.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
.             refer to

.                            – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s provision
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.15:22-31:18
Style:        drama or puppet play/conversation:
.             two kids discuss how they sometimes
.             take things for granted, like how
.             the Israelites kept complaining even though
.             God took care of them while in the desert
Cast:         (present day): ANIA, ELA, NARRATOR
.             (Bible day):   MOSES, ISRAELITE
.             (also have):   ONE or TWO ASSISTANTS
.             preferably dressed in black, who stand
.             out of the picture as much as possible.
NOTE:         if using puppets, the NARRATOR
.             and ASSISTANTS 1-2 have to be people,
.             the other characters can be puppets
Set & Props:  (optional) cardboard “river” of manna,
.             (optional) cardboard “river” of quail,
.             (optional) cardboard mountain


(ANIA and ELA enter.)

ANIA       Hi Ela.  So, I HOPE you are doing well.

ELA        Hi Ania.  Thank you for your wishful thinking.
.          I am also thankful for the hope that
.          I have found in Jesus.

ANIA       It is very awesome, isn’t it?
.          That no matter how bad things get,
.          or how uncertain our future seems,
.          when we become children of God,
.          we have an eternal hope - which is -
.          a for-sure thing.

ELA        This decision is still very new for me.
.          I just hope the thankful feeling lasts.

ANIA       You don’t think it will last?

ELA        The - “thankful feeling.”
.                                                       2
ANIA       Why do you say that?

ELA        Well, think about it - feelings change -
.          all the time.

ANIA       I guess you’re right.  Sometimes even
.          best friends suddenly stop being friends,
.          because one of them does something wrong,
.          and the other one feels angry and refuses
.          to forgive them, or LIKE them ever again.

ELA        That does happen, doesn’t it?
.          But can friends change
.          their minds and like them again?
.          Is it possible to change our feelings?

ANIA       Hm.  Let me think...  I think I HAVE it.

ELA        Another example?  You’re very good
.          at coming up with examples.

ANIA       Thank you.

ELA        So what is the example?

ANIA       Well, my mom always makes me supper.
.          And, I am very thankful for that.
.          But sometimes when I get home
.          and I’m REALLY hungry, I can get annoyed,
.          or angry when supper isn’t ready yet – or –
.          if Mom has made something for us
.          that I do not like very much.

ELA        So your feelings toward your mom can change?
.          But then after feeling angry, you just
.          change your feelings and feel better again?

ANIA       I guess it is more like I change my attitude,
.          which then changes my feelings.  
.          I need to remember that Mom works very hard,
.          and is not perfect but does her best,
.          because she loves me and wants me
.          to be as healthy as possible,
.          so then I can CHOOSE to be thankful.
.          When I choose to be thankful for my mom,
.          it is hard to stay angry with her.
.                                                       3
ELA        That makes sense.  It is easy
.          to forget about being thankful.
.          What is that called again?

ANIA       Ahhhh, you mean, taking things for granted?

ELA        Yes!  It’s like when you SHOULD be thankful,
.          but suddenly think that you deserve more.
.          Right?  You just admitted that you can even
.          feel angry – when your mom is still doing
.          something good for you.

ANIA       That’s very true.  And – speaking about
.          what is true – our friend is here to continue
.          the true story from the Bible about Moses.
.          Hi, (Name).

(NARRATOR enters and stands at stage right.)

NARRATOR   Hello Ania and Ela, and everyone else.

ELA        We were talking about our feelings.

NARRATOR   Feelings can be fickle.

ANIA       What does that mean?

NARRATOR   That means that feelings can change
.          very quickly, so we should not let
.          our feelings control us.

ANIA       THAT is what we kind of figured.
.          So, what do we do about that?

NARRATOR   After something good has happened,
.          we usually feel good.  We need to remember
.          those feelings, because there will be times
.          when even though something good is happening,
.          we might not feel so good.  We can
.          logically think through our situation,
.          and see and KNOW what is good.
.          THAT can help change our attitude,
.          which will then help change our feelings.

ELA        I know that I have way more fun when
.          I’m feeling good.
.                                                       4
ANIA       So we should not let our feelings
.          control how we act?  I know that
.          when I’m thankful to my mom for
.          making supper, than we ALL have
.          a much better time!

