.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
.             refer to

.                            – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s purification, redemption
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.24:1-40:38, Eph.4:26
Style:        drama or puppet play/conversation:
.             two kids discuss how they sometimes
.             feel angry, and wonder if maybe
.             sometimes anger is okay, as they
.             learn how God took care of Moses and
.             the Israelites, making reconciliation
.             possible while in the desert
Cast:         (present day): ANIA, ELA, NARRATOR
.             (Bible day):   MOSES, ISRAELITE
.             (also have):   ONE or TWO ASSISTANTS
.             preferably dressed in black, who stand
.             out of the picture as much as possible.
NOTE:         if using puppets, the NARRATOR
.             and ASSISTANTS 1-2 have to be people,
.             the other characters can be puppets
Set & Props:  cardboard cutouts: golden calf, temple


(ANIA and ELA enter.)

ANIA       Hi, Ela.  How are you FEELING today?

ELA        Ha ha, you’re so funny, Ania.

ANIA       So you are feeling good today.

ELA        Well, it’s funny-

ANIA       Funny ha-ha or funny weird?

ELA        Funny weird.  After we talked about
.          feelings, and choosing to be thankful,
.          something happened that made me angry.

ANIA       Oh, and did you choose to change
.          your attitude?  Or did you let
.          your anger control you?

ELA        I don’t know if it’s that simple.
.                                                       2
ANIA       I think I need more information.

ELA        Well, in that bad situation, I tried
.          to think about what I was thankful for,
.          but I’m still angry about what happened.

ANIA       I wonder if it depends on what happened?

ELA        Do you think it is ever okay to be angry?

ANIA       It must be okay to be angry at some things.
.          Right?  I think if something really bad
.          happens, we should not be happy about
.          the bad thing.  So what did happen?

ELA        Someone called me some very bad names.

ANIA       I wonder if our friend could tell us
.          what to do?  Hi, (Name).

(NARRATOR enters and stands at stage right.)

NARRATOR   Hello Ania and Ela, and everyone else.

ELA        Someone called me some very bad names,
.          and that made me angry.

ANIA       We are wondering if it is okay to
.          sometimes feel angry.

NARRATOR   The Bible verse, Ephesians 4:26, says
.          “BE ANGRY, AND yet DO NOT SIN;
.          do not let the sun go down on your anger.”

ELA        Interesting, but what does that really mean?

NARRATOR   It’s not wrong to have feelings,
.          but it is wrong to let your feelings
.          control your actions.

ELA        I tried being thankful- but I’m still angry.

NARRATOR   Well, we are to be angry at bad things.
.          Even God gets angry at sin.
.          But we are supposed to love our enemies,
.          pray for them, and forgive them.
.                                                       3
ELA        So, love our enemies, be angry at the sin.

NARRATOR   Exactly.  Because letting our anger
.          control our actions – makes us hate people –
.          then we are sinning.

ANIA       What about this sun-going-down thing?

NARRATOR   That just means we should deal with our anger
.          as soon as possible.  Sometimes we need to
.          talk to the person who has hurt us, or
.          if it is too dangerous, sometimes we just need
.          to forgive them in our hearts.

ANIA       But to just forgive them, when they do not
.          even realize that they hurt us badly-

NARRATOR   Forgiving them does not say that what they did
.          was okay.  Forgiving them actually helps us
.          to move on – and not let our anger control us.

ELA        I think that actually makes sense.

NARRATOR   Our true story from the Bible today, actually
.          talks about this.

ELA        I am so thankful that the Bible answers
.          all of our questions.  I definitely want
.          to sit down now and listen!

(ANIA and ELA exit.)

NARRATOR   Remember that God had a plan for His people,
.          the Israelites.  And God had a plan for Moses
.          to help free the Israelites from slavery,
.          and then lead them to the land that
.          God promised to them.  And while taking them
.          through the desert, God provided them with
.          food and water, and protected them from
.          their enemies.  Because God was with them,
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          And they should have been very thankful,
.          but they were always angry and complaining.
.          God even gave them some laws to follow
.          so that they could get along with God,
.          and each other in love and peace.
.                                                       4
(MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)

MOSES      So, do you understand all of these laws?

ISRAELITE  Oh yes, and we will all do our best to obey!

NARRATOR   But it did not take long for them to disobey.

(ASSISTANT raises cardboard cutout of the golden calf.  
MOSES shudders with anger at the sight and turns to

MOSES      What is that?  What have you done?

ISRAELITE  Oh, that.  Ahhhh...  That is a golden calf.

MOSES      But why?

ISRAELITE  Well, you were up on that mountain
.          for such a long time, we thought maybe
.          you were dead.  So we went to your brother,
.          Aaron, and told him to make us a god
.          so we would have someone to lead us.
.          And then started to party and things got
.          WAY out of hand...

MOSES      Did you forget the Ten Commandments
.          that quickly?  This breaks number one and two!

ISRAELITE  Ahhhh... I kind of remember-

MOSES      “Do not have any other gods before Me.”
.          “Do not make any idols or worship them.”

ISRAELITE  Oh yeah.  Oops.

MOSES      Oops?  Tell me - how can this piece of gold
.          shaped like a cow- help you?  Can it move
.          on its own?  Can it talk?  Can it feed you?

ISRAELITE  Ahhhh... No, it’s pretty much just
.          a hunk of metal.  It is shiny!

