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BRAGGING RIGHTS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        maturity, gospel message
SCRIPTURE:    John 14:26, Acts 2:22-32
Style:        soliloquy/conversation: Peter’s mother
.             brags about her son, and how God
.             has caused Peter to change and mature
Cast:         MOTHER (of Apostle Peter)
Set & Props:  Bible time costume


(MOTHER of Apostle Peter enters.)

MOTHER   Every mother has bragging rights
.        for her own children.  So of course,
.        I am very proud of all my children.
.        But with that being said –
.        and do not get me wrong here...
.        my children... are not perfect.
.        As a mother, I tried to do my very best
.        to train them properly,
.        so that when they grew up,
.        they would become mature, successful adults.
.        So of course, when Peter and Andrew
.        went from being fishermen
.        to becoming disciples of Jesus...
.        I was – well... at first... I was concerned...
.        I mean, WHO was this man called Jesus?
.        WHAT was really going to become of my sons?
.        And HOW would they support and provide
.        for their families?  But as time went on,
.        and as I saw them become responsible,
.        carrying and loving husbands and men of God,
.        and that they were never in need of anything,
.        I became more and more thrilled
.        with their decision.  And – eventually –
.        I thought–
.        YES! I DID do a good job of raising them.
.        And the more time they spent with Jesus,
.        the more impressed I was.
.        Until I finally had to admit - that  -
.        I had only raised my sons to a point, but
.        somehow Jesus was “finishing the job” for me.
.        Changing them in ways that I could not!
.                                                       2
(MOTHER chuckles, then continues.)

MOTHER   Ahhh well, and every so often
.        I would hear the stories
.        of their adventures as they traveled about.
.        And I’d hear stories of my son, Peter...
.        my dear sweet well-meaning son, Peter...
.        Ah!  They do grow older,
.        but the things they struggled with as children,
.        can still be things
.        they struggle with as adults.
.        Peter always had quite a knack
.        for putting his foot into his mouth.
.        But this personal relationship with Jesus
.        helped him – not only to avoid this bad habit –
.        but actually took his “weakness”
.        and made it into Peter’s “strength.”
.        I know NOW that Jesus –
.        is part of the Holy Trinity.
.        All the miracles that Jesus performed
.        is proof of that.  But not only that,
.        God came to earth, in flesh, to die for us.
.        And after Jesus rose from the dead,
.        and ascended back into heaven,
.        the Helper – the Holy Spirit – came.
.        The Holy Spirit is also part of the Trinity.
.        It is the Holy Spirit that works
.        in the hearts of all God’s children
.        and helps guide them.  And as we submit to Him,
.        we are continually changing and maturing.
.        And NOW - when I observe Peter,
.        who was a firsthand witness to Jesus’ life
.        and death, resurrection and ascension,
.        PETER is now preaching with such boldness
.        and with such authority
.        about everything God has done for us already,
.        and everything that God will do for us NOW,
.        I cannot help but be proud -
.        very proud – in God.  When we believe in Jesus,
.        we receive the Holy Spirit,
.        which allows God to change us in amazing ways
.        from the inside out -
.        until the day we enter into eternal life
.        where we will be made perfect.
.        Through God – all things are possible.
.        What more could a mother want for her children?