.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
.             refer to

.                            – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s presence, our purpose
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.1:8-2:10, Job 42:2, Prov.16:3-6,
.             Is.46:10, Rom.8:28, Eph.1:7-11,
.             1Pet.2:20-25
Style:        drama or puppet play/conversation:
.             two kids introduce the issue
.             of how they feel alone and vulnerable
.             in the world around them, which is followed
.             by the Bible story of Moses as a baby -
.             how God was with Moses, and God is with us
Cast:         (present day): ANIA, ELA, NARRATOR
.             (Bible day):   PHARAOH, DAUGHTER, GUARD
.                            MOTHER, SISTER
.             (also have):   TWO ASSISTANTS
.             preferably dressed in black, who stand
.             out of the picture as much as possible.
.             For this skit, ASSISTANT 2 can have
.             blue sleeves to represent the water
NOTE:         if using puppets, the NARRATOR
.             and ASSISTANTS 1-2 have to be people,
.             the other characters can be puppets
Props:        basket


(ANIA and ELA enter.  ANIA is upset about something.)

ANIA       (sadly)  Hi, Ela.  

ELA        (happily)  Hi, Ania.

ANIA       It is so nice to see a friend.

ELA        Having a good friend is always nice.

ANIA       Except that you never know
.          when they will be gone.

ELA        What are talking about?
.          I’m not going anywhere.
.          Are YOU going somewhere?

ANIA       People are not perfect.                     2
.          And sometimes they leave you, forever,
.          and then you are all alone.

ELA        Are you okay?
.          Did someone leave you?

ANIA       Not yet.  But I think about things.

ELA        Are things that bad?

ANIA       Things can be better.

ELA        Of course, they can.

ANIA       And I KNOW that things can be worse.

ELA        Yes, but do you really
.          want to think about that?

ANIA       I sometimes DO think about that –
.          just so I can feel better
.          about what is happening in my life.

ELA        Aw, Ania, what is wrong?
.          What are you trying to say?

ANIA       It’s just that...  Well...
.          I have been feeling very lonely,
.          and worried.  (wondering)
.          Have you NEVER felt that way?

ELA        Sure, but-

ANIA       Well, do you not worry
.          about being alone?

ELA        Yes.  But why worry?  I mean,
.          I am right here.

ANIA       For now!  But I am thinking
.          about my future.

ELA        Why are you worrying about your future?
.          Did something JUST happen?

ANIA       Someone on our street just died.
.                                                       3
ELA        Were you close to them?

ANIA       Not really.  But that is not the point.
.          The point is - people do things –
.          and people die.

ELA        Yes, they do...  Are you afraid of dying?

ANIA       I am afraid of dying.  But also,
.          I’m afraid of what would happen if
.          the ones who are looking after me – died.
.          What would happen to me then?
.          Who would look after me?
.          And what would happen when I was sick,
.          or got hurt?

ELA        You are asking some really
.          big questions.

ANIA       Why are we even here on this earth,
.          anyway?  What is the purpose?
.          Why do we exist?

ELA        And those are even bigger questions!

ANIA       So you do not have the answers either?

ELA        Well, I know someone who does.

ANIA       Someone can actually
.          answer these questions?

ELA        A friend is going to tell us a story –
.          a true story that happened a long time ago,
.          which will help answer these questions.

ANIA       Then, what are we waiting for?
.          I want to hear this.  I NEED to hear this.

(NARRATOR enters and stands at stage right.)

NARRATOR   Hello everyone, my name is (Name).
.          (optional):  At the count of three,
.          everyone tell me your name!
.          One, two, three-

(Wait for kids to yell out their names.)                4

NARRATOR   I am so pleased to meet you all.
.          Today I am going to tell you
.          a true story from the Bible
.          about someone named Moses.  Moses was
.          not only in danger of being left alone,
.          but he was in danger of dying.
.          But God had a plan for Moses,
.          and made sure that someone looked after him.
.          God was always with Moses,
.          and this same God is here with us.
.          That means – because God is with us –
.          we do not have to be afraid of anything!

ANIA       Just who was this person named, Moses?

NARRATOR   Let me first tell you about Moses’ parents.
.          Moses’ parents were Israelites.
.          The Israelites were God’s people,
.          and because God was with them,
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          Even though, in those days, the Israelites
.          were slaves in the country of Egypt.

ANIA       Slaves?  What did they have to do?

NARRATOR   They spent their long days making bricks.

ANIA       But, if God was with His people,
.          why did He let them suffer like that?

NARRATOR   There are people in this world who do
.          really bad things which sometimes hurt us.
.          In this situation, the ruler of Egypt,
.          who was called Pharaoh, was the one who
.          made the Israelites into slaves.  And it was
.          through this situation, that God was going
.          to show His people and the rest of the world
.          just how powerful He was, because God
.          had a plan to rescue His people.

ANIA       Is this a long story?

NARRATOR   It certainly did NOT happen overnight.

ANIA       Then – we better sit down to listen!
.                                                       5
(ANIA and ELA exit eagerly.)

NARRATOR   Now, Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt,
.          was becoming very afraid of the Israelites
.          because he saw how many Israelites there were.

(PHARAOH enters and looks out over the children.)

