.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
.             refer to

.                            – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s protection, hope
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.12:33-15:21, Ps.136:1-26, Rom.8:24,
.             Heb.11:23-29
Style:        drama or puppet play/conversation:
.             two kids introduce the issue of how
.             they feel jealous sometimes and
.             would like to have a sense of hope,
.             which is followed by the Bible story of
.             how God brought Moses and the Israelites
.             out of Egypt and through the Red Sea –
.             demonstrating God’s protection
Cast:         (present day): ANIA, ELA, NARRATOR
.             (Bible day):   MOSES, PHARAOH, GUARD,
.                            ISRAELITE
.             (also have):   ONE or TWO ASSISTANTS
.             preferably dressed in black, who stand
.             out of the picture as much as possible.
NOTE:         if using puppets, the NARRATOR
.             and ASSISTANTS 1-2 have to be people,
.             the other characters can be puppets
Props:        shepherd staff for Moses, bundle,
.             cardboard pillar of cloud,
.             cardboard pillar of fire,
.             2 cardboards of water for Red Sea


(ANIA and ELA enter.)

ANIA       Hi Ela.  I hope you’re feeling better today.

ELA        Hi Ania.  I am.  Kind of.  Sort of.

ANIA       So you’re not feeling better about things?

ELA        No, not really.

ANIA       Well, now what?

ELA        Is it bad to feel jealous?

ANIA       I think it is.  How are you jealous?
.                                                       2
ELA        I’m jealous about lots of things.
.          But mostly, when I see that other people
.          around me have more things than I do.

ANIA       Do you think feeling jealous
.          helps you feel better?

ELA        No!  It makes me feel worse.

ANIA       Then I’m kind of thinking
.          that feeling jealous is a bad thing.

ELA        Is it a bad thing then, if I see something,
.          and then really would like to have that?

ANIA       Hm.  Maybe it depends on what it is, or-
.          how important it is to you?

ELA        What do you mean by that?

ANIA       I don’t know.  I’m thinking that
.          if I spend a lot of time wanting something,
.          I might be wasting my time and energy.

ELA        That makes sense.  Especially if
.          I would never EVER get that thing
.          that I really wanted.  Then I would
.          STILL be left feeling empty and miserable.

ANIA       And what if we were just looking
.          at that one thing we WANTED so much,
.          that we MISSED looking at the thing
.          that we actually really NEEDED.

ELA        That sounded very smart.
.          But how does that work, exactly?

ANIA       Ahhhh, let me think.  Oh, okay, here’s
.          an example.  Let’s say you really wanted
.          a sparkly beautiful necklace, but meanwhile
.          you were getting hungry.  Then someone walked
.          by you offering food, but you totally miss out
.          on that because you were just looking at some
.          sparkly necklace.  What you really NEEDED was
.          food.  So in the end, you might have nothing,
.          AND you’d be starving to death.
.                                                       2
ELA        That sounds like a hopeless situation.

ANIA       Right.  It SOUNDS hopeless.

ELA        You mean it’s NOT hopeless?

ANIA       Well, in my example, there WAS a person
.          offering food, which was like offering hope.
.          It’s up to you to look and find that hope?

ELA        So what we really NEED - is hope.
.          All that other stuff is just stuff we want –
.          and it is actually not that important.
.          I mean, how can you eat a necklace?

ANIA       Ew.  But true.  And talking about something
.          “true” – our friend is here to continue
.          telling us that true story from the Bible-
.          about Moses.

ELA        Do you think this story will talk about
.          something we NEED?

ANIA       Hello, (Name).

(NARRATOR enters and stands at stage right.)

NARRATOR   Hello Ania and Ela, and everyone else.

ELA        We are looking for hope.  So we are hoping
.          that the true story today will tell us
.          what that might be.

NARRATOR   That’s very easy!  God is our hope!

ANIA       And now - I’m suddenly getting confused.
.          What is hope?

ELA        Well, you came up with that example.

ANIA       I know.  The sparkly necklace was only wishful
.          thinking.  And you would HOPE that there was
.          a person offering food, but what if there was
.          NOT a person offering food?  So – when we say,
.          “God is our hope”- is that a for-sure thing?  

ELA        Well, we know that God is always there!      4

NARRATOR   That’s exactly right!

ELA        And knowing that God is always there,
.          we do not have to be afraid of anything.

ANIA       But we have to choose God.  We have to choose
.          to let Jesus into our hearts and trust in Him.
.          Is TRUST the same as HOPE?

NARRATOR   There are two different ways to define
.          what hope is.  One is the wishful thinking,
.          and the other one is a strong trust.

ELA        Okay, let’s sit down and listen this.
.          I want to see how Moses and the Israelites
.          figure this one out.

(ELA and ANIA exit.)

