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FLEEING YOUTHFUL LUSTS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        dating, marriage, sex
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.15:18-19; Mark 7:21; 2 Tim.2:20-22
Style:        drama/conversation:  teenagers go through
.             a comical situation where they figure out
.             godly dating strategies
Cast:         MARK, GREG, RUTH, JUDY
Set & Props:  table, cups, pitcher, purse, chocolate bar


(MARK and GREG enter from one direction and stand next
to a little table with cups and a pitcher.)

MARK   Bruce’s parents are pretty cool to be throwing
.      this party for him.

GREG   It would be a lot cooler if this party
.      wasn’t going to be so “Christian.”

MARK   We’re BOTH Christians - so then –
.      it should be COOL - to be “GOOD!”

(Meanwhile, RUTH and JUDY enter from the other direction
and freeze as if in the midst of a light conversation.
GREG notices JUDY and freezes with a dropped jaw,
while MARK keeps talking as he moves over to the table
to pour a couple of drinks.)

MARK   We SHOULD be good.  We should WANT to be good.

(MARK now freezes in mid-sentence while at the table.  
Meanwhile- RUTH and JUDY unfreeze.)

RUTH   You just better not ditch me for some guy-
.      like you did at the library.

JUDY   Naw-ah, I’m taking a break.  You know,
.      I’m still in paaain- (looks around, sees GREG)
.      -I’m in love!

RUTH   Judy!  Seriously!  You don’t even know
.      his name yet!

JUDY   (turns back to RUTH)  TRUE love! Ruth!           2
.      This is it!  This time - it IS love!

RUTH   That’s – what you said last time.

JUDY   But – I can just tell – I KNOW this is the one.

RUTH   HOW do you know?!

JUDY   My entire body is tingling.  It’s magic.

RUTH   Magic?  You mean - kind of like how you usually
.      react when you see a chocolate bar?

(While talking, RUTH quickly goes into her purse
and pulls out a chocolate bar then dangles it
in front of JUDY.  JUDY becomes instantly hypnotized by the
chocolate bar and reaches out for it like a cat-
RUTH quickly pulls it away.  RUTH puts it back –
JUDY paws at it again – RUTH quickly pulls it away...
until JUDY shakes herself out her hypnotized state.)

JUDY   Ruth!  Stop teasing me!

RUTH   You make it so easy!

JUDY   You watch what you’re saying about me.

RUTH   Well, feeling tingly is not a good reason
.      for liking a guy – at all.

JUDY   But – (glances back at GREG) - look at him!
.      (back to JUDY, melting)  HE’S SO CUTE!

RUTH   They’re ALL cute.  Again, not a reason
.      for liking a guy.

(JUDY crosses her arms at RUTH as they freeze
in the midst of a serious discussion.  Meanwhile-
MARK picks up two of the cups to bring over to GREG.)

MARK   And that’s why you need to keep your mind
.      focused on God’s words– and what’s pure-

(MARK turns to see GREG.  Rolling his eyes,
Mark quickly puts down the cups and walks around GREG
to wave a hand in front of his face.)
.                                                       3
MARK   Greg?  Greg!  Get your mind out of the gutter.

GREG   You don’t know what I’m thinking.

MARK   I’m a guy – I have a pretty good idea.

GREG   Okay-okay.  But – I mean – LOOK AT HER!

MARK   I can totally see what you mean.  But –
.      you need to get control of this - right - here!

(MARK points a finger and slowly aims for
GREG’s forehead.)

GREG   Everyone says we need to “sow our wild oats”-

MARK   Wild oats can turn into unwanted babies.

GREG   But – “boys will be boys”!

MARK   Who very quickly become very young fathers!

GREG   If and when – I would TOTALLY be prepared-
.      and safe.

MARK   Nothing is one hundred percent safe–
.      except for waiting until marriage,
.      which is what God wants for us-

GREG   Because God wants us to suffer!

MARK   Because God wants the BEST for us!  Who’d you
.      think created us and – all this?  GOD KNOOOWWWSSS-

GREG   But- EVERYONE says- that before settling down –
.      you should first experience stuff –
.      so you’ll know what you would LIKE.

