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COMMUNICATION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        speaking with God
SCRIPTURE:    Ps.40:9-10, 49:1-3; Prov.8:1-11;
.             Matt.10:19-20; Luke 6:45; 1Thess.2:4;
.             1Pet.4:11; 2Tim.3:16
Style:        drama/conversation:  as SUSAN tries
.             to complain to God that He is being silent,
.             she slowly discovers that she is just
.             not listening
Cast:         SUSAN, MARY, BILL, JOE
Set & Props:  Bible


(SUSAN spins around, yelling up at God.)

SUSAN   Why don’t you ever speak to me, huh?
.       Are you even there?  I speak at You!
.       But - it’s totally like – a one way conversation!
.       I’m the only one talking.  And –
.       I’m not even sure You are even listening.

(MARY enters and talks as she crosses the stage.)

MARY    Hey, Susan.  I heard there was an answer
.       to your prayers.  That’s so exciting.

SUSAN   What are you talking about?

MARY    You asked all of us to help pray that your dad
.       would find a job real soon.

SUSAN   Oh- yeah.  Ah- thanks – for praying.

(MARY exits.  SUSAN looks back up to God.)

SUSAN   Okay, so maybe You ARE listening.  But –
.       why can’t You just – speak to us?

(BILL enters and talks as he crosses the stage.)

BILL    Hey, Susan.  Nice to see you in church,
.       last Sunday.  Great message, wasn’t it?

SUSAN   What?                                          2

BILL    The Pastor’s sermon!  Well, the message sure
.       spoke to me.  I really needed THAT encouragement.
.       You know?

SUSAN   Yeah, the pastor really knows how to speak.

BILL    Uh?  Not HOW to speak – I mean – well that too!
.       But the pastor’s message – it’s ALWAYS like -
.       from God’s lips to our ears.

(BILL exits as SUSAN nods with a tiny ah-ha sigh,
then looks back at God.)

SUSAN   Okay, maybe You do speak to me – through
.       other people.  I just wish You would speak
.       directly to me.  Answer all my questions!
.       I have a lot of them, You realize?

(JOE enters, holding a Bible and approaches SUSAN.)

JOE     Hey, Susan.  Couldn’t help but overhear you-
.       ah- complaining to God.

SUSAN   Well, I just don’t understand how we can have
.       a personal relationship with Him –
.       when He never speaks with us.

(JOE holds out the Bible to SUSAN to take.)

JOE     Here!  God’s words!  Anything you need to know-
.       anything you want to ask God- all His answers-
.       are right in here.

SUSAN   You’re giving me your Bible?

JOE     I’ve got more.  I could not live successfully
.       without listening to God every day.

SUSAN   Listening to God?

JOE     Reading the Bible- you know- devotions.
.       Then going to church and Bible studies
.       to learn how to effectively interpret and apply.
.       But the final authority is all right here.

(JOE motions to the Bible.)                            3

SUSAN   Thaaanks.

JOE     No problem.  Hey, you should join us
.       at College and Career some time.

SUSAN   I guess, that sounds like plan.

(JOE walks away.  SUSAN looks at the Bible, then up.)

SUSAN   Okay-  You do speak to me-  I get the message...
.       (firmly grasping the Bible)  Thank you.