NARRATOR   Remember from last time that God used Moses
.          to help free the Israelites from slavery.
.          They just had to learn how to call on God,
.          be patient, and trust God.  And they saw how
.          God was all-powerful and kept His promises,
.          so they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          Whenever Moses went to Pharaoh with God’s
.          command, and Pharaoh and the Egyptians
.          disobeyed God’s command, God punished them
.          with various plagues.  The last plague being
.          death, where all the firstborn animals
.          and babies of the Egyptian families - died.
.          Right after that, after Pharaoh’s oldest son
.          died, this is what Pharaoh said to Moses-

(PHARAOH, then MOSES and ISRAELITE enter.)

PHARAOH    You must go!  Take all the Israelites
.          and leave my country!  Now!  Quick!
.          Leave Egypt!  Right now!  Please, go!

(PHARAOH exits.  MOSES turns to ISRAELITE.)

MOSES      Pharaoh has not only given us permission
.          to go – but he INSISTS that we go.
.          Come on!  Let’s pack up and go.
.                                                       5
ISRAELITE  But- pack up what?  We don’t have much.
.          In fact, we have nothing!  
.          How are we EVER going to survive out there?
.          Why aren’t we rich – like those Egyptians?

NARRATOR   Now, the Israelites, who had been slaves
.          for many years, worked very hard – but never
.          got paid.  So they did NOT have many things.
.          But looking at the Egyptians- with
.          all their riches and so many things –
.          the Israelites might have become very jealous.
.          Because the Israelites had nothing,
.          all they could do was look to God for hope!

(NARRATOR points up.  MOSES, then ISRAELITE looks up.)

NARRATOR   How will God help them now?


ISRAELITE  YOU talk with God a lot.  What does God say?
.          What are we supposed to do next?

MOSES      God had a plan to free us.  NOW we are free!

ISRAELITE  But NOW we’re just supposed to wander
.          around in the desert?  How are we
.          supposed to survive with nothing?

MOSES      God will provide.  

ISRAELITE  What?  How?  Will God have silver and gold
.          rain down on us from heaven?

MOSES      You never know.  When God has a plan,
.          God always provides a way.  And we know that
.          God promises to ALWAYS give us what we NEED.
.          We need - to be patient and trust God-

ISRAELITE  Okay, so we’re waiting.  We’re trusting-

(GUARD rushes out and MOSES stops him.)

MOSES      Excuse me, Egyptian person!  We need some
.          silver, gold and clothing before we can leave.

GUARD      Just give me one second!                     6

(GUARD rushes out.  MOSES turns to ISRAELITE.)

MOSES      Now we wait a little more.

ISRAELITE  You have so much hope – and patience.

(GUARD rushes out carrying a bundle.)

GUARD      Here!  Silver, gold, clothing!  Please,
.          take it and leave quickly before we all die!

(GUARD exits quickly.  ISRAELITE looks at bundle.)

ISRAELITE  A purple coat?  What if I wanted a blue coat?

MOSES      You WANT a blue coat, but you NEED a coat.
.          You got a coat.  And it’s a nice one!
.          God provided!  Stop complaining and let’s go!

NARRATOR   So not only did Pharaoh tell the Israelites
.          to leave, but the Egyptians begged them
.          to leave quickly before any more people died.
.          And when the Israelites asked,
.          the Egyptians even agreed to give them
.          gold, silver and extra clothes.
.          God provided whatever the Israelites needed.
.          And they were very happy!

(NARRATOR looks at ISRAELITE, who finally cheers.)

NARRATOR   And as the Israelites left Egypt, God
.          told the Israelites to have special meals
.          and feasts, in order to remember –
.          and to celebrate this day.

(NARRATOR looks at ISRAELITE, who finally cheers.)

NARRATOR   And the Israelites went into
.          the wilderness, trusting that God
.          would take them a SAFE way.  Seeing how
.          the all-powerful God led and protected them,
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.

(As ASSISTANT holds up the pillar of cloud,
MOSES and ISRAELITE follows it across the stage.)
.                                                       7
NARRATOR   God led them by day with a pillar of cloud,
.          maybe this also helped keep them cool
.          from the sun.

(As ASSISTANT holds up the pillar of fire,
MOSES and ISRAELITE follows it across the stage.)

NARRATOR   And at night, God led them with a pillar
.          of fire, which maybe helped keep them warm,
.          as well as helped them see where they
.          were going.

(ISRAELITE strays off the path in another direction
and trips.  MOSES looks back at ISRAELITE.)

MOSES      Stay in God’s light.

(ISRAELITE gets up, nodding, and exits with MOSES
and the pillar of fire.)

NARRATOR   God made sure that they did not get lost.
.          This way the Israelites could see that
.          God was with them, and that God protected them
.          so they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          Now, because God knows everything,
.          God knew - that Pharaoh would
.          change his mind - again.

