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GOD LOVES (4) THE ETHIOPIAN – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        see our need to obey God
SCRIPTURE:    John 3:16, Acts 8:1-40, Rom.6:1-4
Style:        drama/conversation: the story of how
.             the Ethiopian saw his need to be
.             obedient to God
Set & Props:  scroll

NOTE:         this is a series of 4 skits,
.             which can be done separately,
.             or all together.

SCRIPT:                               (go back to SKIT 1)

(recite with everyone, and maybe put arm motions to this)

John 3:16   (NASB)   
“For God so loved the WORLD,
that He gave His only begotten Son,
that WHOEVER believes in Him shall not perish,
but have eternal life.

(NARRATOR stands to the side.)

NARRATOR   Sometimes we feel we do not have any purpose,
.          and sometimes we feel very lost;
.          but God created all of us,
.          and loves each one of us very much.
.          In fact, God would love to adopt all of us,
.          so that we would be a child of God.
.          No matter who we are or where we come from,
.          we should see our need
.          to ask God for direction,
.          and to obey God.
.          This is exactly what a man from Ethiopia did.
.          This is a true story from the Bible
.          that happened a long time ago.

(NARRATOR makes a poignant pause.)                       2

NARRAOTR   First I will tell you what was happening  
.          back in that day.  Jesus, God’s only Son,
.          had already died on the cross
.          and after three days, rose from the dead,
.          and after encouraging the Christians,
.          Jesus ascended back into heaven.

(PHILIP enters to teach a group of PEOPLE.)

NARRATOR   The disciples of Jesus were now going around
.          spreading the good news about Jesus:
.          how Jesus paid the price for sin
.          so that people could be saved and be born again.
.          People were being healed and seeing miracles,
.          but most importantly,
.          many people were believing
.          and becoming Christians.

(SIMON enters in the background, watching them.)

NARRATOR   Now, there was a man named Simon
.          who saw all of this happening.
.          Simon was a magician and loved it when people
.          saw his magic tricks and were amazed.
.          But now the people were amazed
.          at the real miracles that were happening
.          because of God working through these disciples.
.          After seeing and hearing about the power
.          that comes from God, Simon became a believer.

(SIMON approaches PHILIP and takes him aside to “talk”.)

NARRATOR   But Simon became selfish, and decided
.          he wanted that same power, and thought
.          he could just somehow buy it with money.

(PHILIP shakes his head sternly.)

NARRATOR   The disciples saw that Simon’s heart
.          was not right before God.  It became obvious
.          that Simon was not really a believer.
.          No one can buy God’s salvation or God’s power.
.          Simon refused to be obedient to God
.          and refused to ask for forgiveness.

(SIMON exits defiantly.  PHILIP now crosses the stage.   3
ETHIOPIAN enters reading a scroll.)

NARRATOR   After an angel of the Lord told Philip
.          to go south to Gaza, Philip did just that.
.          There he saw a man from Ethiopia,
.          who was a court official
.          of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians.
.          This man was in charge of all her treasure.
.          And this man was on his way to Jerusalem
.          to worship.  Philip noticed that he was reading
.          from the scriptures of Isaiah the prophet.  
.          Then God told Philip to join this man
.          as he journeyed to Jerusalem.

(ETHIOPIAN looks up as PHILIP approaches him.)

NARRATOR   Philip asked the Ethiopian if he understood
.          what he was reading.  The Ethiopian said,
.          “Well, not really.  I need someone to guide me.”
.          The Ethiopian realized that he was lost,
.          and needed direction, and so,
.          asked Philip to sit with him and teach him.

(PHILIP points to things in the scroll
that the ETHIOPIAN is holding.)

NARRATOR   Philip then explained the scriptures,
.          about how it was talking about Jesus,
.          who died for the sins of the world
.          and rose again after three days,
.          having victory over death, so that
.          if anyone believes in Him, they will have
.          eternal life.  And when we believe,
.          we are baptized by the Holy Spirit.
.          And by being baptized with water,
.          it shows the world that we are children of God.

(ETHIOPIAN holds the scroll close to him as he looks up
in prayer, then he points off stage.)

NARRATOR   When the Ethiopian saw some water,
.          he wanted to know, “What prevents me
.          from being baptized right now?”
.          Philip said to him, “If you believe
.          with all your heart, you may.”

(ETHIOPIAN leads PHILIP off in the direction he pointed.) 4

NARRATOR   The Ethiopian said that he did believe!
.          He believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God!
.          So Philip baptized him right then and there,
.          because the Ethiopian saw the need
.          to hear God’s words, and then obey God’s words.
.          The Ethiopian had found direction with God.
.          So just like the Ethiopian:
.          KNOW that God is creator and all-knowing.
.          KNOW that God wants to be your guide.
.          KNOW that when you become a child of God,
.          you will want to obey God, because
.          God loves you and gives you purpose in life.

(recite with everyone, and maybe put arm motions to this)

John 3:16   (NASB)   
“For God so loved the WORLD,
that He gave His only begotten Son,
that WHOEVER believes in Him shall not perish,
but have eternal life.

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