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DAVID AS A BOY - written by Tanis Harms
.            Could be done in the 3-skit-grouping:
.            "David as a Boy", "David on the Run", and
.            "David's Son's Search"
TOPIC:       God gives us purpose and strength
SCRIPTURE:   1 Samuel 16:4 – 17:58
Style:       satire/spoof of a highly dynamic cartoon:
.            in a classroom setting, a TEACHER gives
.            a visual lesson of DAVID being chosen
Cast:        Teacher, 3 girls, David, Saul, Samuel,
.            Jesse, Eliab, Abinadab, Goliath,
.            optional Shammah,
.            (one person could be both: Saul & Jesse,
.             one person could be both: Samuel & Goliath)
Set & Props: textbook with script in it for Teacher,
.            easel,
.            paper with words of rap/song,
.            3 chairs,
.            crown,
.            bagged lunches with hearts drawn on them,
.            ladder,
.            sling shot,
.            cardboard bodies for David & Goliath:
.                (


(On one side is the “classroom” where 3 GIRLS sit.
TEACHER approaches easel.)

TEACH     Hello class.  My name is... not important.

3 GIRLS   Good morning, Mrs. Not Important.

TEACH     Girls!  So today, we will be having our first
.         history lesson.  History – can be – very
.         (nodding off) – boring. (perking up)
.         So, I will make every effort to bring it
.         to life.  (goes into “Fresh Prince” rap)
.         “Nooooow, this is the story all about how-

(DAVID comes in from other side trying to dance cool.)

TEACH     (continues rapping) -A shepherd boy’s life
.         turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute
.         just sit right there. I’ll tell you how
.         he became – the king of – Is-ra-el”.
.                                                     2
DAVID     (stops, jaw dropped)  Me?  King?  Sweet!

TEACH     But not yet.  Right now you’re still
.         a shepherd boy.  Now, off you go –
.         to herd sheep – or whatever you do.

DAVID     (nonchalantly leaves)  Oh, okay –
.         Iii’m GOING to count sheep – AGAIN.

GIRL 1&3  (sighing)  He’s so dreamy.  So dreamy.

GIRL 2    He’s just a shepherd.

GIRL 1    He’s going to be a king.

GIRL 2    He’s sooooo cute.

(SAUL steps out briefly from other side.)

SAUL      King, eh?  I thought I was king!

TEACH     For now.

SAUL      Grrr. I really don’t like competition.

(KING SAUL stomps off in a hissy-fit.)

TEACH     A bit spoiled perhaps?... So that was
.         King Saul.  Back in the day, when he
.         became King, he did a good enough job.
.         He listened to what God said, and he obeyed.
.         But King Saul began to do things HIS OWN way.
.         God was not impressed and asked
.         the prophet Samuel – (looking to side)
.         Ah, the prophet Samuel!?

(SAMUEL steps out and points to himself.)

TEACH     Yes, YOU. You’re on... God asked you
.         to start looking for the next king.
.         So the prophet Samuelwent to Bethlehem
.         and looked up Jesse...

(SAMUEL steps over.  JESSE walks out and shakes hands
with the very business-like SAMUEL.)

SAMUEL    Jesse?  I’m here to see if any of your sons
.         are “king material.”  God has sent me.

(JESSE waves for ELIAB to enter and come over.        3
SAMUEL checks him out.)

SAMUEL    No – not this one.

(JESSE waves out ABINADAB.  SAMUEL checks him out.)

SAMUEL    Nooo, not this one either.


SAMUEL    No!   (end of option)

JESSE     No?  You’ve seen my seven sons.  What’s wrong
.         with them?  They’re all big and strong.

SAMUEL    God told me NOT to look at their physical size.
.         Are you sure I’ve seen ALL of your sons?
.         There’s got to be one more.

ELIAB     Well, there’s – David.

(ELIAB, ABINADAB and SHAMMAH all laugh.)

PROPHET   I need to see him.

AB        (laughing again)  He’s - just a tiny runt.

ELIAB     Yo! David!  Someone here to see you.

JESS      He’s only good for tending sheep, you know.
.         And I hate to say it, but, he is kind of -
.         on the small side.  He’s just a boy.

(DAVID steps out.)

AB        What strength does he have?

DAVID     God is my strength!

JESSE     He’s the one!  This is the boy God wants
.         to become king of Israel one day.

(JESSE’s & BROTHERS’ jaws drop.)

3 GIRLS   (cheering)  Go David, go David, he’s the one,
.         whoo-ah woo-ah, yaaaay David!

TEACH     One day!

