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FAMILY VALUES PAGEANT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        practical applications for family values
SCRIPTURE:    1 Cor.13:4-8, Eph.5:21, Phil.2:3
Style:        satire/conversation: a host welcomes the
.             people and explains that each contestant
.             will answer a question on the topic
.             of family values
Cast:         HOST, and as many people as you want,
.             trying to represent every age group
.             or a target age group as desired
Set & Props:  microphone, pageantry music, and fun props
.             which make sense with each character
.             (see examples below)
NOTE:         - I have only provided the idea and a few
.               examples which you can use or rewrite.
.             – You could choose to have the HOST do more
.               of an interview with each contestant.
.             - You could incorporate this idea alongside
.               a Bible lesson where the class members
.               come up with their own “role” and “issue”
.               which not only gives them a chance to be
.               creative but helps them understand
.               practical applications to the lesson.
.             – The roles do not have to be played
.               necessarily with the correct age in mind,
.               ie. If the class is made up of children,
.               they can still play the different roles
.               (ie. TODDLER, PARENT, GRANDPARENT...)


(Play pageant music as all CONTESTANTS enter
and stand in a long line waving at the congregation.  
Each one can stay true to their role,
or all could be smiling with great exaggeration.
Then HOST walks in and approaches the microphone.)

HOST       Hello, I'm MIKE SMILELY, your host for
.          this year's 'Pageantry of Practical People.'
.          And here are your contestants – very practical
.          people - who come from every walk of life –
.          but all have one thing in common:
.          they all come from some sort of family.
.          Let’s give them all a hand, shall we?
.                                                       2
(HOST initiates applause and motions to the contestants.)

HOST       Now, each contestant will approach
.          the microphone and answer the following
.          questions:  what is their -
.          - name                       (real or made up)
.          - age                           (if they want)
.          - and their situation in life.
.          As well, the skill testing question, which is
.          the most important part of the pageant,
.          because it is the ONLY part of the pageant:
.          – they will have to describe a pet peeve
.            or a particular family issue
.          - for which they will have to present
.            a practical solution demonstrating
.            family values.

(CONTESTANTS come forward one at a time.
Here are some random examples...)

TEEN GIRL  (very bubbly, wearing an arm brace)
.          Hi, I'm Audry Commercial.  I'm 15 years old,
.          and I am a student and a part time dishwasher
.          for my parents.  My pet peeve is when little
.          brothers leave their toys on the stairs.
.          A practical solution would be for them to care
.          about everyone's safety, and to NOT play on
.          the stairs.  But I suppose, I could sometimes
.          play with them and help come up with some
.          ideas of other exciting places to play.

40ish MAN  (very serious, carrying a briefcase)
.          My name is Marty Birdbath and I'm 40-ish.
.          I have a very serious job at a very
.          serious place.  I like to be taken seriously,
.          so my pet peeve is when people do NOT
.          take me seriously.  Like when I come home,
.          and my wife says, “Oh, you’re FINALLY home!
.          Do you seriously think that I don’t need
.          any of your help HERE?” Of course I know that,
.          so a practical solution would be if my wife
.          would give me just a few minutes to unwind
.          as soon as I walked in the door and then maybe
.          ask me how serious MY day was.  But I suppose
.          if this doesn’t happen, I really should
.          seriously try to take her issues seriously.
.                                                       3
NANA       I am lovingly called Nana by all my wonderful
.          grandkids.  I love them all so very much, but
.          every so often, things get crazy enough that
.          I just want to – run – I mean - take a break.
.          What helps?  I have to realize that I am
.          not the parent, so I need to be communicating
.          with my daughter and son-in-law as to how they
.          want me to handle things.  And to remain calm.
.          And to have a few fun activities planned out
.          to do together for when they come to visit.

30ish MOM  My name is Mandy Simpleton.  There is nothing
.          simple about me.  I am a wife, mom, cook,
.          maid, taxi driver, psychologist, gardener,
.          homework tutor, schedule clerk, paramedic,
.          and then when I’m not doing things at home,
.          I am a grocery store cashier.  I guess I could
.          have just said “occupational juggler”, as my
.          issue is time management, so I can spend some
.          quality time with my husband and kids.
.          One thing that helps is to have EVERYONE
.          help out doing chores.  As a parent,
.          it would be wrong of me not to train up
.          my children to know how to be responsible
.          people, eventually becoming independent of me.

BOY        (holding a toy)  I’m Josh.  I’m ten.  I like
.          to play with toys – on the stairs.  But as
.          I found out, this can be dangerous.  I should
.          obey my parents because they know a few things
.          about safety, and getting along with others.

YOUNG LADY (talks on cellphone then hangs up at her turn)
.          My name is Lucy McFlurry, and I’m in my 20’s.
.          My EARLY 20’s.  I’m still single, and have
.          a very busy social life, but (rolling eyes)
.          I still have a family who wants to see me
.          sometimes.  I know-I know, one day I’ll really
.          want them to be there for me.  So I should
.          treat them as I’d like to be treated.  Like,
.          I should NOT ignore them and just constantly
.          be on my cellphone talking with my friends.
.          That’s why they have answering services.
.          I mean, to give someone their undivided
.          attention, shows that they are important
.          to you.  I know, I always appreciate that.
.                                                       4
TEEN BOY   (carrying school books)  I’m Clark, 17, and
.          a student in High School.  I have way more
.          important things to do than just study.
.          Wait, let me rephrase, there are things that
.          I’d much rather do than study.  But,
.          as my parents keep telling me, it’s my life.
.          And if I want to make a good life for myself,
.          I should do my best in school, and in my
.          relationships:  with friends, and family...
.          and with God.  What I’ve found to be the
.          best use of time, is improving my relationship
.          with God.  My parents are so right about that!
.          When I study God’s word, spend time in prayer,
.          and get involved with church - my school life,
.          and family life - are so much better.

(After CONTESTANTS have finished, HOST steps up.)

HOST       Those were all so inspiring and thought-
.          provoking.  I want to give a big thank you
.          to all contests who have participated in
.          this year's 'Pageantry of Practical People'
.          Everyone today is going home with first prize,
.          which is - a lot of fine practical examples
.          of family values to put into practice.
.          I know for me, MIKE SMILEY, I have certainly
.          learned a lot, and I have enjoyed being
.          your host.  Take care and have a good day!

(Play pageantry music as everyone exits while waving.)