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BIBLE TRANSLATIONS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s word is perfect
SCRIPTURE:    2Tim.2:15; Heb.4:12
Style:        allegory/conversation: an employee finds
.             that one manual is easier to read than
.             another, even though they both have
.             the exact same instructions
Cast:         BOSS, WORKER
Set & Props:  2 manuals; table; chair; small screwdriver;
.             trash bin; transistor radio or calculator
.             where the back can come off


(BOSS leads WORKER to the table and points to
the gizmo lying there with the back part taken off.
A screwdriver and two manuals lie beside it.)

BOSS    I’d like you to figure out how to get this
.       Magna-Specific-Tracking device - to work.
.       The last person who tried, got WAY too frustrated
.       and just up and quit on me - without ever
.       repairing it.

WORKER  I’m usually pretty good with these sorts
.       of things.

BOSS    Don’t be fooled.  The technology in this
.       little baby is very unique.  The designer
.       was an amazing genius and WAY ahead of his time.
.       And he was Japanese, so the instruction manual
.       that HE wrote - wouldn’t help you at all –
.       unless you can read and understand Japanese?

(WORKER shakes his head.)

BOSS    That’s what I figured.  So one of his assistants
.       wrote out this instruction manual in English.

(BOSS picks up one of the instruction manuals, but does
a double-take.)

BOSS    What’s this one doing here?

(BOSS throws the first manual into the trash bin.
BOSS picks up the other manual and flips through it.)

BOSS    Now THIS – is the most original one we have –   2
.       in English – written by the first assistant.

WORKER  Then what was that other one?

BOSS    DO NOT bother with that one.  It isn’t any good.
.       Also written by an assistant, but at a much
.       later date.  So I don’t trust it - at all.
.       This one here explains it correctly.
.       Any other questions?

(WORKER shakes his head.)

BOSS    Good, I’ll leave you to it, then.

(BOSS exits.  WORKER sits down to study the gizmo,
then picks up the second manual to study.  Scrunching
up his face with confusion, WORKER finally reads aloud,
struggling with many of the words.)

WORKER  (reading) “This Magna-Specific-Tracking device
.       contains an unprecedented operational wiring
.       methodology.  Upon erroneous fabrication,
.       a structural paroxysm may be a feasible
.       ramification.”  (looking up)
.       That - doesn’t sound good? – I think.
.       (reading again) “The progression is intelligible
.       albeit delimitative.  Unconformable acquiescence
.       culminates in an un-operative utility –“  AH!

(WORKER looks up, bewildered.)

WORKER  Is that even English?!

(WORKER tries to look at the manual again with
a heavy sigh and scratches his head.  Glancing over
at the trash bin, he thinks for a moment.
Finally, WORKER pulls the first manual from the trash bin
and begins to read that one.)

WORKER  (reading) “This Magna-Specific-Tracking device
.       has a one-of-a-kind wiring system.  If you
.       assemble it incorrectly, you run the risk
.       of blowing up your building.” – ah! – “And
.       even though the steps to take are very exact,
.       they are very simple.  If you do not stick to
.       these specific instructions, nothing will work.
.       FIRST, take the red wire and connect it
.       to the grounding plate”...

(WORKER pretends to work on the gizmo, while            3
referring to the manual from time to time.
Finally, WORKER attaches the back of the gizmo.)

WORKER  (looks up, calls)  I’m done!  I’ve finished!

BOSS    (enters, examines gizmo, then looks up impressed)
.       You did it!  Good work.  Excellent work, indeed.

WORKER  Ah, yes.  But I used - the other manual.

BOSS    Pardon me?  I mean - WHAT?!

WORKER  Well, it works doesn’t it?  It had the same
.       results.  Both manuals gave me the exact
.       same steps, just one said it - so I could
.       actually understand it better.

BOSS    But it was re-written by a different assistant.
.       It isn’t any good.  That’s wrong!

WORKER  How could THAT be wrong?  Both manuals said
.       the exact same things.  Both writers were
.       assistants to the same inventor.  How can one
.       be more right than the other?  And it works!
.       So, how can that be wrong?

BOSS    But – maybe it doesn’t FULLY work.

WORKER  Oh, it fully works.  If I had done one step
.       the WRONG WAY, it would not work at all.
.       That was explained – in both manuals.
.       This is designed so that it either FULLY works,
.       or I doesn’t work - at all...

BOSS    But, I just – I prefer this writer’s style of
.       explaining it - much better than the other one.

WORKER  Then – you keep and use this manual.
.       I - will use this one.

BOSS    S - sure.  Okay-okay, I hear you.

WORKER  So, let’s go out and use this thing.  I always
.       find this part of the job the MOST fun.

BOSS    (excited now)  Me TOO!  And I have the best
.       case scenario to test it on, too.

(BOSS speaks as he leads WORKER out with the gizmo.)