(PHARAOH enters and looks around.)

PHARAOH    Where are those Israelites?
.          Why are the Israelites not working?
.          (calling out)  Guard!  Guard!

(GUARD enters.)

GUARD      Yes, Pharaoh?

PHARAOH    I want the Israelites back!
.          I want the Israelites working!
.          Get all my armies together,
.          and let us go and get them back!

GUARD      Yes, Pharaoh!  Ready to go and get them!

(GUARD and then PHARAOH exits.)
.                                                       8
NARRATOR   Oh-oh!  Well, now, when the Israelites
.          found themselves beside the Red Sea,
.          and when they looked behind them
.          and saw Pharaoh and his armies coming
.          to get them - they thought they were trapped.

(MOSES calmly enters and looks over audience.
ISRAELITE enters looking in all direction, panicking.)

ISRAELITE  What are we going to do?- What are we going
.          to do?  We’re trapped.  We’re gonna DIE ! ! !

MOSES      Calm down.  We need to trust God.
.          God has a plan, God led us here,
.          and God will protect us.


NARRATOR   God DID have a plan.  Because God knew
.          that Pharaoh would change his mind
.          and come after the Israelites, this is EXACTLY
.          why God led the Israelites up to the Red Sea.
.          So, while Pharaoh and all his armies
.          were chasing after the Israelites,
.          God lowered the cloud so they could not see.

(PHARAOH and GUARD enter.)

PHARAOH    Ha!  We’re getting closer to those Israelites.
.          I can see them way over there!
.          Let’s go and get them!

(ASSISTANT lowers pillar of cloud to cover the faces of
PHARAOH and GUARD, who walk around bumping into things.)

PHARAOH    Now I cannot see!  Guard!  Guard!

GUARD      Pharaoh?  Is that you?

PHARAOH    Who else would I be?

GUARD      Where are you?

PHARAOH    We need to continue chasing the Israelites!

GUARD      How can we do that if we cannot see?
.                                                       9
PHARAOH    Where am I?

(PHARAOH and GUARD can sink down while stumbling around.
ASSISTANT sink down with pillar of cloud.)

NARRATOR   So while Pharaoh and his armies were-
.          stumbling around in the fog of the cloud,
.          God told Moses to lift up his staff
.          and stretch out his hand over the sea-
.          and the waters would part.  There would be
.          a path through the sea for the Israelites
.          to walk through on dry ground.

(ASSISTANTS raise up cardboard pieces of the Red Sea
so that there is room behind and in front.
MOSES enters stage left with his staff, standing behind the
cardboard sea.  MOSES lifts up his staff.
ASSISTANTS split the cardboard pieces apart.
ISRAELITE walks through the split in the cardboard pieces
and once in front of them, crosses the stage.  
MOSES then follows.)

ISRAELITE  I’m across now, we’re all across! –
.          But – oh-oh - I’m still afraid!
.          I see the Egyptians coming!  They’re coming!  
.          We’re all going to DIE ! ! !

MOSES      You do not have to be afraid of anything!
.          God is with us.  When will you learn?

NARRATOR   Then came Pharaoh and his armies.
.          After God had lifted the cloud - they
.          could see where they were going again!
.          But God had a plan.

(PHARAOH and GUARD enter and look over at MOSES and

GUARD      Look, the Israelites are on the other side.
.          And look!  There’s a path through the middle
.          of the Red Sea that leads to the other side.
.          I’m thinking this is very strange.

PHARAOH    I’m just thinking - we must get
.          those Israelites!  Let’s go!

(PHARAOH and GUARD begin to approach the opening.)     10

NARRATOR   Then God told Moses to stretch out his staff
.          and arm over the water again - so that
.          the walls of the water would come crashing
.          down onto Pharaoh and all of his armies-

(As MOSES raises his staff, ASSISTANTS bring
cardboard pieces together, causing PHARAOH and GUARD
to flounder with a bit while yelling “Ahhh”
before going down and disappearing.)

NARRATOR   And all the water coming down – killed
.          Pharaoh and his armies once and for all.

MOSES      (to ISRAELITE)  See, God is with us.
.          God has a plan and will protect us.
.          We do not have to be afraid of anything.

(MOSES exits with ISRAELITE following.)

NARRATOR   This showed the Israelites that God was
.          protecting them, so they could trust God and
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          This is how God brought hope to His people,
.          the Israelites.  In the same way,
.          God gives us hope.  When we believe in Jesus
.          and become a child of God, we are saved!
.          God protects us from spiritual death –
.          so that we can have eternal hope, forever.
.          In this way, we KNOW God is always with us.
.          We do not have to be afraid of anything.
.          (close story in a prayer)


NARRATOR   Next time, we will find out
.          more about God’s plans for Moses
.          and the Israelites.

Next skit.)