritual life      everyone smiling.

until - they made the         PEOPLE suddenly lift & push
decision to sin.              down their hands to break
.                             the chain of the circle.

Bringing sin to all people.   PEOPLE look angry, and
This sin meant                turn their backs
separation from God,          on JESUS.
.                                                      2
and sin means                 PEOPLE go to the back
spiritual death.  We are      and each put on their
all born spiritually dead.    black clothes/jackets.
We are all born with sin.

God is holy and               JESUS sadly turns his back
cannot look on sin.           on the people.

But God loves all of us,      JESUS picks up baby with
each and every one of us,     his back to congregation
so much, that He sent         and hands baby to a girl
His only Son, Jesus,          from one of the PEOPLE.

to live on the earth          GIRL holds baby tenderly,
among the people.             then puts baby back
.                             behind box/tree/whatever.

When Jesus got older,         JESUS steps over to where
.                             the PEOPLE are.

He traveled around            JESUS mimes talking
telling people about          tenderly to the people.
God’s love for them,

and that they needed          At first the PEOPLE listen
to repent of their sins       intently.
so that they could have
spiritual life.

As the Bible prophesized,     PEOPLE get angry again,
the people killed Jesus.      and grab JESUS’S hands.
.                             Some PEOPLE hold one hand,
.                             OTHERS hold the other
.                             hand so JESUS forms
.                             the shape of a cross.

Because of His love for us,   JESUS slowly hangs his head
Jesus chose to die            down to mime death.
for all of our sins.

.                             As PEOPLE let go of
.                             JESUS’ hands, JESUS slowly
.                             sinks down to his knees.
.                             PEOPLE sadly turn forward
.                             and step in front JESUS’
.                             to hide him from sight.
.                                                      3
And just as
the Bible prophesized         JESUS stands up straight.
Jesus rose again,             PEOPLE are surprised, turn
having victory over death.    to look, and step to the
.                             side toward stage right.

And returning to heaven       JESUS steps back over to
Jesus took His place          stage left, holds his hands
on the throne of grace,       out slightly in welcome.

so that WHEN we CHOOSE        One by one, PEOPLE turn
to ask Jesus to forgive us    and approach JESUS while
of all our sins,              taking off black jackets
.                             to hand to JESUS.

He forgives us,               JESUS takes black jackets
and chooses to remember       and throws them off stage
our sins no more,             and out of sight.

giving us spiritual life,     JESUS holds out his hands.
giving us a close             PEOPLE smile and hold hands
relationship with God,        to form a circle.

and eternal life with Him     JESUS holds out left hand,
in heaven.                    motioning to stage left.
.                             ALL exit to stage left.

Jesus loves us all,           JESUS holds out hands in
and gives all of us           welcome to congregation,
this choice to make.          then exits behind PEOPLE.