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FAMILY CHORES – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        serving
SCRIPTURE:    1Cor.9:19, Gal.5:13, Eph.5:21
Style:        allegory/conversation: family members
.             expect to be served, but
.             they don’t want to chip in on the chores,
.             so nothing gets done, which is
.             how it can often be in our churches
Cast:         KIDS 1-4 (or more, just divide up the lines
.                      except for KID 1’s lines,
.                      or have them sit with the group,
.                      reacting to everything being said)
Set:          LIVING AREA: sofa or table and chairs,
.             or big pillows and/or bean bag chairs.
.             This space could be made to look very messy
.             with empty chip bags, etc.
Props:        list, activities like electronic games,
.             comic books, or whatever kids would
.             prefer to do when kicking back


(KIDS 2-4 are chilling out, each doing their own thing
when KID 1 enters with an unenthusiastic announcement.)

KID 1    Listen up.  Mom was wondering if
.        there would be anyone here to volunteer.

KID 2    Now what?

KID 1    You have some choices.

KID 2    Do we have to hear them?
.        I already have a pretty good idea what they are.

KID 1    (pulls out a list to read off)
.        There’s: doing the dishes.  Mowing the grass.
.        Helping to make supper.
.        Or - cleaning up the family room
.        and taking out the garbage.

KID 3    (looks around the room then shrugs)
.        Doesn’t look that bad.
.        (goes back to their activity)
.                                                       2
KID 1    (sits down and picks up an activity)
.        Mom says that it would really be helpful
.        if you could do just one of those things.
.        Something about – if we all work together
.        then she’s not left doing everything,
.        blah, blah, blah.

KID 3    Ugh, what a drag.  Did you have to come here
.        to spoil our fun?

KID 2    Yeah, I hate guilt trips.

KID 3    We ALL hate guilt trips.

KID 1    Hey – don’t shoot the messenger.
.        I’m just telling you what Mom said to tell you.

KID 2    You keep saying “YOU” to us.  But what about
.        YOU?  Huh?  What are YOU going to do?

KID 1    I helped her out by delivering this message.

KID 3    (sarcastic)  Oooooo, you deserve a reward then.

KID 4    (enters with a comment.)
.        Hey, why isn’t the grass mowed?
.        I’ve invited friends over for a pool party,
.        but I don’t want to be embarrassed
.        about how bad it looks out there.
.        And in this room!  I mean, look at it!
.        Garbage everywhere!

KID 1    Those were some of the chores Mom mentioned
.        in her long list of things to get done.

KID 4    I hate chores.

KID 3    We ALL hate chores.

KID 4    (plops down somewhere to rest)
.        So when’s supper ready?  I’m starving.

KID 3    We’re ALL starving!

KID 2    I suppose if one of us helped Mom make supper,
.        we’d all be eating sooner rather than later.
.                                                       3
KID 4    I’m not good at making food.

KID 2    But you are good at mowing the grass.
.        I’ve seen you do it a few times.
.        And you’re the one who’s having the pool party.

KID 4    Hey - you all use the backyard too
.        Besides, I don’t get paid enough.
.        Oh wait, I don’t get paid at all.

KID 2    Ah, we do get allowance money.
.        We’re provided clothes, food and other stuff.
.        And Mom treats us to movies and dinners out.

KID 4    Yeah – but then - Mom is TREATING us.
.        TREATING – means - nothing is expect in return.

KID 3    Don’t get me wrong, I AM thankful for all that,
.        but I don’t know WHY we cannot just come home
.        and be able to do what we want?

KID 4    Yeah!  And this is Mom’s house anyway.
.        We don’t own it.

KID 1    But this is our home.  We all live here.

KID 2    I remember once helping Mom in the kitchen.
.        It wasn’t so bad.  In fact, I kind of had fun.
.        (KIDS all look.  KID 2 balks, thinking...)
.        Yeah, I know, that sounded weird.
.        (thinking again)  But it kind of felt nice
.        to do something for other people.  And - like –
.        there was a sense of accomplishment
.        and thankful contentment
.        just knowing there’d be food to eat.

KID 3    What if something happened to Mom?

KID 1    Then, one of us would have to do everything.

KID 4    EVERYTHING?  And just who would that be?
.        Huh?  Certainly not me!  That would be crazy!

KID 2    But it’s okay if just Mom does all the chores?

KID 4    Ugh, I hate chores.
.                                                       4
KID 3    We ALL hate chores!

KID 2    But we all LOVE Mom, though, don’t we?

KID 1    Of course we do! And we tell her that sometimes.
.        At least – once a week.  Maybe twice.

KID 2    What if we did the chores to SHOW our love?

KID 3    Still hate that word – CHORES.

KID 2    What if we called it something else then?
.        I mean, what if we’re all SERVING each other?
.        It be more like – giving each other a treat.
.        To show how much we love Mom and each other?
.        And if each of us all chose to treat each other,
.        wouldn’t we all get along better, too?
.        You know, just by the way we were
.        TREATING each other?  That’s not a bad thing.

KID 4    (thinking)  Hm, I’m going to have
.        to give that some thought.  A lot of thought.
.        I wouldn’t want to rush into anything.

KID 3    Yeah, let’s all think about that, together.

KID 2    Really?!  I think this should be obvious.
.        There’s some need to treat each other,
.        so we should just pick something -
.        that we’re able to do  - and just do it!

KID 1    I tend to LIKE doing the things I’m good at?

KID 3    I don’t know what I’m good at.

KID 2    Then try something.  And if you can’t do it,
.        try something else.

KID 4    You have a point.  Where’s that list anyway?

(KID 1 pulls out and shows KIDS the list, who then
exit while figuring out who is going to do what.)