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GOD-FOCUSED EQUALS UNITY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     church as one body
SCRIPTURE: John17:21, Eph.2:11-22, 1 Peter.2:1-10
Style:     satire/conversation: PEOPLE representing
.          the church huddle in a group and argue.
.          They keep inviting a PERSON to join
.          the group, who refuses, until the group
.          focuses on God and shows unity and love.
Cast:      PERSONS 1-6, NARRATOR


(At far side of stage, PERSONS 1-5 walk in a very tight
circle - while shouting their lines.  They keep walking
continuously, but not too fast so not to get dizzy.)

P1    (to P2)  You did it again!  And you call yourself
.     a Christian?

P2    (to P1)  I can if you can!

P1    Are you calling me a liar?  This coming from a fraud?

P2    All you do is criticize and judge.

P3    (to SELF)  We need to focus.  We need purpose.
.     Maybe if we copy what that other group
.     is doing down the road?  Another re-structuring.
.     Perhaps, we should re-assess what is important to us.

(P4&5 cup their hands in secret, but still shout
to each other.)

P4    Dawn is such a gossip!  I refuse to sit with her.

P5    I know!  Gossip-gossip-gossip.

(P6 walks by the group. P3 notices.)

P3    (to P6) Hi, come - join our group.

(P6 observes them walking in circles shouting at
each other.)

P1&2  Judge-judge-judge-criticize-criticize-criticize-      2
.     fight-fight-fight...

P4&5  Gossip-gossip-gossip-slander-slander-slander...

P6    Noooo THANK-you!

P3    Come back here.  Hey, come on!  Join our group!
.     (to GROUP)  I know!  We should water down the gospel.
.     Maybe people wouldn’t be so afraid to join
.     our group then.

(NARRATOR appears and points slightly up and to the
other side of the stage.)

N     Focus - on - God.

(GROUP stops walking and looks to other side –
and slightly upward - amazed.)

P3    Everything we need.

P1    It’s – perfect.  God is so awesome!

P2    (while hugging P1)  I’m sorry, man.

P1    I – I'm sorry too.  Will you forgive me?

(P4&5 mime gossiping while they walk in a tiny circle again
by themselves.  Meanwhile, P1-3 take a big step toward
the other side.  If the stage is large, take a few steps.
But the steps should always be very deliberate and
in a tight group.  P1-3 look up & to the other side,
but steal peeks back to P4&5.  NARRATOR appears
slightly ahead of the group, pointing again.)

N     Stay – focused – on – God.

(P1-3 turn and re-focus up and toward the other side.)

P1    God loves us so much.

P2    And God is so patient with us –
.     and so forgiving.

P3    WE should be doing that toward each other.

(P4&5 overhear this and stop walking.  They first          3
hang their heads, then look up to the other side,
then take deliberate steps toward rest of the group.
P3,4&5 take a few more steps forward and look up
to the other side.  But P1&2 now stay behind
and begin walking in a little circle.)

P1   Hey, you should know better!

P2   I know more than you, so my opinion is better!
.    When are we going to start doing things my way?

(P1&2 continue to walk in a circle and mime fighting.
P3&4 keep looking up and toward the other side.
Only P5 looks back at P1-2.  NARRATOR appears.)

N    Keep focused on God.

P3   There it is, right in front of us:
.    God’s perfect guidance, and purpose for our lives.

(P6 walks by.  Seeing P1&2 arguing, P6 shakes head in disgust.
But then P6 stops to watch as P1 hangs head down,
then points up to other side.  P2 gives P1
a reconciliatory hug.)

P2   I apologize for my selfishness.  Please forgive me.

(P1&2 both step purposefully toward the group.
P6 looks at the group with astonishment, then looks up
to the other side.  Curious, P6 steps up to the group.)

P4   Come and join us.

(P4 looks at P6, smiles and puts a welcome hand on
P6’s shoulder to bring them into the group.  They all
look up to the other side and take a few purposeful steps
together to reach the other side and exit.)

N    Remain focused on God.