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CHURCH-GOING ATTITUDES – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        no excuses, we need to go!
SCRIPTURE:    1Chr.15:16; Ps.33:3; Ps.150:5; Mal.3:10;
.             John 5:44; Rom.12:11; 1Cor.1:17-18;
.             James 5:9; Heb.10:24-25; 1Pet.4:9-10
Style:        drama/conversation: as someone gives
.             his reasons why he’s not going
.             to church anymore, his friends keep
.             coming up with positive responses
.             until he sees his own critical spirit
Cast:         FRIENDS 1-3 (can be male or female)
Set & Props:  


(FRIENDS 1-2 enter from one direction while chatting.  
FRIEND 3 enters from another direction.)

FRIEND 1   Sounds like a great idea, I want to hear
.          more about that-

FRIEND 2   Oh look, there’s (name).

FRIEND 1   (to F3)  Hey!  (name)!  Haven’t seen you
.          in a while.  What – have you been up to?

FRIEND 2   Yeah, haven’t seen you in church – in like –
.          forever.

FRIEND 3   Yeah, well, I’ve been really busy.

FRIEND 2   Are you working Sundays now?

FRIEND 3   No-no, but I work so hard during the week,
.          I’m just really tired by the weekend.
.          It’s nice to sleep in once in a while.
.          You know, to get a good parking spot
.          at church– you have get there so early!

FRIEND 1   I know!  Isn’t that awesome!

FRIEND 2   Yeah, not only have more people been
.          attending faithfully, but we’ve had such
.          a large conversion growth!
.                                                       2
FRIEND 3   THAT’S hard to believe.  I always find
.          the pastor’s sermons so boring.

FRIEND 1   Hey!  Wasn’t his last sermon powerful?

FRIEND 2   God’s words are always so relevant!
.          Puts the things of life into perspective.

FRIEND 3   Well, there ARE other priorities in life.

FRIEND 1   Definitely, putting God as my top priority-
.          helps to influence every other priority!
.          I can always sense a huge difference
.          when I‘ve had to miss church- like
.          something is - just - missing.

FRIEND 2   Yeah, God deserves all the honor and glory!
.          The more thankful I am, the more I want
.          to praise and worship Him-

FRIEND 3   Except, it’s really difficult to get into
.          a worshipful mood when the music is so loud.

FRIEND 1   Praise God with the loud cymbal!

FRIEND 2   I love when we’re all singing our hearts out!

FRIEND 3   But they rarely play songs that I know.

FRIEND 1   Didn’t you LOVE that new song last week?

FRIEND 2   Sing a new song unto the Lord!  It’s such
.          a refreshing thing.  I may not sing the best,
.          but I love giving it my all.

FRIEND 3   And talk about giving - every so often
.          they give that message about “giving.”
.          THAT should be a personal decision!

FRIEND 1   You know, as long as I’ve been tithing,
.          I’ve never been in need of anything.

FRIEND 2   God blesses us in so many ways!  I always
.          look at it like – God has given us everything-
.          and lets us keep 90 percent of it.
.          Why would I NOT want to give even more?
.                                                       3
FRIEND 3   There’s only so much a person can give.
.          Even my time is precious.

FRIEND 1   There’s nothing like serving in some way
.          that matches up to one’s gifts and talents!

FRIEND 2   Yeah!  Not only are you serving God
.          and others, and feel good about THAT –
.          but you really get a LOT closer to people
.          that way!

FRIEND 3   How can THAT happen?  So many people
.          take things for granted.  You work hard -
.          but never get recognized-

FRIEND 1   I got such a nice thank-you note
.          from the Sunday school director.
.          Not that I was expecting that.

FRIEND 2   I’m just thrilled for the opportunity
.          to serve the God who does so much for us.

FRIEND 3   Are we talking about the same church here?!
.          You know, the one where they can’t ever
.          get the temperature just right?
.          The one where huge divisions happen over
.          petty issues?  The one that’s filled
.          with critical people who never think
.          anyone or anything is good enough? – Oops!

FRIEND 1   We still go to (church name).

FRIEND 2   Yeah.  SURE we go through some rough spots,
.          but as we work them out – we learn things
.          and grow closer to God and each other.

FRIEND 3   Perhaps I need to start attending again-
.          this time - with a better attitude.