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EXCUSES OR JOY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        going to church, serving, giving
SCRIPTURE:    Malachi 3:7-4:6, Heb.10:19-25
Style:        allegory/conversation:  people encourage
.             others to join them in going to
.             a sports game, trying to convince them
.             that they should really want to
.             “get into the spirit”
Cast:         PERSON 1-7
Set & Props:  3 chairs, comic books and/or cell phones


(PERSON 4-7 have a negative attitude and sit in chairs,
Bored, not paying attention, maybe reading or texting.  
NARRATOR/TEACHER/PASTOR introduces the skit.)

NAR.  Is this our attitude when going to church?
.     Would this be our attitude about going
.     to something as exciting as a ____ game?

(Insert the name of a popular sport or team name here.)
PERSON 1-3 are excited to be going to a game.)

P.1   Come on, it’s time to go to the game!

P.2   Yes!  I have been waiting all week for this!

(PERSON 3 looks at PERSON 4-7.)

P.3   Hey, don’t you guys want to join us?

P.4   Naw, it’s too boring.  Pretty much,
.     the same things happen every time.
.     Running.  Catching.  Throwing.  More running...

P.1   What are you talking about?  It’s the most
.     exciting thing that happens around here.

P.5   It costs money.  They actually want us
.     to give money towards that!

P.2   It doesn’t cost that much.
.     Besides, it’s totally worth it!  

P.6   But, it’s kind of also expected that             3
.     we get involved, and cheer, and stuff.
.     I’m just into that “team-spirit” stuff.

P.3   Sure, but look at all the training and skills
.     that are needed, and how the guys on the field
.     give everything they’ve got!  
.     And it’s all for us and their love for the game.
.     Why would you NOT want to cheer that on?

P.7   Well, some of the people in the stands ignore me.
.     Some people there TOTALLY ignore me.

P.1   Well, maybe they’re shy or had a bad day?
.     Or they’re just so focused on watching the game!
.     And – you could ask yourself – what are you doing?
.     Are you trying to be friendly or get involved?

P.2   It is how you look at it, and it is your choice.

P.3   Is this our attitude about going to church?

(PERSON 3 turns to congregation.)

NAR.  When we realize how much God loves us,
.     and that He came to earth to suffer and
.     die for our sins, so that we could experience
.     forgiveness and joy – and be part of God’s family –
.     we should be so excited about
.     learning more about God,
.     giving to Him and serving Him,
.     as well as getting to know
.     our brothers and sisters in Christ
.     and encouraging one other.