.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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TOPIC:        payment for clergy, tithing
SCRIPTURE:    Lev.19:13, Deut.24:14-15, Prov.3:9-10,
.             Mal.3:10, 1Cor.9:14, 2Cor.9:1-14,
.             Phil.4:18-19, 1Thess.5:12-13, 1Tim.5:17-18
Style:        drama/conversation: people discuss
.             the church’s budget, concentrating
.             on what the pastor/s should receive
NOTE:         For this skit I will use the title “pastor”
.             which you can change, considering
.             whichever title you use in your church
Cast:         PEOPLE 1-3  (If you have more actors,
.             you can split the lines up appropriately)
Set & Props:  (optional) table, chairs, paper, pen


(PEOPLE 1-3 sit down.  PERSON 1 is ready to write notes.)

P 1   Let’s get this budget committee meeting started,
.     shall we?

P 2   What is first on the list?

P 3   Should we not pray first?

P 1   What’s there to pray about?

P 3   We could ask God for wisdom and guidance-

P 1   The economy is still bad, giving is down,
.     it’s a no-brainer – all frills get cut.

P 3   But-

P 2   I second that motion.

P 1   (looking at itinerary)  Coffee supplies?

P 3   People could have their coffee at home.

P 2   Hm, I kind of like to have coffee when I get here.
.     Helps me stay awake during the pastor’s message.

P 1   I know what you mean.  Besides, it’s our money    2
.     which is being tithed.  We might as well
.     get something for it.

P 2   But the pastor/s can have their coffee at home.

P 1   Agree.

P 2   Maybe they can have some on Sunday mornings
.     so THEY stay awake during the sermon.

(PERSON 1 and 2 laugh.  PERSON 3 is very unimpressed.)

P 1   Well, let’s just look at the big piece of
.     the budget right here – staring us in the face –
.     the pastor/s’ income.

P 3   It’s really low, and time for a raise.  Especially
.     now that they have to buy their own coffee.

(PERSON 1 and 2 stop and stare at PERSON 3 like
they are crazy.)

p 1   I was thinking it should be more of a pay-cut.

P 3   Why?  They work very hard, long hours.

P 2   They’re working in a church.  How hard can that be?

P 3   They have to counsel hurting and grieving people
.     They are expected to stop all the quarrels
.     and arguments amongst us.  They have to listen
.     to - how many complaints a day?

P 2   Maybe if their Sunday morning messages were better,
.     we’d learn something.

P 3   Maybe their sermons would be better if they had
.     more time to prepare.

P 2   They have all week.

P 3   Except that they don’t, because they’re doing all
.     that other stuff.  PLUS we expect them to do all
.     sorts of other ministries, because WE complain
.     that WE don’t have enough time-

P 1   But we ARE paying the pastor/s to work.           3

P 3   First of all, there is only so much time in a day.
.     If your boss heaped on the extra work like that,
.     and then expected perfection, you’d not be happy.
.     Second of all, let us look at their income.
.     Could YOU live off that amount?

P 1   Ahhhh, it is – do-able.

P 3   Really?  And then when they do NOT invite you over
.     for a meal, you complain that they are not being
.     hospitable.  And when they DO invite you over,
.     you complain that they only served you soup
.     and bread.  And what happens when they retire?

P 1   Well... they should be saving up for that -
.     for themselves.

P 3   How?  They don’t make enough to do that.
.     Put yourselves in their position.
.     How would YOU want to be treated?

P 1   But look how little tithing is coming in.

P 3   We need to challenge the people to give.
.     It is all God’s money in the first place.
.     In fact, God challenges us to test Him on this
.     very thing.  When we give ten percent, God says
.     that He will bless us.  And can you imagine
.     if we ALL tithed.  We’d have money left over.
.     Even in this bad economy.  And then paying
.     our pastors, and missionaries what they deserve
.     would not be an issue.

P 1   Huh... You have a very valid point.

P 2   Perhaps we need to take a step back, go home,
.     do a lot of praying about this- before we set up
.     this year’s budget.

P 3   I’ll second that motion.

(PEOPLE 1-3 exit.)