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DIGGING HOLES (video) - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        exhortation, choices, getting out of sin
SCRIPTURE:    2 Tim.4:2; James 5:20; 1Pet.3:11
Style:        allegory/conversation:  a person tries
.             to convince a friend who is in a hole,
.             to stop digging if he has any desire
.             of getting out of the hole
Cast:         PEOPLE 1 & 2
Set & Props:  edge of the stage, shovel


(PERSON 1 is at floor level beside the edge of the stage,
pretending to dig with a real shovel.  Up on the stage,
PERSON 2 walks by and looks down, noticing PERSON 1.)

P2   Hey, Terry...  Terry!...  Hellooooooo!

(PERSON 1 stops digging and looks around.)

P1   Huh?  What?  

P2   I’m up here.  It’s Sam.  Look – up.

(PERSON 1 tries to look up, grabbing his neck in pain.)

P1   Oh, ow, hi, ow-ow-ow.  How are you?

P2   I’m good.  How are you doing?

P1   Ahhh, I’m okay.  (more convincing)  Yeah, I’m okay.
.    I just haven’t - looked up in a while.
.    But, I’m good.  I’m okay.

P2   Really, because it looks like –

P1   Yeah-yeah – I know.  I’ve just been in a bit of a –
.    rut, lately.

P2   A rut!  I was going to say - more like a hole.

P1   Naaawww.

P2   Yes, you are – you’re in a hole.
.    A very, very, big, deep hole.

(PERSON 1 looks around then shrugs.)
.                                                     2
P1   Ah, okay, I guess I am.  Whatever.

(PERSON 1 continues to dig.)

P2   Whatever?!  What exactly do you think you’re doing?

P1   (stopping)  What?

P2   Well, you know, I care about you,
.    and I hate to see you - living in a hole.

(PERSON 1 shrugs and keeps digging.)

P2   I was wondering where you’ve been lately.
.    Haven’t seen you at church at all...
.    Sooo, you like it down there?

(PERSON 1 stops digging and looks around.)

P1   Well – there are some perks.  It’s not very noisy...
.    But, then again, it is – kind of dark.
.    Damp and cold.  With lots of bugs.

P2   Do you need any help getting out?

P1   Naw, I’m good.  

P2   Well, if you ever want to get out of there,
.    just let me know.  I’m here for you.
.    And, I’m sure your family misses you.

(PERSON 2 starts to leave.  PERSON 1 continues digging,
but starts to get desperate.)

P1   Okay.  Okay!  I think want to get out of here.
.    I need help.  Please help me get out.

(PERSON 2 comes back as PERSON 1 keeps digging.)

P2   You called?

P1   Yes.  I would like some advice.  I am asking you
.    to help me get out of here, I think.

P2   Okay.  So, first of all, you should - stop digging.

P1   WHAT?

.                                                     3
(PERSON 1 finally stops digging.)

P2   Now, put down the shovel.

P1   Why?

P2   Think about it - you’re in a hole.  

P1   Okay... but - I like to dig.

P2   Then you’ll soon find yourself in
.    an even deeper hole.

P1   This – is true.

P2   So, put the shovel down...
.    Get RID of the shovel.

P1   But, I paid for it.

P2   Is the shovel really worth more than having
.    a better life with people who care about you?

(PERSON 1 thinks long and hard, but still cannot
let go of the shovel.)

P2   If you don’t want my advice,
.    I will be moving on then.
.    I really don’t want to find myself –
.    down in that hole with you.

(PERSON 2 starts to walk away.)

P1   Wait! Come back please.  I do.
.    I do want your advice.  I’m – I’m listening.

P2   Okay, you really need to put down that shovel.

P1   But, the shovel is NOT – a bad thing.

P2   Look, if you don’t have a shovel in your hands,
.    then you’ll be LESS likely – to keep digging.

P1  Good point.

(PERSON 1 throws down shovel.)

P1  Okay, done!  Shovel gone.  Now what?

P2   Now, if you can, just grab my hand and            4
.    climb out.

(PERSON 1 looks back at the shovel.)

P1   Look away from the shovel, Terry.  Look away.
.    And - look up.  Just keep looking up.

(PERSON 2 reaches his hand down.  PERSON 1 finally
grabs it and climbs out.  PERSON 2 points out some dirt
on PERSON 1.)

P2   Good to have you back, Terry.

P1   I know-I know.  I need to get back into devotions,
.    praying and going to church.  Any other advice?

P2   Perhaps – a bath?  You, ah, have some - dirt –
.    right there.

(PERSON 1 dusts himself off.)

P1   Thanks.  I’m good now.  let’s go.  Can’t wait
.    to see everyone again.

P2   Ehhh, yeah, you’re still gonna need that bath.

(PERSON 1 and 2 talk as they exit.)


P1   And more importantly, I’m going to have to learn
.    how NOT to find any more holes, or buy any more
.    shovels... maybe set up an accountability system.

P2   All excellent ideas – but after – that, ah –
.    that bath.