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GET IN THE GAME - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        be ready to preach / be a witness
SCRIPTURE:    Phil.3:14, 2 Tim.4:2
Style:        allegory/conversation: COACH tells the team
.             that they are there to play football,
.             not just train and hear pep talks
Cast:         coach, football players 1, 2, 3, 4
.             extras 1, 2, 3, 4
Set & Props:  whistle, football gear, football


(Whistle blows.  COACH enters with TEAM PLAYERS 1-4
from stage left.  EXTRAS 1-4 enter from stage right
and stand ready at upper center stage.)

COACH   (to TEAM)  Go!  Get in the line of scrimmage.
.       Try to get the ball.

(TEAM casually forms a line at lower center stage
with their backs to the congregation.)

E 1     Hut one, hut two, hut three.  Hut-hut-hut–

(TEAM moves out of the way so that EXTRA 2 can just run
through and off stage right with the ball, followed by
the rest of the EXTRAS.  TEAM just watches and shrugs.)

TP 1    Well, there it goes.  There goes that ball –
.       down – down - way down the field.

TP 2    I hate that when it happens.

TP 1    I don’t believe.  He didn’t even score.

TP 3    (laughing)  Just a bit of luck there for us,
.       guys, he tripped over his own shoelaces.

COACH   Time! Time out! Time out!  (whistle blows)
.       Guys, what are you thinking?

(TP 3 shrugs and giggles.)

TP 2    Ah, we’re not?

TP 1    What do you mean coach?

COACH   It went right by you and you did nothing.      2
.       now look – look at where the ball is.

TP 2    It’s definitely disappointing when that happens.
.       Really gets me down.

TP 3    Down, get it, down! – pardon the pun.

COACH   Do you really think this is funny?

TP 3    Ah – yeah – sometimes.  I mean, it’s so pathetic
.       you can’t help but laugh.

COACH   What do I need to do with you guys?

TP 2    I could probably use some more pep talks.
.       And - maybe some cheerleaders wouldn’t hurt.

COACH   Let’s just go back to the basics, shall we?
.       Why are we here, guys?  Huh?  Why are we here?

TP 1    We love football, coach!

COACH   Okay, now – why aren’t you playing?

TP 2    What do you mean, coach?

COACH   What would happen if you’d actually caught
.       the ball and ran for a touchdown?
.       Just - get the ball – and run!

(TP 2 shields his eyes and looks way to the left.)

FP 2    That’s a long way, coach.  Don’t know
.       if I could run that whole thing.

COACH   That’s because you only come to practice
.       maybe once a week – if that.
.       (TP 3 snickers.)
.       And you!  You don’t take this seriously at all.
.       I never see you.  At all.

(TP 3 shrugs.)

TP 1   I come to all the practices, coach.
.      And like you told us, I even work out at home.

COACH  Yes you do.  So why aren’t you out there
.      trying to make some plays?  Help me understand.

FP 1   What if I’m not good enough?                    3

COACH  So you’re scared to even try?  How will you know
.      if you never try?  You know, the more you play,
.      the better you will become.  You could even win
.      a game or two.  But you all have to train and
.      get into the game.  Now - let’s go!

(TEAM runs off to upper stage right.)

COACH   Guys!  The ball’s in the other direction!

TP 2    Good eye, coach.

TP 1    That’s why he’s the coach.

(TEAM runs off to lower stage right and exit.)