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DARE TO SPEAK – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        confidence, salvation
SCRIPTURE:    Mark 3:28-29; 2Cor.3:4-6, Eph.3:11-12
Style:        drama/conversation:  two young people
.             find out that their other friend
.             is involved with church.
.             Even in the face of ridicule,
.             he/she challenges them to consider going.
NOTE:         rewrite this to be something else like:
.             Awana, Sunday School or College & Career...
Cast:         PERSON 1-3 (male or female)
Set & Props:  maybe carrying schoolbooks


(PERSON 1 – 3 enter while talking.)

P 1   So, what are we going to do tonight?

P 2   I heard that Phoenix was having a party.
.     Her parents are out of town, so it’s
.     going to be totally smashin’.

P 1   Then we better get ourselves looking fly!

P 2   I have had my eye on this swank leather jacket.

(PERSON 3 stops walking and faces PERSON 1-2.)

P 3   I thought you said you were broke.

P 2   (hinting)  There are ways around that.

P 1   (to P 3)  Come on, you can’t go to a party
.     like that, looking like this.

P 3   Ah, I have other plans.

P 2   What could be better than a party
.     without any parents around?

P 3   I have youth group-

P 1   Wait, isn’t that a church-thing?
.                                                      2
(PERSON 1-2 look at each other and break out laughing.
PERSON 3 remains cool.)

P 1   Seriously, you can’t be serious!

P 2   (to P 1)  Her parents are probably forcing her
.     to go to that.

P 1   Oh, in that case, we totally understand.
.     Parents can be so weird and unreasonable.
.     So we’ll just help you ditch that.
.     You can say that you had homework,
.     and we will act as your alibi.

P 2   Yeah, we’ll say – we were all at the library.

P 3   Actually, I want to go.

P 2   To the youth-group-church-thing???

P 3   Yes.  At first I thought it was going to be lame.
.     But most of the kids there really try to be nice.
.     And you’ve got adult leaders there who really care.

P 1   We care!

P 3   About – having fun.  But do you even care
.     that you might get caught or get into
.     some serious trouble?

P 1   (to P 3)  Maybe you care too much.
.     You can’t worry about those things.

P 3   (lightly)  Oh right, we’re just talking about
.     the possibilities of – getting arrested;
.     getting so smashed that you do something stupid,
.     like pick up some STD, or get pregnant,
.     or run the risk of od’ing, getting into a car
.     driven by someone who should not be driving-
.     So – just forget about all these things
.     that could alter your life forever.

P 1   Party-killer - you only live once.

P 3   But – our decisions now – not only determine
.     our lives here on earth – but our eternity.
.                                                      3
P 1   You found the fountain of youth?

P 3   Kind of!  Yeah!  Not only do people at church
.     sincerely care about me, they are teaching me
.     about God, who created me with a purpose in life,
.     and cares about me so much that He came and
.     died for me.  I asked Him to forgive my sins.
.     I believe this – and so, He has saved me
.     from an eternity of punishment.  I will now have
.     eternal life in heaven with Him- I can call
.     the Creator of the universe- my heavenly Father.

P 1   Well, that might be fine for you,
.     but I don’t need that crutch in life.

P 3   To get to heaven, you have to be completely
.     perfect.  I don’t know about you,
.     but I certainly make my share of mistakes.

P 2   Well, I make far too many.  God could never
.     forgive me for everything that I have done.

P 3   The only sin that God cannot forgive,
.     is the sin of NOT believing in Him.

P 1   It’s just not very cool.  What will
.     our other friends think?

P 3   I made my decision.  And I decided that I did
.     NOT want to live in death for eternity
.     just so my friends could think I’m cool.
.     I decided that having a life with purpose,
.     love, joy, hope, access to God’s strength,
.     peace and wisdom – would be way better...
.     I was just really tired of feeling so empty.
.     Anyway, you are more than welcome to join me.

(PERSON 3 begins to exit, followed by PERSON 1-2.)

P 2   I’ll – definitely think about it.

P 1   (to P 2)  Seriously?

P 2   Seriously.  Come on.