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BRICK WALLS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        reconciliation, forgiveness
SCRIPTURE:    Eph.4:31-32, Heb.12:14-15
Style:        allegory/conversation: as a couple
.             fights, they keep adding bricks one by one
.             to the wall going up between them;
.             but as they learn to reconcile,
.             they begin to take down the brick wall
.             that they have built between themselves
Cast:         MAN, WOMAN
Set & Props:  table and chairs (or use the floor),
.             25 foam bricks (about 6 inches long)
.             (11 on the woman’s side, 14 on the man’s,
.             or they can be placed behind the table
.             so they both can reach them)


(MAN and WOMAN sit across from each other.
Each has a pile of bricks sitting on the floor
next to their feet.)

WOMAN   Why can you never help me with the
.       household chores?

MAN     Why should I have to?  I already have a job.

(MAN puts a brick in front of himself.)

WOMAN   As do I.  You’re the one making the mess anyway.
.       You’re such a slob.

(WOMAN puts up a brick in front herself.)

MAN     It wouldn’t be so messy if you weren’t so lazy.

(WOMAN gasps, and MAN puts a brick in front of himself.)

WOMAN   You are such a jerk.  I hate you.

(WOMAN puts two bricks in front of herself.)

MAN     Well you’re no picnic either, doll.  I really
.       don’t know why I ever proposed to you.

(MAN puts two bricks in front of himself.)

WOMAN   Someone needs to pick up Michael from           2
.       playschool.

MAN     You do it!  He’s probably not even mine
.       anyway.

(MAN places two bricks in front of himself.
These bricks are being stacked up and
becoming two walls between them.)

WOMAN   Are you going to apologize for that?

MAN     No!  (places brick in front of himself)
.       Are you ever going to apologize for locking
.       me out of the house the other night?

WOMAN   Nooo!  You really deserved that.
.       You can’t just stay out all night
.       with your buddies.

(WOMAN puts two bricks in front of herself.)

MAN     I can’t take much more of this.
.       I really want out.

(MAN adds two bricks to his side.  WOMAN starts
to cry.)

MAN     What’s going on there?

WOMAN   Why do you hurt me so much?
.       Don’t you care?

(WOMAN adds a brick.)

MAN     Oh, so it’s all my fault?

(MAN adds another brick to his wall.)

WOMAN   I don’t know.  I suppose some of it’s my fault.
.       I’m sorry.

(WOMAN takes a brick away and puts it on the floor.)

MAN     I really don’t care.  I refuse to admit
.       to anything in case it might incriminate me.

(MAN adds another brick to his side.  WOMAN sobs
as she speaks.)

WOMAN   Then I refuse to apologize to you anymore.     3
.       (adds a brick)  I hate you. (adds a brick)
.       And I will never forgive you. (adds a brick)
.       I hate you – (brick) – I hate you – (brick) –
.       I really hate you! (brick)

MAN     Good!  Then we’re even. (adds a brick)

(MAN and WOMAN sit and glower.  WOMAN finally
wipes her tears and notices the big wall.)

WOMAN   Look at us.  Is this what we really want?

MAN     What?  To feel isolated, lonely, angry
.       and bitter?  (thinking and softening)
.       No, of course that’s not what I want.

WOMAN   Me either.  I am very sorry for locking you out
.       of the house.  I really am.  Can you forgive me?

(WOMAN removes a brick and tries to look over the wall.
WOMAN holds on to that brick.)

MAN     No!  I just can’t take much more.

(Man adds another brick to his side.  WOMAN is about
to put the brick back, but holds it back again.)

WOMAN   Are you sure?  I really want to make this work.

MAN    (thinking)  Alright.  I forgive you for
.      locking me out.

(WOMAN puts down her brick, and MAN removes a brick
from his wall and put it back on the ground.)

WOMAN   You – you – don’t want to apologize –
.       for anything?

MAN     No, why should I?

(MAN adds two bricks then crosses his arms and
looks away.  WOMAN cries.  MAN tries to look at wife
but cannot see her.  MAN struggles to swallow his pride.)

MAN     (sighing)  I know Michael is mine.
.       I am – sorry – I made that comment.

(MAN removes two bricks.)

WOMAN   (thinking, then softly)  I – forgive you.      4

(WOMAN removes two bricks)

MAN     And I shouldn’t be out all night.  It’s very
.       selfish of me.  (removes three bricks)
.       I – should be at home with you.  Right?
.       How can we work on this if I’m not even around?

WOMAN   I do love you.  I’m sorry for ever saying
      I hate you.  I should never say those words.

(WOMAN removes three bricks.)

MAN     I forgive you.  (remove two bricks)
.       And I apologize for all the comments
.       I’ve ever made about not wanting to be married
.       to you. (remove three bricks)

WOMAN   I will work on forgiving you.  It might take
.       some time, though.  (removes two bricks)

MAN     What?

(MAN is about to add a brick and lingers, holding it.
MAN changes his mind and puts the brick down.)

MAN     I can understand that.

(MAN removes a brick.  WOMAN puts a hand on one brick,

WOMAN   Thank you for trying to understand.  That’s
.       usually all I want – is to be understood...
.       comforted and encouraged.  It’s not like
.       I need you to change yourself.  On most things.

(WOMAN removes a brick.)

MAN     Well, I can see it’s not fair that you are left
.       with most of the housework when we BOTH work
.       full time.  I – need to step up and help.
.       I mean – take ownership in the work.  It’s not
.       YOUR housework – it’s our house –
.       our housework.

(MAN removes the three remaining bricks.)

WOMAN   Thanks.  That would be great.

(WOMAN smiles and slowly removes a brick.              5
WOMAN looks at the last two bricks sadly.)

WOMAN   I forgive you.  And, I don’t want to call you
.       names anymore.  I really would like
.       a fresh start.

(WOMAN removes the last two bricks.  MAN and WOMAN notice
that there are not any bricks left.)

MAN     Let’s start again – the right way this time.

(MAN and WOMAN reach across and hold hands.)

WOMAN   We might need help knowing what IS
.       the right way.

MAN     Agree.  I’d be up for that.