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BOXING RING OF CONFLICT - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        conflict needs resolution
SCRIPTURE:    2 Tim.2:22-26, James 4:1-3
STYLE:        allegory/comedy:  a sports announcer
.             narrates the crazy fighting sequences
.             in the day and lives of a couple
.             LADIES 1-3 (or more) [H, K, B, N, L1...)
.             [CHILDREN (ONLY to end on serious note)]
Set & Props:  everyone needs (foam) boxing gloves,
.             or you could wrap hands with towels...
.             It would add to the humor and irony
.             if the cast wore suits, dresses,
.             and every-day-clothes.


(NARRATOR either is unseen or stands off to the side.
NARRATOR reads the script, with the typical tonal
inflections of a sports announcer, which goes along
with the actions of the characters.  All actions are
exaggerated, but actual contact should be very light.)



Aaaand it’s round one
of another day here at
the boxing ring of conflict.
A new day brings a new match
at the Morby house arena.        (at stage right)

In this corner,                  HERBERT steps out,
weighing in at 220 pounds -      throws hands up slightly
Herbert Morby – who’s looking    and begins to warm up
spry and ready to take on        while hopping side to
the day and anyone who           side and lighting
stands in his way.               sparring the air.

In the other corner, weighing    KATIE enters sparring.
in at around 130, ah, sorry,     K stops to balk angrily.
97 pounds – Katie Morby.         K nods with attitude
She’s looking a little tired     then paces, breathing,
right from the start, but she    thinking, as if to psych
tends to pick it up as daily     herself up.  K punches
irritations begin to annoy her.  hands together – ready!
.                                                       2

And so it begins,                H and K approach each
“the dance around the issues     other, merely doing the
still remaining from             boxing dance, circling
yesterday’s match.”              one way, then the other.
Each of them - making careful    They study each other
calculations of the other        with squinty eyes.
competitor’s weaknesses –

and waiting for just a flinch    K flinches sharply.
which will give away the usual   H quickly reacts and
attacking strategies.            flinches to block a
There’s a bit of sparring,       possible blow, but there
but both trying to pace          is no punch yet.  They
themselves and reserve           continue circling and
their energy.                    weaving back and forth.


SAVED by the bell!               H and K each punch their
It’s round two, and time         own hands as a psych out
for Herbert to leave for work    to the other.  H turns
to face his other opponent,      around as BOB steps out
Bob Casie, the big boss,         (at stage left)with arms
the incorrigible champion,       held high, strutting,
the untouchable nemesis.         as if he’s already won.

As usual,                        All at once:  H stands
Bob keeps giving it              looking straight forward
to Herbert, and                  with a deep angry scowl,
Herbert keeps taking it.         as B stands beside him
Just how long can Herbert        and bonks H on the head
go on like this?                 continuously...

Meanwhile, Katie gets into it    (at stage right) K turns
with the next door neighbor,     as NED steps out.  They
Ned Brewsky.  Seems like they    circle briefly, staring
put their garbage too close to   angrily, then take turns
the other driveway again.        punching shoulders:
“Yes you did” –                  N punches K’s shoulder-
“No I didn’t” –                  K punches N’s shoulder-
“Yes you did” –                  N punches K’s shoulder-
“No I didn’t” –                  K punches N’s shoulder-
“Yes you did” –                  N punches K’s shoulder-
“No-my HUSBAND did that” -       K punches N’s shoulder-


NARRATOR’S DIALOGUE              ACTION                 3

Round three –                    B and N stop and exit.
Herbert and Katie                H and K turn around to
face off again.                  face each other again.
Supper isn’t ready yet,          H punches hard & fast
so Herbert unleashes his fury    into the air over & over
left over from round two         (toward K’s face, but
with his boss.                   at a safe distance)

It doesn’t look like there’s     (begin slow motion)
contact, but - Katie! –          K steps away, like she’s
looks like she’s reeling!        dizzy about to trip over
Could it be over already?        herself and fall.  H is
Is she going down so soon?       worried and rushes to K.

No!                              H puts arm around K,
It’s a fake-out and              K looks up, sneers big,
Herbert falls for it.            and uses the outside arm
Katie gets him close             to slowly, hugely swing
to home with that one.           over to H’s stomach.


Round four and                   H doubles over in pain.
Katie’s looking strong again     K pushes H over to side
as she goes off to church        then exits stage left.
to duke it out with              H stumbles around a bit.
the ladies group.                (back to regular speed)

There’s the tag-off and          H recovers and stands up
it’s Herbert’s turn now with     straight.  N enters.
Ned Brewsky the neighbor.        They take turns:
“Yes you did” –                  N punches H’s shoulder-
“No I didn’t” –                  H punches N’s shoulder-
“Yes you did” –                  N punches H’s shoulder-
“No I didn’t” –                  H punches N’s shoulder-
“Yes you did” –                  N punches H’s shoulder-
“No-my WIFE did that”–           H – (they continue this)

AND here comes Katie who makes   K backs her way in while
a gutsy move by taking on        punching the air with
all the women at once,           quick little jabs.
by disagreeing with              Then K faces forward
all their ideas.                 with a silent scream,
But is she in over her head?     cowering as -
Getting pummeled with            LADIES clump in tightly,
unrelenting bickering blows,     while chasing K with
Katie pulls out the reserves.    quick little air jabs.

NARRATOR’S DIALOGUE              ACTION                 4

Katie creates a diversion        K points at LADY 1.
by starting a rumor              LADIES turn on L1 and
about another friend.            chase her out with
.                                quick little air jabs.

DING!                            Wearily, H and N stop
.                                exchanging blows.
Round five and we’re             N exits stage right.
back to Herbert and Katie.       H turns and sighs.
This fight                       K tries to stand tall.
has been long                    H and K stager, reel and
and brutal,                      spin around, weakly
both weary with exhaustion,      punching the air
but both –                       sometimes not even
unwilling to give up.            in the direction
Where do they find this          of each other.
stamina?                         (COULD bring in children
.                                at this point, who’d-)
Where do they find               stand by watching sadly.
the determination?  Just         K finally sees them and
how long can they keep going?    weeps and hugs a CHILD.
Even with the danger             H could ALMOST hit one
of collateral damage -           which would bring about
.                                a sobering fact.  If you
.                                want to keep it light,
.                                DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN.
.                                Then just have K and H
.                                continue on until -

PASTOR   (entering)  Okay, okay, break it up, everyone.
.        Seriously!

(KATIE and HERBERT stop and wonder, ie. scratch heads.)

PASTOR   Aren’t you tired of living like this?

(KATIE and HERBERT think, ie. look up, finger to chin...)

PASTOR   (to NARRATOR)  You too.  You’re not helping any.

(KATIE, HERBERT and NARRATOR sheepishly exit or
sit down to listen.)

PASTOR   (to CONGREGATION)  Is there conflict in your
.        lives that you would love to resolve but don’t
.        know how? (continue with message,
.        or plug for relationship conference, etc...)