PHARAOH    Look at how many Israelites there are.
.          This is not good!  (calls out)  Guard!  Guard!

GUARD      (enters and bows)  Yes, Pharaoh?

PHARAOH    There are too many Israelites.
.          I want the Israelites to work harder.

(GUARD looks out over the children.)

GUARD      You heard the Pharaoh!  Work harder!

NARRATOR   And so the Israelites worked harder and longer
.          to make bricks and buildings for the Pharaoh.

GUARD      I have done as you told me.
.          They have worked harder and longer,
.          but they just keep growing stronger.
.          And – there are more and more of them.

(PHARAOH and GUARD exit.)

NARRATOR   And no matter how hard the Pharaoh
.          made the Israelites work,
.          they just kept growing stronger,
.          and there were more and more of them,
.          because God was with them.
.          So Pharaoh came up with a new plan.
.          It was an evil plan.
.          Pharaoh told the Israelite nurses
.          to kill all Israelite baby boys.
.          But the Israelite nurses
.          refused to obey Pharaoh’s evil plan,
.          and instead, chose to obey God.
.          And the Israelites continued to grow stronger,
.          and – there were more and more of them.
.          And because God was with them,
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.                                                       6
(PHARAOH enters and looks out over the children.)

PHARAOH    Guard!  Guard!

(GUARD enters.)

GUARD      Yes, Pharaoh.

PHARAOH    They are still growing stronger,
.          and there are even MORE of them!

GUARD      What do you want me to do?

PHARAOH    Tell all Egyptians that if they ever see
.          an Israelite baby boy – they must kill it.
.          All Israelite baby boys must be thrown
.          into the river Nile.

GUARD      Yes, Pharaoh.

(PHARAOH and GUARD exit.)

NARRATOR   And still, the Israelites grew stronger,
.          and there were still more and more of them,
.          because God was with them.
.          Now - it was at this time,
.          that Moses was born.
.          Moses was an Israelite baby boy,
.          and was in danger of being killed.
.          His mother TRIED to hide him,
.          but it was just too dangerous.
.          So Moses’ mother had an idea,
.          and took Moses down to the river –
.          in a water-tight basket that would float.

(MOTHER and SISTER enter.  TWO ASSISTANTS enter.  
ASSISTANT 1 holds the basket at the edge of
the stage/puppet stage, while ASSISTANT 2 stretches arms
out beneath the basket while waving them like water.)

NARRATOR   Moses’ older sister went along to help.

SISTER     Mother, what are you going to do?

MOTHER     I have put baby Moses in this basket.  And
.          I am going to send it out onto the river.
.                                                       7
SISTER     But what will happen?

MOTHER     God will be with Moses.
.          God - will protect Moses.

SISTER     But how?

MOTHER     I do not know how.  But I DO know that
.          God will do something to protect Moses.

(ASSISTANT 1 moves the basket around the room, while
ASSISTANT 2 pretends to be the ripples of the water
right beneath the basket as it moves around.
While this is happening, MOTHER and SISTER exit.)

NARRATOR   And so baby Moses floated down the River Nile
.          in the basket, while Moses’ sister followed,
.          to make sure that everything would be okay.
.          Because God was with Moses,
.          they did not have to be afraid of anything.
.          God made sure that the basket floated toward
.          the palace, where the Pharaoh’s daughter
.          found the basket with Moses in it.

(While SISTER peeks her head in/up to watch what happens,
Pharaoh’s DAUGHTER enters as basket returns to the stage.  
ASSISTANT 1 can give a little baby cry.)

DAUGHTER   Oh!  What is this?

(DAUGHTER looks into the basket.)

DAUGHTER   Why, it’s a baby.  A cute little baby.
.          Huh!  This is an Israelite baby boy!

NARRATOR   But Pharaoh’s daughter had compassion
.          for Moses and decided to keep him,
.          and raise him for herself.

DAUGHTER   I am going to keep you.  Yes I am!
.          Huh!  But how will I feed you?
.          You are still just a baby.

(SISTER approaches DAUGHTER.)

SISTER     Excuse me.
.                                                       8
DAUGHTER   Oh!  Hello.

SISTER     I could not help but overhear that
.          you need help taking care of that baby.
.          I could find someone for you.

DAUGHTER   Could you?  If you found a loving
.          nurse who would take care of my baby
.          for the first three years, I will pay her.

SISTER     I will find him the best nurse possible.

(DAUGHTER and SISTER exit.  ASSISTANTS exit with basket.)

NARRATOR   Of course, Moses’ sister suggested
.          the baby’s own mother to look after him.
.          Then when Moses was about three years old,
.          Moses had to leave his home to live in the
.          palace.  God still had big plans for Moses,
.          so God made sure that Moses had someone
.          to look after him.  God was with Moses,
.          just as God is here with us,
.          so we do not have to be afraid of anything.
.          Now, even though we may not be Israelites,
.          we can still be God’s special people because-
.          God has a special plan for each of us!
.          God wants us to become a child of God.
.          When we believe and ask Jesus into our lives,
.          God adopts us into His heavenly family.
.          When God is with us, we do not have to be
.          afraid of anything!


NARRATOR   Next time, we will find out more
.          about God’s plans for Moses.

Next skit.)