NARRATOR   It just so happens that today’s true story
.          from the Bible is about this very topic.

ELA        Really?  Awesome!  Let’s sit down to listen!

(ANIA and ELA exit.)

NARRATOR   Remember that God had a plan for His people,
.          the Israelites.  And God had a plan for Moses
.          to help free the Israelites from slavery.
.          While they were leaving Egypt, Pharaoh
.          and his armies tried to get them back,
.          but God protected Moses and the Israelites.
.          Because God was with them,
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          And now that God was going to bring them
.          to the land that He promised to His people –
.          they should have been very thankful to God,
.          and they should have trusted God to lead
.          them through the desert and keep them safe.

(MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)

ISRAELITE  It’s been three long days wandering
.          through the desert.  We need water!

MOSES      Oh, look, there is water right here!

ISRAELITE  We cannot drink that water.  It’s bitter!
.          OH, what are we to drink?

MOSES      (looks up in prayer)  Oh Lord God,
.          what are we going to drink?
.          Please provide us something to drink.

NARRATOR   Then God showed Moses a piece of wood
.          to throw into the water.  When Moses obeyed,
.          they were able to drink the water.

.                                                       5
NARRATOR   God had told the Israelites that
.          if they obeyed God’s commandments,
.          God would protect them and keep them healthy.

(MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)

ISRAELITE  Why did we leave Elim?  It was so nice there
.          with the palm trees and all the fresh water.

MOSES      God is taking us to the Promised Land
.          where we will have even MORE than that.

ISRAELITE  Why did we ever leave Egypt?  Why didn’t
.          God just kill us while we were there?

MOSES      If you just stop your complaining-

ISRAELITE  But we had everything there in Egypt!
.          Meat, and all the food we could ever want.

MOSES      And if you would just listen to me-

ISRAELITE  But now we are out here in the desert-
.          with nothing.  You brought us out here
.          to starve to death!

MOSES      Listen!  I spoke with God.  God said
.          that He would rain down bread from heaven!

ISRAELITE  Just bread?

MOSES      Bread from heaven.  It’s a very special bread!
.          It has everything we need to stay healthy.
.          It will look like dew on the ground, and
.          whatever we do not pick up, it will vanish.

ISRAELITE  We have pick it up?

MOSES      God says we must obey His instructions.
.          Every day, just pick up what we need
.          for that day, except for day six,
.          when we pick up enough for two days
.          so we do not have to work on the Sabbath.

(OPTIONAL: ASSISTANTS raise the “river” of manna.
ISRAELITE looks around at the ground of manna.)
.                                                       6

(ASSISTANTS lower the “river” of manna.)

MOSES      And even though you all are complaining,
.          God is actually being very patient
.          and understanding, so He will also send down
.          meat every evening.  Lovely quail meat!

(OPTIONAL: ASSISTANTS raise the “river” of quail.
ISRAELITE looks around at the ground of quail.)

ISRAELITE  Just quail meat?  What about some variety?

(ASSISTANTS lower the “river” of quail.)

MOSES      Just make sure that you do not try to keep
.          any of it until the next day.  Except for
.          the seventh day!  Have a good night’s sleep.


NARRATOR   But some of the Israelites did not listen.

(ISRAELITE rushes in, followed by MOSES.)

ISRAELITE  Something nasty’s stinking up our tent.
.          It’s horrible.  It smells just horrible.
.          And there are maggots everywhere.
.          Wiggly, squiggly maggots!  Ew!

MOSES      Did you take too much bread and meat,
.          and then try saving that overnight?

ISRAELITE  Ahhhh... maybe.

MOSES      Why would you not listen to God?

ISRAELITE  You were the one to tell us.

MOSES      But those were the instructions from God.
.          What I told you - came from God.
.          Now, tonight is the sixth day,
.          TODAY you pick up twice as much as you need
.          and then store it overnight.

ISRAELITE  I do not want maggots or that nasty          7
.          smell in my tent ever again!

MOSES      But God says that you should do this.
.          It will be okay.  Have a good night’s sleep.


NARRATOR   But some of the Israelites did not listen.