MARK   Duh!  Obviously – you would - LIKE - IT!
.      You do not have DO it – in order to know
.      that you’re going to LIKE it!  You FIRST have
.      to figure out if you LOVE a particular girl –
.      enough to commit to her for the rest of your life!

(MARK and GREG freeze in the thought-process.
Meanwhile- RUTH and JUDY continue their conversation.)
.                                                       4
JUDY   But if I can get them hooked – then they’ll
.      be mine forever.

RUTH   What are you talking about?  You’re really
.      starting to scare me, here.

JUDY   Even just a kiss – will get the guy wanting more.

RUTH   Ah-YEAH!  So, on purpose, you want to mess around
.      with a guy’s emotions?

JUDY   Sure.  Why not?  It’s what they want.

RUTH   It’s what they THINK they want.

JUDY   I’m pretty sure that’s what they want.

RUTH   It’s definitely for sure - that they think
.      it is - what they THINK they want.

JUDY   I’m confused.

RUTH   It’s simple.  One thing will probably
.      lead to another thing.  So you have to decide-
.      which THING you’re going to give them.

JUDY   So I SHOULD give them a thing?!

RUTH   Yeah, give them your personality.
.      Give them an idea of your future hopes and dreams-

JUDY   Oh!  That’s what you’re talking about.
.      Sounds kind of boring.

RUTH   Why?  Are you a boring person?

JUDY   (gasping)  I am not!  I just – don’t want
.      the guy to think that I am.

RUTH   Well, if a guy thinks you ARE boring,
.      and the only thing that’s going to hook him
.      is something physical - WHY would you
.      even want to be stuck with him?  That is-
.      until he finds someone else more “exciting” –
.      and then he’ll be gone!

(JUDY and RUTH freeze in a thought-process.             5
Meanwhile- GREG and MARK continue their conversation.)

GREG   So why should I think about my future,
.      when I’ve got the present?  I’m still young-

MARK   Everything we do now affects our future.

GREG   But – there are some things I can do now
.      when I’m single- that won’t make
.      any difference to my married life later.
.      It’s not like I’m cheating on anyone.

MARK   You’d be hurting and cheating yourself!
.      And your future wife.

GREG   I’m not married yet.

MARK   So it wouldn’t bother you that SHE had been
.      with someone else?  And when she finally
.      found you - she’d be comparing you
.      with all the other guys she’d been with?
.      Maybe she has a baby from someone else
.      to add more drama to your marriage.
.      Maybe she has an STD-

GREG   Okay!-That might bother me.

(RUTH and JUDY continue their conversation.)

JUDY   That would be very sad.

RUTH   And if you cannot control yourself now –
.      how will he know that you can control yourself
.      while you’re married?

(GREG and MARK continue their conversation.)

MARK   “EVERYONE” - is always the first to say,
.      “once a cheater – always a cheater.”

GREG   I get it.  It takes more strength to
.      stay faithful.

MARK   So much strength, that we need to depend
.      on God’s strength!

(RUTH and JUDY continue their conversation.)            6

RUTH   The most important thing is that you’re
.      BOTH Christians who WANT to follow God,
.      so that you BOTH put God first in your marriage.  
.      So - if they’re NOT a Christian – and you’re even
.      just a little tempted to date him - RUN - AWAY!

JUDY   I definitely want to marry someone who’s
.      faithful!

(GREG and MARK continue their conversation.)

MARK   If we actually want to step up and be a man,
.      we need to start learning how to be one.

(RUTH and JUDY continue their conversation.)

RUTH   A man who puts God first in his life –
.      is a man who will look after his family
.      with unconditional love.

JUDY   That is the kind of guy I want date.

(GREG and MARK continue their conversation.)

GREG   This party may be cool after all.

MARK   It’s a great way to meet other Christians
.      who hopefully share the same values.

(RUTH and JUDY continue their conversation.)

JUDY   Okay, you’ve convinced me.  Getting to know
.      someone first – as a friend – is a great way
.      to start a relationship!

RUTH   Let’s first find out what they’re names are.

(ALL walk toward each other and mime talking and laughing
as they exit.)