(As TEACHER speaks, BROTHERS stay on stage,           4

TEACH     But for a while, Jesse kept David at home,
.         working in the sheep fields as a shepherd boy,
.         and sending him on various errands.
.         The 3 older brothers - went off to war.
.         The Philistines were trying to take over
.         Israel’s turf.  The men of Israel were afraid.
.         Especially of one warrior who would come out
.         everyday and dare anyone to take him on.
.         So we have – (narrates like at a boxing match)
.         in this corner – Goliath–the Philistine
.         coming in at 9 feet 9 inches -

(Close to the classroom setting, GOLIATH climbs a ladder
that has a big drawing of a body in front of it –
so you just see his head above the picture.)

GOLIATH   That’s right – I’m all of that.  So listen up –
.         who’s man enough to fight me?  Come on.
.         You over there, come here.  I need to wipe
.         my shoes on something. HA HA HA. (HUGE laugh)

(ELIAB, ABINADAB & SHAMMAH stand at the other side
of the stage and cower.)

TEACH     Aaaaand – nobody in that corner - yet.
.         Until, along came David.

DAVID     (holding out little bag lunches with hearts)
.         Hey bros, Mom made you something to eat,
.         and Dad told me to check up on you.

GOL.      HA HA HA, looks like you men are shrinking.
.         Look how desperate your army’s getting.
.         Recruiting kids now.  Widdle babies! HA HA HA.

(ELIAB tries to ignore Goliath and pulls DAVID aside.)

ELIAB     (angry at David)  You just wanted to check out
.         the battle scene and you know it!  This isn’t
.         any place for you. (grabbing the lunches)
.         And you’re making us look bad.  You should
.         be back with your sheep–Who’s looking after
.         the sheep anyway?

GOL.      What’s the matter?   Widdo Mary lost her
.         widdo sheep?

DAVID     (motions at Goliath)  What’s HIS problem?   5

AB        He’s challenging someone to take him on.
.         If our man wins, the Philistines will be
.         servants to us.  If we lose,
.         we have to serve them.

ELIAB     But if anyone takes him on and wins,
.         King Saul will reward that person big time.

DAVID     Why don’t you do it then?

ELIAB     Are you kidding???


(BROS gasp in shock and terror.  DAVID makes
a “psh” sound and waves off Goliath.)

DAVID     Psh, it’s nothing. I’LL do it.

(BROTHERS laugh.)

GIRLS     (cheering) Go David, go David, he’s the one.
.         Woo-ah, woo-ah.  Yaaaaaay David.

TEACH     King Saul heard about this.
.         And desperate enough to try anything,
.         he dressed up David in the best
.         armor available.

(SAUL steps out to slide a cardboard picture of
heavy armory in front of David so just David’s head
sticks out.)

DAVID     I - can’t - move.

(SAUL hands the cardboard to BROTHERS who take it away.)

SAUL      Are you sure you want to do this?
.         This warrior has been fighting longer
.         than you’ve been alive.  (could lift up DAVID
.            here-if you can without injury)
.         You weigh as much as his armor.
.         He’s a warrior, you’re just a shepherd.

DAVID     Listen up!  God helped me save my sheep from
.         lions and bears. God will help me now.

(DAVID steps up to GOLIATH.)
.                                                     6
TEACH     (narrates again like at a boxing match)
.         Still in this corner, Goliath–the Philistine
.         coming in at 9 feet 9 inches, and weighing in
.         at – well-just his armor alone weighs in
.         at 125 pounds!  And in Israel’s corner –
.         weighing in at – as much as Goliath’s armor –
.         David from Bethlehem!

(3 GIRLS jump up and chant “David-David-David”.  They
become very silent as the TEACHER holds up her hand.)

TEACH     (narrates like a reporter at a golf game)
.         David, now wearing his regular threads,
.         gets into position.  Quietly assessing
.         the situation, he spends some time in prayer,
.         asking God for guidance - and strength.
.         He’s - he’s picking up - some stones.
.         Five smooth stones.

(GOLIATH waves DAVID off, laughing.)

TEACH     (quietly)  David puts one of the stones
.         into his sling.  Swings it.
.         Around – and – around...
.         Iiiit’s good.  IT’S – A – HIT!
.         Right between the eyes!

(GOLIATH lets the top of the picture fall over/down,
makes a popping sound as he throws his head back,
and does a death groan as he climbs down the ladder.)

TEACH     It was the Philistines turn to be afraid.
.         Now the Israelites chased the Philistine army
.         down and won the war.

(BROTHERS run out the direction that GOLIATH fell,
fists up.  SAUL steps up to DAVID to put one hand on
his shoulder and shake David’s hand with the other.
They smile and freeze, like posing for a photo-op.)

TEACH     And King Saul rewarded David as promised.

3 GIRLS   (cheering) Go David, go David, he’s the one,
.         whoo-ah woo-ah, yaaaay David!

TEACH     And there you see, God can take anybody,
.         no matter how small, and use them for
.         a big purpose – all in God’s strength.