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DECISION ON PALM SUNDAY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Palm Sunday, Jesus accepted or rejected
.             as Israelites’ King.
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.21:1-17, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-48,
.             John 12:12-19
Style:        drama/conversation: as the crowds wave
.             their palm branches, one group of people
.             side with Jesus becoming King, the other
.             group tries to "reason" with them
Cast:         People 1 - 4 (These can be women or men,
.             or even older children.  Have the children
.             or younger people be P1 & 2.  You can add
.             a few more people and split up the lines.)
Set & Props:  palm branches


(PERSON 1 & P2 enter waving palm branches and continue
to chant, still excited from the procession.)

P1   Hosanna!  Hosanna!  Hosanna!

P2   Hosanna in the highest!
.    Blessed is He who comes
.    in the name of the Lord!

P1   He is the King of Israel!

P2   Blessed is the coming kingdom
.    of our father David.  

(P3 & P4 step out and block the way for P1 & P2.)

P3   What are you so happy about?

P1   We came to Jerusalem for the feast,
.    and heard that Jesus was coming.

P2   Yes, coming into Jerusalem as they did
.    in the old days - to present the new king.
.    The procession of the King.

P4   (with disdain)  He came in on a donkey.

P1   JUST like it says in the scriptures!
.    It was prophesized.
.    I heard my grandfather talk about this.
.                                                     2
P4   But He came in on a DONKEY!

P1   Yes, a king rides in on a horse
.    when it is time to go to war,
.    but a king who wants to bring peace
.    rides in on a donkey.

P3   Exactly!  And what do you think we need right now?
.    The Romans are HERE and running our land.
.    We need a king who will take us to war against Rome!
.    We want our land back!

(P1 & P2 lower their palm branches.)

P2   But isn’t that what Jesus has talked about?
.    About the Kingdom of Heaven?
.    This is when we will have our land and blessings
.    just as God promised, and we’ll have peace
.    because we will have our perfect King.

P4   Oh, wake up!  How can we have any peace without war?

P1   Ahhh – (thinking)

P2   I’m – sure it is possible.
.    Must we always have war?
.    Look, this Jesus has some kind of power.
.    And He is a prophet, from Nazareth in Galilee.

P1   And we just saw Him heal some people
.    who were lame –

P2   And He made some blind people see again.

P1   Oh, and I just heard someone say –
.    they SAW Jesus raise a man from the dead.
.    A man named Lazarus.  He was already dead
.    and buried, and Jesus raised him.

P3   (sarcastically)  Oh-really-now?!

P2   Yeah, Benjamin told us.  Benjamin saw it
.    for himself.  I trust what he says.  

P4   I’m sure these are all just tricks
.    of some sort.

P3   Those disciples are probably helping Him
.    with that.
.                                                     3
P4   Exactly.  Didn’t you just see the Pharisees
.    tell the disciples to be quiet?  The disciples
.    are the ones who got everyone all excited
.    in the first place – shouting things, and
.    spreading clothes out on the road in front of Jesus.
.    Then all the people just started joining in.

P5   Except for our wise chief priests and scribes,
.    it seems the whole world is starting to follow
.    this Jesus.  It should be stopped, and soon!
.    I mean, who knows what would happen
.    if we gave this Man too much control?

(P3 grabs the palm branches away from P1 & P2 and
throws them to the ground.)

P3   And didn’t you just see what Jesus did?
.    He went into the temple and made a mess of things.

P1   I believe He was trying to clean up the temple.

P2   Yeah, the temple has been corrupted by greedy men
.    just trying to make money.  That’s not right.

P4   They are just supplying the necessary animals
.    for YOU to be able to make your sacrifices
.    the way they should be made.

P2   But should they get rich off us who are just
.    trying to worship God?

P1   With the prices they charge for just a dove,
.    I cannot afford to make the necessary sacrifices.

P4   What doesn’t seem right,
.    is someone coming and saying
.    that they are the Messiah and King of Israel.

P3   Exactly!  How would He even pull that off?
.    He’s just one Man with a few disciples.
.    They have no weapons – at all.

P2   But all we need to do is – accept,
.    and be obedient.  The scriptures say this.
.    And all the prophecies in the scriptures –

P4   You think you know more about the scriptures
.    than the chief priests and the scribes?!

P2   No, but maybe the chief priests and scribes      4
.    are trying –

P3   (in P2’s face)  Trying to what?
.    (walks around and nudges P1 & P2 threateningly)
.    So what are you going to decide?
.    Are you going to follow us,
.    or this Person called Jesus?


(P1 & P2 weakly shake their heads and shrug,
then slouching with defeat, they walk away.  
P3 & P4 pick up the palm branches and snap them in half
to haul away as they exit.)