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DOING YOUR PART - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        serving with joy
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.20:26-28; Rom.12:10-11; Phil.2:1-8
Style:        satire/conversation: there is visual
.             movement which goes along with the
.             odd exchange of who is serving where,
.             and who is expecting to be served
Cast:         SM (serving mother),
.             IM (idle mother),
.             SB (serving businessman),
.             IB (idle businessman)
.             SG (serving game-player),
.             IG (idle game-player)
Set & Props:  2 dolls wrapped up,
.             2 cell phones,
.             3 Gameboys


(At center stage, IM cuddles her baby,
IB talks on his cell phone, and IG plays with Gameboy.
At stage right, SM cuddles her baby.
At stage left, SB talks on his cell phone, and
SG plays on his Gameboy.)

SM     A time for family.

SB     A time for work.

SG     Some time for play.

(SM kisses baby and someone from offstage takes it
out of sight.)

SM     Time for you to play with Grandma,
.      because it’s–

S-ALL  Time for God, and time to serve.

(SB puts cell phone away, SG puts Gameboy away.
SM walks across stage, around "Idle" group, to SB.)

SM     I’m organizing the ladies ministries
.      and need a meeting room.

SB     I’ll find that for you.

(SB walks across the stage and does the                2
“side-to-side-step-dance” with IB.)

SB     Would you like to help?

IB     Too busy!  (goes back to cell phone)

(SB goes to left side.  SG goes to SM.)

SG     The youth group needs a meal for
.      Thursday evening.

SM     I can do that for you.

(SM walks to the left and sees IM.)

SM     Could you help us?

IM     Can’t you see I have a child?  In fact,
.      we really need a nursery so I can relax
.      and listen to the sermon.

(IM gives her baby to SM.  SM also picks up her baby
and cuddles both.  SM goes to SB.)

SM     I heard there was a family who lost their house
.      and everything in it in a fire.

SB     I'll see to it that they get what they need.

(SB walks across the stage and runs into IB again.)

SB     There’s a family in need.  Could you help?

IB     Can’t!  Going to Europe and buying a new vehicle.
.      But I heard about another family who’s in need.
.      So, while you’re at it, this is where
.      you can reach them.

(IB hands SB a piece of paper.  SB walks over to SG.)

SB     There’s another small group starting up
.      that needs a Bible study leader.

SG     Ahhh, sure - I can help.

(SG walks across stage and sees IG.)

SG     Hey, want to help out –

IG     Dude!  I have to beat my score!                 3
.      Hey – a cool idea would be to have a church
.      volleyball team.

SG     That would be cool.  You could –

IG     Sh! Don’t distract me.

(SG walks across to SM.)

SG     Some missionaries are coming through and need
.      a place to stay.

SM     I can help look for someone.

(SM puts her baby offstage and gives baby back to IM.)

SM     Could you take in a missionary family
.      for the weekend?

IM     Can’t you see I have a child?  I don’t even
.      have time to houseclean.

SM     I can come over and help you get organized
.      one day.

(SM walks over to SB.)

SM     I’m feeling very tired, and I’m neglecting
.      my own family.  I don’t think I can do
.      anything more.  I just want to totally give up.

SB     I understand exactly.  But let’s not totally
.      give up.  Just make sure you are using the gifts
.      that God has given you and doing what God would
.      want you to do.  Remember, there is a time
.      for everything.  Including your own family.

SM     You are right.  Thank you for the encouragement.
.      I think I will just concentrate on organizing
.      and serving in the nursery and helps ministry.

(SM walks across and gets baby from IM.)

SM     I’m looking for mothers to help in the nursery.

IM     Why should I look after someone else’s baby?

SM     If we all take turns, we’d all get a break.

IM     I’ll think about it.                            4

(SM walks to the left and picks up her baby.)

SG     Time to lead the singing.

I-ALL  Hey! Where’s the fellowship meal?  We’re hungry!

(There is silence. SB steps forward.)

SB     We apologize, but we do not have enough people.

IB     I give a lot of money to this church.
.      I should get something out of it.

SB     Ahh, the offering all goes to pay for the pastor,
.      missionaries, and running of the building.
.      The rest of us all volunteer our time to serve
.      each other.

IG     Well, if I’m not being entertained, there’s
.      not much point in coming to this church.

SG     You’ll get out of it, what you put into it.

IM     But look how busy you all are.  I can’t do that.

BM     If we all did a little bit, then we’d all
.      just have a bit to do.   

IB     That does make sense.  I SHOULD spend more time
.      with my son anyway.  I could help with
.      the basketball camp.

SG     (to IG)  You play a few instruments, you could
.      help out with the worship team.

IG     I do like music.

IM     I like to cook.

SG     (claps hands together) Awesome! So when do we eat?

(They talk as they exit.)

IG     I can help set up some tables.

SM     Do you need me to bring a dessert?

IB     I’m pretty good at flipping burgers.