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ETERNAL SECURITY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     salvation, assurance
SCRIPTURE: John 10: 27-29, 2Cor.1:22, Eph.1:13-14
Style:     allegory/conversation:  a parent’s promise
.          to protect their child serves as a parallel
.          to God’s promise to never let His children go.


(PARENT walks in holding the hand of a CHILD.)

CHILD     When are we going home?

PARENT    We first have to do some errands,
.         and then we will go home.

(CHILD points off in the distance and tries
to pull away.)

CHILD     Hey!  Look at that over there.  I want to see.

PARENT    Sorry, we don’t have time to see that.

CHILD     Why?

PARENT    Maybe there’s a good reason.

CHILD     What is it?

PARENT    Maybe it’s a surprise.

(CHILD points in another direction and tries
to pull away.)

CHILD     Look!  Over there!  Let me go!

PARENT    No, I’m not going to let you go.

CHILD     Why not?

PARENT    If I had let go, you would have been hit
.         by that car.

(CHILD pointing and pulling in that direction.)

CHILD     Can I go play there?
.                                                     2
PARENT    Not a good idea.

CHILD     Why?

PARENT    You will get lost.

CHILD     But I will just stay right there.

PARENT    Will you now?  Do you think you won’t see
.         something else to do?

CHILD     Hmmmm. You are probably right.

PARENT    And what would you do if someone came and
.         asked you to help them find their lost puppy?

CHILD     Lost puppy?  I should help them.

PARENT    Would you know if that was a trick to get you
.         away from me to hurt you?

CHILD     Oh, never thought about that.  You could stay
.         there with me.

PARENT    Remember, there are things we have to get done.

CHILD     So I can’t play?  I NEVER get to play!

PARENT    Really? You NEVER get to play?

CHILD     (resignedly)  You let me play sometimes...
.         A lot.

PARENT    And what are we busy doing right now?

CHILD     Buying things.

PARENT    Clothes for you to wear, and food
.         for us to eat.

CHILD     Why are you holding my hand so tight?

PARENT    So I can get you home safe and sound.

CHILD     Why?

PARENT    Because you are my child, and I love you.

(CHILD points and pulls in another direction.)
.                                                     3
CHILD     Look, candy!

PARENT    I was going to take you out for ice cream.

CHILD     Oh! I like ice cream way more than candy.

PARENT    I know.  So do you want candy right now,
.         or do you want to get some ice cream
.         in just a few minutes?

CHILD     Ice cream, please!

(CHILD and PARENT exit.)

NARRATOR  Just like this parent, God holds all
      of His children in His hand and will never
.         let go or let anything snatch them
.         out of His hand.