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FREEDOM FROM FEARS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        trusting God
SCRIPTURE:    Psalm 34:4, Luke 12:22-34, Romans 12:1-21;
.             Eph. 4:13, Phil.4:5-7, Heb. 5:14
Style:        satire/conversation: a COUNSELOR helps
.             a paranoid PATIENT overcome fears
Cast:         COUNSELOR; BRENDA (paranoid patient)
Set & Props:  clipboard


(PATIENT sits down beside COUNSELOR.)

COUNSELOR   So, Brenda, how are you doing today?

BRENDA      Why do you want to know?

COUNSELOR   Well, you came to me, saying you
.           have a problem and needed to discuss it.
.           So now, I’m just going to ask you
.           a bunch of questions so I can help you.

BRENDA      What if you’re just out to get me?

COUNSELOR   I have no reason to do that.  I care about you
.           and want to help you.  So why exactly
.           are you here, Brenda?

BRENDA      I’m afraid to say.

COUNSELOR   Why would that be?

BRENDA      You might laugh at me.  Or tell me to get lost.

COUNSELOR   I’m not going to do that.  And just –
.           why would you think that?

BRENDA      Most people do.

COUNSELOR   They laugh at you – or tell you to get lost?

BRENDA      Well, that’s what they’re probably thinking.
.           People tend to stay far away from me.

COUNSELOR   Maybe it’s you - who is staying far away       2
.           from them?

BRENDA      Why?  What have you heard?

COUNSELOR   Absolutely nothing.  Ahhh, well then –
.           tell me – how do you feel?

BRENDA      Aw, okay. I feel... lonely – and sad.

COUNSELOR   Oh. I was expecting you to say
.           that you feel afraid.

BRENDA      Well, maybe I’m afraid of being lonely and sad...
.           But I already am.

COUNSELOR   Why do you think that is?... What if I said
.           that you were lonely and sad because you're too
.           afraid of letting people get too close to you?

BRENDA      That – could be very possible.
.           You just can’t trust anybody these days.

COUNSELOR   What if it was more like – you’re afraid
.           of what people might think of you?

BRENDA     (big sigh)  Well, yeah, sure.  But
.          I’m not just afraid of that!

COUNSELOR   Oh? What else?

BRENDA      I’m afraid of driving, getting into accidents,
.           bad people, death, bugs, storms, fire, heights,
.           small places, big places...

COUNSELOR   So, pretty much everything?

BRENDA      Pretty much.  I’m afraid there’s no hope for me.
.           I’m pretty pathetic, aren’t I?

COUNSELOR   We all struggle with different things.  Now,
.           you need to know, when I tell you that you don’t
.           have to be afraid of ANYTHING, you still need
.           to use wisdom.  Common sense should tell you
.           not to show off your money in a back alley
.           at night, or go skydiving without a parachute.

BRENDA      So there IS no hope.                           3

COUNSELOR   I have some good news and some bad news.
.           The good news is that God wants to take
.           all your fears away from you.  In His strength,
.           you don’t have to fear anything or anybody-
.           at all.  You can be free from all fears.

BRENDA      What’s – the bad news?

COUNSELRO   You have to trust God and ask Him
.           to do that for you.

BRENDA      That’s it?

COUNSELOR   That’s it.  But it will take constant practice.
.           Right now, you are so used to relying on
.           your own strength, which is very limited.
.           But once you rest in God’s strength,
.           you will find that you have more confidence.
.           And with more confidence, you will
.           allow yourself to be more vulnerable
.           to letting people get close to you.
.           And then, you will find that you are
.           not as lonely or sad as you have been.

BRENDA      So all I have to do is trust in God?
.           That sounds too simple.  And too difficult
.           all at the same time.

COUNSELOR   More difficult than living in constant fear
.           of everything?  Even though that fear
.           won’t change a thing?

BRENDA      Never thought about it that way!

COUNSELOR   Well, think about it.

BRENDA      I will.

COUNSELOR   King David says in Psalm 34:4, “I prayed
.           to the Lord and He answered me;
.           He freed me from all of my fears.”