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DEVOTIONS  - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       studying God’s Word
SCRIPTURE:   2 Tim.2:15
Style:       drama/conversation:  a person likens
.            needing a manual to set up and use a laptop
.            to that of needing to study your Bible
Cast:        PERSON 1 & 2
Set & Props: Bible, manual, laptop, 2 chairs, table


(PERSON 1 sits reading their Bible.
PERSON 2 enters carrying a manual and a laptop.
PERSON 2 stops to observe PERSON 1.)

PERSON 2   Hey! Whatcha doing?

PERSON 1   Hi. Oh, ah, just doing my devotions.

PERSON 2   Huh?

PERSON 1   Studying the Bible.

PERSON 2   It’s not Sunday.

PERSON 1   I like to read it every day.

PERSON 2   Why?  Why would you do that?

PERSON 1   So many reasons.

PERSON 2   Well, I don’t see the need to do that.
.          I already know the essence of what I believe
.          and what is expected of me.

(PERSON 2 sits down, puts the laptop onto the table
and opens the manual.)

PERSON 1   What are YOU doing?

PERSON 2   I need to set up my laptop.

PERSON 1   Why do you need the manual?

PERSON 2   So I know what to do, and so I do it           2
.          correctly.  Don’t want to make a mistake.
.          It could really mess things up.

PERSON 1   But don’t you already know the essence
.          of the computer and what it should do?

PERSON 2   Of course, but–heyyyyy... I know what
.          you’re getting at.  Anyway, we’re talking
.          about an expensive piece of electronics here.
.          I’ve been working for months to save up for this.

PERSON 1   And your laptop is worth more than your life?

PERSON 2   But – computers are intricate.  There are
.          many complicated aspects to it.

PERSON 1   More than life and people?  Or - for the sake
.          of one tiny example - is it more complicated
.          than your dating experience with that girl/boy
.          down the street?

PERSON 2   Whoa!  Okay, I see what you’re saying.
.          The Bible is our manual for our lives.
.          But – do you have to read it every day?

PERSON 1   It certainly helps.  Life certainly is not
.          as easy as computers.  All the information needed
.          cannot suddenly be downloaded into our brains.
.          We have to slowly learn things and put them
.          into our memory system.  Even once we’ve learned
.          and memorized something, we still have the ability
.          to forget.  And life is not as basic as a computer
.          where – if you click on an icon – you always
.          get the same response.  Different situations
.          come up with different people all the time.

PERSON 2   But – why?  Why the Bible?  Why study the Bible?

PERSON 1   2 Timothy 3:16 and 17 says,  “All Scripture
.          is inspired by God and profitable for teaching,
.          for reproof, for correction, for training
.          in righteousness; that the man of God
.          may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”

PERSON 2   And WHY every day?

PERSON 1   2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Be diligent              3
.          to present yourself approved to God
.          as a workman who does not need to be ashamed,
.          handling accurately the word of truth...”
.          Like right now, so I can effectively
.          answer questions such as these.  And also,
.          so I’ll know the difference between truth
.          and someone else’s version of it.

PERSON 2   So it’s basically just information.

PERSON 1   But so much more than that.  This is how God
.          communicates with us.  You know how you like to
.          check your friends’ status updates on facebook?

PERSON 2   Yeah, did you see Larry’s last status update?
.          It’s hilarious.

PERSON 1   And how many times do you look at Larry’s
.          status updates?

PERSON 2   Every day.  I mean, he usually has some
.          cool things to say.

PERSON 1   Well, think of it like this – God posted
.          ALL of His status updates in this book.
.          He’s not just a great friend, or a loving Father,
.          He is the perfect, all-knowing God,
.          Creator of the universe.  Why would you NOT
.          want to read everything He says?

(PERSON 2 packs up their laptop and manual and stands up.)

PERSON 2   I guess I should get me one of those
.          status posted-life manuals.  Okay, so-
.          where does one go to buy a Bible, anyway?

PERSON 1   You can order them online –
.          if your computer was working properly.
.          Or, there’s a Christian bookstore down the road.
.          I’ll go with you.

(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 leave.)