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CENTERED IN GOD’S TRUTH - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       heresy, spirit of truth, growth in confidence
SCRIPTURE:   John 1:1,14, 1 John 4;1-3a, 3:23; 2 John;
.            2 Timothy 2:15-16; James 2:19
Style:       allegory, using a bullseye, people
.            show how close their beliefs are to the truth
Cast:        PERSON 1, PERSON 2
Set & Props: Bible, bulletin board, target paper,
.            2 big tack markers of different colors,
.            garbage can


(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 walk up to the target paper
that is on the bulletin board.  They approach from
opposite directions.  PERSON 2 has a Bible.  PERSON 1
sticks their tack just on the outside edge of the target.)

PERSON 1  We can BELIEVE in ANYTHING we want.

(PERSON 2 opens Bible and reads, a little self-consciously.)

PERSON 2  Uhhhh, 1 John 3:23  “And this is His command:
.         to BELIEVE in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.”

(PERSON 2 puts their tack just on the inside edge
of the target.  PERSON 1 quickly moves their tack
to the edge of the paper of the target.)

PERSON 1  Jesus was only a MAN – a GOOD man – but ONLY a man.

PERSON 2  (looks through their Bible and finally reads)
.         John 1:1  “In the beginning was the Word, and
.         the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
.         And verse 14 says, “And the Word became flesh and
.         dwelled among us.” (looking up)  Jesus is God.

(PERSON 2 moves their tack in one line toward the center.
PERSON 1 rolls their eyes and moves their tack to the edge
of the bulletin board.)

PERSON 1  We are all GODS!  I am a god, YOU are a god –
.         if you would just REALIZE that...
.         That TREE is also a god.
.                                                         2
(PERSON 2 looks through Bible, and grows more confident
as they speak.)

PERSON 2  2 James 2:19 says  “If you believe that there
.         is ONE God, you do good!  Even the demons
.         believe that – and shudder.”

(PERSON 2 moves their tack closer to the bull’s eye.
PERSON 1 angrily puts their arms on their hips.)

PERSON 1  What do YOU know?!

(PERSON 1 storms off stage. PERSON 2 says with confidence-)

PERSON 2  2 Timothy 2:15-16  “Do your best
.         to present yourself to God as one approved,
.         a workman who does not need to be ashamed
.         and who correctly handles the word of truth.
.         Avoid godless chatter, because those who
.         indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.

(PERSON 2 turns toward the congregation and repeats
from memory.)

PERSON 2  1 John 4:1-3 says, “Dear friends, do not believe
.         every spirit, but test the spirits to see
.         whether they are from God, because many
.         false prophets have gone out into the world.
.         This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God:
.         Every spirit that acknowledges that
.         Jesus Christ has come in the flesh
.         is from God, but every spirit that does
.         not acknowledge Jesus is NOT from God.”

(PERSON 2 takes person 1’s tack off the board and
throws it into the garbage.)