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BE NURTURING – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        parental caring, nurturing, teaching
SCRIPTURE:    Prov.22:6;  Eph.6:4
Style:        allegory/conversation:  an adult abuses
.             and neglects a houseplant, but starts
.             trying to be more nurturing and caring,
.             until they get it right;  at the end,
.             we see that the plant was really a child
Cast:         PERSON 1-3, GIRL
Set & Props:  watering can, table with a houseplant
.              (place to the side or beside divider)


(PERSON 1 enters and notices their plant, then stops
to look at it with great annoyance, arms crossed,
toes tapping, scowl on the face.  PERSON 2 & 3 enter.)

PERSON 2   Oh, what a cute plant.  Does it have a name?

PERSON 1   Sure, it’s - Fern.

PERSON 3   (slight distain)  Plants are such a pain.
.          I know I don’t have a green-thumb,
.          so I just choose not to have any plants.

PERSON 1   I have a brown-thumb, myself.
.          But – I inherited this plant
.          and I don’t have the heart to throw it out.
.          I’m not that mean.  I just don’t know
.          why it looks so droopy and refuses to grow.

PERSON 2   You have to nurture and care for plants.

PERSON 3   Eh, I’ve heard that as long as you
.          talk to it once in a while.

PERSON 1   (turns to plant)  Come on you stupid plant!
.          GROW!  You can do better!
.          Just get with the program, why don’t you!

PERSON 2   Um, I’m sure it’s more about nurturing
.          and caring-

PERSON 3   At least be nice!  You know –               2
.          like they say– “quality over quantity.”

PERSON 1   (soft and sweet-like)  Okay plant...
.          you’re making me look stupid...
.          If you really loved me, you would just grow.
.          Okay?  Just for me – please?  You know,
.          I could make things really difficult for you.

PERSON 2   It’s still not going to grow if you
.          don’t ACTUALLY nurture and care for it.

PERSON 3   Too much work.  That plant looks hopeless,
.          it’s probably too late to do anything anyway.
.          So, good luck with that.

PERSON 2   It cannot grow on just your words alone.
.          You have to-

PERSON 1   I know!  Nurture and care for it.
.          (to plant, sighs)  Okay. Um, I’ve been abusing
.          and neglecting you, and I’m very sorry.
.          I know I need to get better at this.
.          (watering the plant)  I guess it starts
.          with me being less - self-centered.
.          (to P.2)  Any other advice?

PERSON 2   They also need sun.

PERSON 1   (to PLANT)  Oh yeah, that’s a very
.          important thing, isn’t it?

(PERSON 1 picks up PLANT tenderly and carries it off.  
PERSON 2 can maybe check cellphone for messages
when PERSON 1 returns holding the hand of GIRL.
PERSON 2 notices and smiles.)

PERSON 2   Is that Fern?  (to GIRL)  Hi there!
.          My, you sure have grown up so fast!
.          (to PERSON 1)  How are things going?

PERSON 1   (tenderly touches GIRL)
.          Things are much better.  Thank you so much
.          for all your advice.  I had to realize
.          my responsibility in all of this.

(ALL exit while talking.)