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BONES TO PICK (video) - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     tension in relationships
SCRIPTURE: Mt.18:15, Lk.17:3, 1Cor.13:4-8, Eph.4:25-32
Style:     drama/conversation: Samantha tries
.          to sort out the miscommunication
.          between her and Terry


(TERRY and SAMANTHA bump into each other.)

T   Hey Samantha.

S   Oh!  Ah, hey – Terry.

T   Something wrong?

S   Ah, yeah, ah, I have a bone to pick with you.

T   ReallY?  You’d share?  Well, what is it?
.   A nice meaty T-bone?

S   No, not that kind of bone.

T   Ohhhh.  A ham bone?

S   Noooo, nothing to do with food.  Just,
.   don’t even go there.

T   Too late.

S   Get your mind off of food, Terry.

T   Well, it isn’t maybe a bison bone?  That’s like a –
.   buffalo – only bigger.  (staring off into space)

S   Terry!

T   I’m hungry now, Samantha.  I just want to eat.

S   Terry, focus, what I meant was –
.   I need to talk with you.

T   Oh-oh... well, that sounds serious.                       2
.   What is it?

S   Well, now I forget.

T   That’s because you’re thinking about food,
.   now, aren’t you?

S   Maybe.

T   Well, you’re the one who brought it up.

S   No, I didn’t – ah, but that’s – that’s not what
.   I want to talk about.

T   So, it’s important, but NOT about food.

S   That’s right.

T   What else could be more important than food?

S   I don’t know.  I don’t remember.  This is bugging me,
.   so much!

T   Ugh, having something bug you –
.   that can be so irritating!

S   I – I think that has something to do with it.

T   What?  Bugs?  I do not like bugs so much.
.   Especially – fleas.

S   Terry!  You are not helping me focus or
.   stay on point.

T   Sorry.  Wow, I’d say there was something
.   REALLY bugging you.

S   Yes!  There is!

T   Well, I sure wish you could remember,
.   so I could help you fix this.

S   Fix!  That’s it!

T   You mean, I helped you?

S   No, that’s the problem – you FORGOT to help me.           3
.   And so I’ve been very, very angry at you.

T   You’ve been angry at me?  For how long?

S   About a week.

T   Why didn’t you say something sooner?

S   I was just hoping you’d remember, and just do it.

T   Well, there’s the problem –
.   I still don’t know what you are talking about.

S   You broke my bicycle - when you tried that trick-
.   then you said you would help me fix it.

T   Oh yeah.  I’m sorry.  That totally slipped my mind.
.   Well, still, you should have reminded me.
.   That way, you wouldn’t have had to be angry for so long.

S   I just thought that you didn’t care.

T   That’s not true.  Of course I care.  
.   Why would you assume that?

S   I guess that was wrong of me.  Sorry.
.   I SHOULD have come to you with this a lot sooner.

T   I forgive you.  And – sorry for not remembering.

S   Of course, I forgive you.

T   Okay, come on, let’s go fix that bicycle now before
.   I forget again.  But wasn’t that kind of funny,
.   the way I flew through the air when I hit that bump?
.   Ahhhhhh.  And then – okay-noooo – that was NOT so funny.
.   So I won’t be trying anymore tricks, on your bike-
.   OKAY- let’s go fix that bicycle
.   before I make you angry again.

S   Good plan.