(ISRAELITE rushes in looking around, followed by MOSES.)

ISRAELITE  Where’s the bread and the quail meat?
.          We’re starving to death!

MOSES      I told you- that God told me- to tell you-
.          that on the sixth day, you were supposed to
.          pick up twice as much.  It would have
.          stored very nicely overnight.

ISRAELITE  Without smelling or producing maggots?

MOSES      Yes!  Now!  When will you learn to listen to
.          and obey God?

ISRAELITE  Ahhhh... soon?

MOSES      Are we okay now?

ISRAELITE  Ahhhh... can we call this bread from heaven
.          something different – instead of always
.          saying bread from heaven?  Because it isn’t
.          exactly bread, is it?  It is white and flaky
.          like coriander seed, and tastes like wafers
.          made of honey.

MOSES      I don’t see why not.

ISRAELITE  Ahhhh... well, let’s see.  We could call it
.          white-flaky-honey-wafers– not that’s too long.
.          Coriander-seed-like-wafer-ish-honey-flakes!
.          Naw! that’s even longer!  How about – manna?
.          Yeah, manna!

MOSES      I’m just happy that you’re happy.

(MOSES and IRSELITE exits.)
.                                                       8
NARRATOR   But the people did not stay happy.
.          They loved to complain.

(ISRAELITE and MOSES enter.)

ISRAELITE  Manna again!  Manna and quail-manna and quail-
.          Years and years of manna and quail!

MOSES      God is looking after us.  Would you
.          rather starve?

ISRAELITE  Oh, if only we had stayed in Egypt and
.          died there!  But – now look where we are.
.          In a desert!  And – I’m – so – thirsty.

MOSES      It’s probably because you’re always
.          opening up your mouth to complain.

ISRAELITE  Sooo – thirsty!  Need – water... Now...
.          Moses!  Give us water to drink!  Now!

MOSES      Why do you argue with me?  Why do you
.          test God’s patience?

ISRAELITE  You only brought us out of Egypt
.          to make us all die of thirst.

MOSES      (looking up in prayer)  Dear Lord God,
.          help me!  What am I to do with these people?
.          They are getting very angry.


NARRATOR   Then God showed Moses a rock and told him
.          to take his staff and strike the rock.
.          When Moses obeyed, water came out of the rock
.          and they were able to drink the water.


NARRATOR   God then told the Israelites that
.          if they obeyed God’s commandments,
.          God would protect them and keep them healthy.
.          Because God was with them, they did not
.          have to be afraid of anything.

(MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)                            9

ISRAELITE  We are afraid!  The Amalekites have come
.          to attack us!  We are as good as dead!
.          We are all going to die!  Why didn’t you
.          just leave us in Egypt to die peacefully?

MOSES      Do you forget that you were slaves in Egypt?
.          (looking up in prayer)  Oh Lord God,
.          please show me what to do to keep us safe.

NARRATOR   Then God told Moses to choose some men
.          to go out and fight.  And while they were
.          fighting, Moses was supposed to stand on top
.          of the hill while holding up the staff.


NARRATOR   Moses obeyed!  And as long as Moses held up
.          the staff, the Israelites won the war.
.          God had told the Israelites that
.          if they obeyed God’s commandments,
.          God would protect them and keep them healthy.

(MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)

ISRAELITE  I have a problem.

MOSES      Another one?

ISRAELITE  My cousin’s nephew twice removed has been
.          arguing with me about-

MOSES      (looking up in prayer)  Oh Lord God,
.          help me deal with your people.
.          How can I help them all?

NARRATOR   Then God sent Jethro, the father-in-law,
.          to visit Moses.  Jethro told Moses that
.          he needed to have other men help him, because
.          he was doing far too much and getting far
.          too tired.  ALL the people were going to Moses
.          to complain and to see what they should do
.          about so many things.  And there were
.          so many people.  Moses was just one man.

.                                                      10
NARRATOR   Moses listened to reason and found other men
.          who could help him with all the complaints.
.          God then told the Israelites that
.          if they obeyed God’s commandments,
.          God would protect them and keep them healthy.

(MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)

ISRAELITE  So as I was saying, my cousin’s nephew
.          twice removed has been arguing with me about-

MOSES      I am the people’s representative before God.
.          If your issue is very big and important,
.          I will help you.  If it is a tiny complaint,
.          you must see the other men who are helping me.

(ISRAELITE turns around and exits.)

NARRATOR   Soon after, the Israelites reached the
.          Desert of Sinai and camped there in front
.          of the Sinai mountain.  God called Moses,
.          and Moses went up the mountain to see God.

(OPTIONAL: ASSISTANTS raise the mountain, so that
MOSES can go behind and walk up and disappear.  
Or MOSES just exits in the other direction.)

NARRATOR   God told Moses to remind the Israelites
.          that they were God’s special people,
.          and remind them of how God had brought them
.          out of Egypt and kept them safe and healthy.
.          The people agreed to obey God.
.          God told Moses to tell the people
.          to cleanse themselves and get ready.
.          THEN God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses,
.          which Moses brought down the mountain
.          to the people.  These were ten rules
.          which would honor God and respect others.

(OPTIONAL: MOSES comes down the mountain, then ASSISTANTS
lower the mountain.  Or MOSES just enters from one side
and ISRAELITE enters from the other side.)

MOSES      I have Ten Commandments directly from God
.          which we must obey.  The first few are all
.          about honoring God.
.                                                      11
ISRAELITE  What if you do not FEEL like honoring God?

MOSES      Change your attitude and CHOOSE to honor God.
.          And you CHANGE your attitude by obeying these.
.          The first commandment is –
.          “Do not have any other gods before Me.”

ISRAELITE  So – always put God first?  So God is
.          the most important thing in our lives?

MOSES      Exactly.  Second, “Do not make any idols
.          or worship them.”

ISRAELITE  Still – always put God first!

MOSES      Yes!  Third, “Do not misuse the name of God.”

ISRAELITE  So do not say any form of God’s name including
.          “Holy,” “Jesus,” “Christ,” “Lord” - these
.          should ONLY be said if we are actually
.          praying to Him or talking about Him.
.          We should respect His name.

MOSES      Exactly!  Fourth, “Keep the Sabbath holy!”

ISRAELITE  It is a day of rest, and a time to worship-
.          and really concentrate on God.

MOSES      Now the commandments which help us
.          respect each other.  The fifth commandment,
.          “Honor your father and your mother.”

ISRAELITE  So – yeah – okay - it starts at home!

MOSES      Sixth, “Do not murder.”


MOSES      Seventh, “Do not commit adultery.”

ISRAELITE  Respect the marriage!

MOSES      Eighth, “Do not steal.”

ISRAELITE  Kind of a no-brainer.

MOSES      Ninth, “Do not give false testimony         12
.          against your neighbor.”

ISRAELITE  Ahhhh, do not lie or gossip!

MOSES      Tenth, “Do not covet your neighbor’s house,
.          or his wife, or his servants, or his animals,
.          or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

ISRAELITE  Do not be jealous.  I guess that would also
.          mean we should be content with what we have.
.          Which would mean – that we are thankful.
.          Which is really having a good attitude
.          toward God.

MOSES      Excellent insight!  But just knowing these
.          is not enough.  We must obey them.
.          (ISRAELITE nods and is about to walk away)
.          Wait, I’m not finished.

ISRAELITE  There’s more?  I know, we’re so quick
.          to complain.  Okay, I’m listening.

MOSES      God gave me many more laws which will help us
.          all live together in love, peace and safety.

NARRATOR   And Moses told the people the laws
.          which would help them all live together
.          in love, peace, and safety.


NARRATOR   So God showed His love and patience
.          to the Israelites in many ways.  Even though
.          they were not perfect, God made sure they
.          had food, that they stayed safe from enemies,
.          and He gave them laws which helped them
.          get along with God and each other.  
.          To honor God and be respectful to each other
.          is to CHOOSE to be thankful and show love.
.          Because God was with the Israelites,
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          And God shows His love and patience to us,
.          even though we still make mistakes.
.          As a child of God, God is with us,
.          so we do not have to be afraid of anything.
.          (close story in a prayer)
.                                                      13

NARRATOR   Next time, we will find out
.          more about God’s plans for Moses
.          and the Israelites.

Next skit.)