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DARE TO TITHE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        tithing
SCRIPTURE:    Deut.16:17; Lev.27:30; Neh.10:37-38;
.             Mal.3:8-10; Is.58:7; Mk.12:41-44;
.             Acts 14:17; 2Cor.9:6-8;
.             1Tim.4:10, 6:10, 17; Heb.7:4,9
Style:        allegory/conversation: person has
.             a conversation with themselves
.             about tithing
.             (all characters can be male or female)
Set & Props:  Bible,
.             table, (optional: 3 chairs),
.             signs reading “conscience” and
.             “sin nature” (tape these on at
.                  each side of the table)
.             briefcase or cashbox,
.             ten stacks of bundled bills
.      NOTE:  (you can have the script taped
.              into the lid of the briefcase,
.              and have a copy in the Bible)


(CONSCIENCE and SIN NATURE sit or stand at either end
of the table, motionless, just staring at each other.
Carrying a briefcase, PERSON enters and approaches
the table from the back with in intense attitude.)

PERSON       Time to talk – and I mean business!  

SIN          What do you have there?
.            Something for me?

(PERSON puts briefcase onto table, opens it and
tilts it slightly toward SIN so he can glance inside.
SIN’S face lights up.  CONSCIENCE opens his Bible.)

SIN          Oh!  Money!

PERSON       After everything the pastor’s been
.            preaching on the topic of tithing,
.            I need some advice.

CONSCIENCE   (reading)  “For the love of money is       2
.            a root of all sorts of evil.”

PERSON       I don’t love money.

SIN          It’s more of a – very strong LIKE!

(SIN tries to coyly slide the briefcase toward himself.
PERSON grabs the other end and a tug-of-war ensues –
[careful the lid doesn’t slam shut on any fingers].
Finally, PERSON firmly sets the briefcase
right in between the both of them.)

PERSON       So what’s your advice on tithing?

CONSCIENCE   We need to tithe!

SIN          Wait a minute!  Just how much’re we talking?

CONSCIENCE   Only ten percent.

SIN          ONLY?

PERSON       That means we do get to keep 90 percent.

SIN          We should be able to keep all of it.

PERSON       Ten percent - is that before or after taxes?

SIN          Valid point, but better yet,
.            (to CONSCIENCE)  are there any loopholes
.            you can think of to avoid any of this?

PERSON       I like that, yeah - loopholes.  Like... oh!
.            aren’t we supposed to be CHEERFUL givers.

SIN          Let’s NOT be cheerful then.  See this?

(Both SIN and then PERSON pout and look at CONSCIENCE.)

SIN          We can’t give anything now.
.            That would be wrong.

CONSCIENCE   You need to change your attitude
.            and realize everything
.            God has done for you.

SIN          WHAT has God ever done?                    3

CONSCIENCE   God sent His Son to die on the cross
.            in our place for everyone’s sins-

(While CONSCIENCE keeps trying to share this news,
PERSON just stares off into space, thinking,
and SIN looks around, trying to ignore what’s being said
and speaks right over top while still looking around.)

SIN          What’s that?  Sorry didn’t hear a thing.
.            Wait, I can’t hear you while I still keep
.            talking.  So I’m just going to keep
.            talking then- blah-blah-blah-blah-blah...

(PERSON now decides to take out all ten bundles of cash
and place them onto the table.  This catches
SIN’s attention.)

SIN          Wait! Wait! Stop!  What do you think
.            you’re doing?

(PERSON points to each bundle while counting
and ends with-)

PERSON       TEN!  There are ten bundles, so-
.            (sets one bundle aside near CONSCIENCE)
.            That is ten percent!

SIN          THAT is a lot of money.  THINK -
.            what you could do with all that money!

(PERSON studies the big bundle.  Wilting, PERSON then
starts to reach for it and pull it back toward himself.)

CONSCIENCE   (reading)  Malachi 3:8-10 says that
.            we are robbing God when we withhold
.            our tithes-

SIN          That is so rude.

CONSCIENCE   God then dares us-

SIN          Yeah, so what - does He double-dares us?

CONSCIENCE   In this case, God allows us to “test” Him.

PERSON       Sounds like a double-dare.                 4

CONSCIENCE   When you tithe obediently, God says
.            He will “open for you the windows of heaven
.            and pour out for you a blessing
.            until it overflows.”

SIN          (leans toward PERSON to speak privately)
.            So give – and you’ll get back?  SOUNDS good.
.            Like, bribing God to get what we want-
.            more money!
 AND we would look good!

CONSCIENCE   Everything should be done with pure motives
.            of love and thankfulness for everything
.            God has done.

(PERSON gets lost in thought again.)

SIN          WHAT has God ever done?!  Wait, no,
.            forget I even asked that. I don’t
.            want to hear it - la-la-la-la-la...
.            (puts fingers in ears and closes eyes)

(SIN sees PERSON pushing the money bundle forward again.)

PERSON       How can I NOT tithe at LEAST ten percent?
.            God does everything for me.  And God does
.            continue to bless me in my work.

SIN          But – God doesn’t always bless people
.            with money.  Sometimes it’s with crazy stuff
.            like:  joy, and peace, and contentment –
.            YUCH!  Who needs THAT?

PERSON       For one, I do!

CONSCIENCE   As 1 Timothy 6:17 says, fix your hope
.            “...on God, who richly supplies us
.            with ALL things to enjoy.”

PERSON       See?  God is rich and will look after us.
.            Look!  All of this has come from God.
.            I can certainly manage to give
.            MORE than ten percent.

(PERSON puts a second bundle forward.  SIN catches
his breath with wide eyes and slaps his cheek.)
.                                                       5
PERSON       In fact, because it all CAME from God,
.            everything really BELONGS to God.
.            Everything I have – I choose to give to God.

SIN          How – how - how?

PERSON       Besides my tithing, I give God my house.
.            I’m going to let God use my house.

SIN          No–no–no-no-no –

PERSON       Yes!  I will let the youth group know
.            that they can hold studies and game nights
.            here at my house.  And – God can use my car!

SIN          This is way too much!

PERSON       There’s an elderly lady who needs
.            to be picked up and driven to church
.            every Sunday!  I can do that!
.            And my time!  God can use my time!

SIN          Not your time!  TIME is MONEY!

PERSON       Wednesday evenings are usually slow.
.            And I’m pretty good at sports.
.            I can help with the games at kids’ club.

SIN          I- I- I can’t breathe.  Need to breathe!
.            I need to get out of here.  

(SIN gets up and staggers out, clutching at his throat.)

PERSON       This is good.  Okay, let’s go get
.            some coffee.  I’ve got a few question
.            about something else.

(CONSCIENCE picks up the Bible, and exits with PERSON
in opposite direction – leaving the money on the table.)