MOSES      God is brighter than the sun.  How can you
.          even compare this little piece of metal to
.          everything God has ever done for you?
.                                                       5
ISRAELITE  There is no comparison.  There is no excuse.
.          What we did was wrong.  Very wrong.
.          We sinned against God.  Is God angry?

MOSES      God was so very angry at this, that
.          He was ready to destroy all Israelites.

ISRAELITE  Oops.  And- I see that God has every right
.          to be that angry.

MOSES      But God remembered His promise to us.
.          So God decided to spare your lives.


MOSES      But – I am ALSO very angry.

(As MOSES pushes it, ASSISTANT has golden calf fall over.

NARRATOR   Moses destroyed the idol.  Then Moses
.          made the people choose who they wanted
.          to serve – an idol – or God.
.          All of those choosing the idol were destroyed.
.          Those who chose God but were guilty
.          of worshiping the idol were punished.

(MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)

ISRAELITE  I am so happy and thankful that I am
.          feeling better again.  But what should I do?
.          If I want to keep this feeling,
.          what should I do?

MOSES      The first thing is to stop complaining,
.          and choose to do what is right -
.          God will help you.  And whenever you do
.          something bad - when you ask God
.          to forgive you, God will forgive you!

ISRAELITE  What if I forget?

MOSES      You are ALWAYS a child of God – but as
.          a loving Father, God might discipline you.

ISRAELITE  But I’ll always be a child of God?
.                                                       6
MOSES      Yes, the question is – do you want to be
.          a child who is close to their heavenly Father?

ISREALITE  That would probably make things go
.          a lot smoother.

MOSES      Yes, exactly.

ISRAELITE  So my cousin’s nephew twice removed
.          is STILL arguing with me about-

MOSES      Still?

ISRAELITE  So my cousin’s nephew twice removed
.          is arguing with me AGAIN-

MOSES      Look, just as God forgives you,
.          you need to work it out and forgive
.          your cousin’s nephew twice removed!

ISRAELITE  Okay.  But as God sometimes disciplines us,
.          should I discipline my cousin’s nephew
.          twice removed?

MOSES      Are you his earthly or heavenly Father?

ISRAELITE  Noooo.  But he makes me so angry!

MOSES      You need to obey the laws that God has given.
.          And you need to obey the laws of the land,
.          as long as they do not go against God’s laws.

ISRAELITE  So the laws of the land could punish
.          someone who does a bad thing?

MOSES      Yes.  But remember – you are also under
.          those same laws.  God wants us to get along
.          with Him and all people – to live in
.          love, peace and safety.

ISRAELITE  Got it.  Wait!  Wait a minute.
.          I am constantly forgetting stuff and
.          making mistakes – how am I supposed to
.          keep getting along with God?  I mean, it is
.          hard enough to get along with others.  But
.          God is perfect and has very high standards.
.                                                       7
MOSES      You are very correct in saying that God
.          is perfect, and to get along with God –
.          we have to be perfect.

ISRAELITE  Gulp.  But – that is impossible.

MOSES      Nothing is impossible with God.
.          We must put God first in our lives.
.          When we ask God to forgive our sins,
.          God forgives us.  Then God is always with us-
.          so we do not have to be afraid of anything.

ISRAELITE  How can we know that God is with us?

MOSES      Do you not remember how God protected us from
.          all the plagues against Pharaoh and Egypt?
.          Do you not remember when God parted the
.          Red Sea so we could walk through to
.          the other side?  Do you not remember
.          how God protected us from our enemies?
.          Or how God provided food and water for us
.          while we are in the desert?

ISRAELITE  I guess, it is kind of obvious, huh?

MOSES      And now God, in His understanding of us,
.          has given us instructions of how to build
.          this lovely temple so we can always see
.          that He is with us.

(ASSISTANTS hold up cardboard cutout of temple.)

ISRAELITE  Oh, that’s very beautiful.

MOSES      That - is just a building.  We are to only
.          worship God.  God has provided us a place
.          where we can go to honor Him as a group.

(MOSES and ISRAELITE walk around the back of the “temple”
and disappear, or MOSES and ISRAELITE simple exit.)

NARRATOR   Now we have churches where we can go
.          to worship God.  Or sometimes we meet
.          in the homes of other Christians.

(ASSISTANTS take down “temple.”)
.                                                       8
NARRATOR   This is a way we can remember all the things
.          that God has done for His people and for us.
.          And to remember all the ways how we should
.          obey and honor God.  Now we have the Bible,
.          God’s words to us, which we can read daily.
.          This is a way that we can continue
.          our close relationship with God.  Because
.          God wants to have a close relationship with us
.          and has a plan for us, He provides a way.
.          God loves everyone so much that He sent
.          His only Son to earth to die for our sins.
.          Even for those people way back then.
.          So when we ask God to forgive our sins,
.          and ask God to be our heavenly Father,
.          God forgives us and we become children of God.
.          We can KNOW that God is with us, and
.          we do not have to be afraid of anything.
.          (close story in a prayer)


NARRATOR   As we have learned in the true story from
.          the Bible– just as God was with the Israelites
.          and had special plans for them –
.          the all-knowing, all-powerful God loves us
.          and has special plans for all of us.
.          God wants each of us to be a child of God.
.          Then we know that God is always with us,
.          and we never have to be afraid of anything.