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FEAST OR FAMINE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        spiritual feeding
SCRIPTURE:    Prov.22:6, Eph.6:4
Style:        allegory/conversation: a family ignores
.             the feast that is right there and chooses
.             to suffer through being malnourished,
.             until they realize that things go better
.             when they eat from God’s table which
.             is always prepared and set for them
Cast:         MOM, DAD, CHILD 1-3 (or any number,
.             you can reassign lines if you have to)
Set & Props:  small table with a few junk food items,
.             nice table “set” with a feast
.             (easy way - have a cardboard photo
.              of a turkey and other food items
.              at the back of the table, then place
.              beautiful serving dishes (not see-through)
.              in front with some healthy foods
.              like carrots, apples...
.              AND so that you don’t need much, you can
.              put something at the bottom of the dishes
.              just so there’s an appearance of a feast)
.       ALSO: Depending on how you present this, you can
.             put signs at the bottom of each table.
.             For small table: “worldly table”.
.             For big beautiful table:
.              “God’s table: devotions, prayer, church”


(MOM enters, dragging herself in with sagging shoulders.
DAD enters with angry adrenaline pumping.)

DAD       Where did you put my computer bag?!

MOM       (sourly)  Morning to you, too.

(CHILD 1-3 enter, yawning and bumping into each other.)

CHILD 1   Watch where you’re going!

CHILD 2   Get away from me!

CHILD 3   I’m so starving, I can’t even think!
.                                                      2
DAD       Mind over matter!  Get over it!

MOM       I do not have the energy for this.

CHILD 3   Mom, Dad, I’m REALLY starving!
.         We haven’t eaten anything in five days.

(MOM weakly shuffles over to the small table, looks into
a chip bag, then carefully hands one chip to each child.
CHILD 3 looks at his/her chip very sadly,
then looks weakly over to the big table.)

DAD       Aren’t we going to give thanks?

MOM       For WHAT?!

(CHILD 3 points at the big table.)

CHILD 3   Why can’t we eat at that table?

(MOM and DAD do not even look in that direction.)

MOM       What table?

CHILD 3   The big table - with all the real food!

DAD       (shrugs)  Oh, that.  That’s just for Sundays.
.         We don’t need any of THAT - during the week.

CHILD 1   Exactly!  That food is for sissies.

CHILD 2   If you eat at that table –
.         it only means that you’re weak.

CHILD 3   I AM weak.  I’m starving and I’m weak.

CHILD 2   (to CHILD 3)  Weakling, weakling!

CHILD 1   (to CHILD 3)  You’re such a dork!

CHILD 3   (pleading)  Daaaad?

DAD       You have to learn to fight for yourself!

CHILD 3   Mom?

CHILD 2   You’re such a weakling!                      3

CHILD 1   Why do you bother Mom and Dad?
.         They do NOT know anything, anyways!

(CHILD 3 wanders to the big table and stares at it.)

MOM       You know, I’m so tired of all this -
.         I just don’t care anymore.
.         I have enough things to worry about!
.         Why must I do everything around here?

DAD       Are we going to start this again?  Do you
.         really want to go there?  Because I will!

(CHILD 3 picks up something to eat – and enjoys it.)

CHILD 3   Mmmm...  This is SO good.

CHILD 1   What are you doing?!

CHILD 3   Enjoying a feast!

CHILD 1   Why?

CHILD 3   Because it’s good for me!  I need it!

CHILD 1   What a dork!

CHILD 2   Weakling!

CHILD 3   Doesn’t matter what you say.
.         I just wish you could all see how good this is.

MOM       (approaches the table to look at it)
.         Well, it is always right here – always ready -
.         every day – all the time!  It would definitely
.         keep me from - having to worry about things.

(The rest of the family approaches and begins to eat.)

CHILD 2   I guess this would give me more strength.

CHILD 1   Hey, could you pass me one of those
.         drumsticks... (smiling) please?

DAD       Why would we NOT eat from this every day?