.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.                                - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       brotherly love
SCRIPTURE:   Acts 2:37-47, 1 John
Style:       comedy/conversation: reporters cover the
.            unbelievable story of community love
Cast:        DOUR (always serious News Anchor)
.            BONNIE (always nauseously perky News Anchor)
.            PA (Production Assistant)
Set & Props: podium, papers


(DOUR and BONNIE approach podium from with their papers.
Newsy music blurb plays.)

D   Good evening, and welcome to the 6 o’clock news,
.   on this Tuesday of 30 A.D.  I’m - Dour Johnson –

B   And I’m - Bonnie Clunk.

D   Our top story today is the Roman conspiracy.

B   Oh, I think it’s more than just a conspiracy, Dour.

D   Roman troops have been gathering mass amounts
.   of weaponry.   And plots to attack
.   the nation of Jerusalem seem to be underfoot.
.   Some sources try to tell us that the time
.   of this eminent siege is forecasted
.   in the Holy Scriptures.  But society would prefer
.   to rely on the information gained
.   by our international spies.

(BONNIE crosses her fingers as she states...)

B   And don’t forget wishful thinking.

D   Yes, you can ALWAYS depend on our thinking
.   being wishful.

B   Which brings us to our local news.  
.   Prisons are overflowing with those pesky rebels
.   known as Christians.  Tortures and executions
.   to take place tonight.  Still, crime seems
.   to be on the rise.  Dour!

D   To help contain this problem, the Pharisees         2
.   have instituted yet another law.
.   People are to radically reduce the distance
.   one walks on the Sabbath...
.   (rolling his eyes and mutters to himself)
.   Yeah, that’ll help!

B   Oh, those Pharisees!  Always adding laws.

D   (reads on) As well, the Pharisees have made a request
.   for more informants.  If anyone knows of a Christian
.   who is aggressive in their evangelistic efforts,
.   please report them to your local authorities at once.

(PA runs in with a paper and hands it to BONNIE, who now
becomes super serious, her eyes wide in disbelief as she
reads.  She slowly loses her happy demeanor.)

B   This just in... More on the Christian fiasco...

D   Now what?

B   People by the thousands are devoting themselves
.   every day to the teachings of the apostles.

D   You’d think they would give up already.

B   But besides the usual “tricks” that the apostles
.   like to pull off as miracles, they are now getting
.   the people to – GET along?

D   Strange.  How do you mean?

B   Looks like - they are being more than civil
.   to each other.  They're breaking bread and singing
.   any time they get together.  Any time!
.   When they meet in big groups, or in - small groups!

D   That’s amazing.

B   (continuing to read)  Christians have begun
.   to sell off their property and possessions,
.   and they are SHARING it with anyone who has needs.

D   That’s – really - MIRACULOUS.
.   (covering and putting on disgust)  I mean, really!

(As BONNIE talks, DOUR begins to sidestep off the stage
in the other direction.)

B   But Pharisees are on top of this matter doing       3
.   whatever they can to discourage these rebel masses.
.   Now, back to you, Dour... Dour?

(BONNIE looks over and sees that DOUR is almost off
the stage.)

B   Where are you going?  We’re not finished.

D   I’m – I’m – going – to check out that story.

B   We have field agents for that.

D   I – just – I want to see for myself.

B   Dour!  Do not fall for their BROTHERLY LOVE.
.   I mean – façade.  Do not fall for their façade.

D   I’m in need, Bonnie.  And I really want some
.   brotherly love.

(DOUR leaves and BONNIE turns back to do her job.)

B   Okay-fine-then...  Well, sources say that we are
.   not to be too concerned.  This trend should not last.
.   At all.  People are way too selfish.
.   So, if you see anybody out there – showing
.   any of that brotherly love –
.   you can be sure they are probably Christian.
.   And that is our news for today.  I’m Bonnie Clunk.

(End with a blurb of newsy music as BONNIE walks out,
stops, then quickly, curiously walks off in the
other direction that DOUR left in.)