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BE HOLY AND BE FREE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       Assurance, Forgiveness, Freedom, Holiness,
.            Sacrifice, Trust
SCRIPTURE:   Leviticus, John 3:16, Galatians 5:1
Style:       drama/conversation: a new believer is being
.            taught legalism until grace is explained
Cast:        PERSON 1, PERSON 2, PERSON 3
Set & Props: table, towel, music player, book,
.            plate of junk food, cup


(PERSON 1 walks over to the table and sees the music player.
PERSON 2 follows behind carrying a towel and watches.
PERSON 1 reaches for the music player and touches it.)

PERSON 1   Cool.

PERSON 2   No!

(PERSON 1 pulls away.  PERSON 2 throws PERSON 1 a towel
to wash his hand.  PERSON 1 sees the book and touches it.)

PERSON 1   Interesting.

PERSON 2   No!

(PERSON 1 washes his hand, then stamps his foot.)

PERSON 2   Nooo... no to the attitude.

(PERSON 1 wipes his foot with the towel.  Seeing some food
on a plate, PERSON 1 quickly reaches for a chip and eats it.
PERSON 2 panics.)


(PERSON 1 washes hand, mouth and tongue, then reaches
for the cup to pick it up.)

PERSON 2   Noooooo!

PERSON 1   Come on!  Surely a person should be
.          able to –
.                                                            2
PERSON 2   (quick to lecture)
.          No - you shouldn’t have any opinions.
.          God is holy.  To go to heaven you must
.          be holy.  You must be perfect.  You must
.          be completely and perfectly CLEAN.

(PERSON 1 quickly wipes himself all over with the towel.)

PERSON 2   That includes everything that you do, hear,
.          see or say.  Just remember that –
.          and beware.  Can I trust you enough
.          to leave you for one second?

(PERSON 2 walks off leaving PERSON 1 frozen.
PERSON 3 enters and sees PERSON 1.)

PERSON 3   Hey, dude, what’s up?... Are you ignoring me?

(PERSON 1 shifts his eyes over, then subtly waves without
raising his arm.)

PERSON 3   What are you doing?  Lighten up!

PERSON 1   I can’t, or I’ll sin.  I’m – so afraid.
.          I’m afraid to move or say anything
.          because it’ll probably be wrong.
.          If it’s wrong, I can’t go to heaven.
.          God is holy and cannot look on sin.

PERSON 3   That’s true, but –

PERSON 1   There are no “buts”!

PERSON 3   Listen up.  I don’t know who’s been
.          teaching you, but there’s hope.
.          Think about it.

PERSON 1   Think?  That’s a dangerous proposition.
.          What I know is: God came down as a man,
.          as Jesus Christ.  He loved us so much
.          that He died for us.  He died for our sins,
.          so if we believe in Him, we’ll have eternal life
.          in heaven with God.  And I’ve done that.
.          My sins were forgiven, and now,
.          I must not sin again.  I must stay clean.

(PERSON 1 still remains rigid.)                              3

PERSON 3   Riggghhht.  Let me try this again.
.          So Jesus came as the spotless Lamb.
.          He never sinned, and so became the perfect
.          sacrifice for all people of ALLLLL time.
.          Once and for all.  He paid for all sins –
.          past, present and FUTURE.  When we accept Him
.          as our Savior, He forgives ALLL our sins:
.          past, present, and future.  So, once all our sins
.          are forgiven - we are going to heaven.  Period.

PERSON 1   It says we are to confess our sins daily.

PERSON 3   Yes, to own up to our sins - show remorse –
.          turn away from that sin and turn back to God.
.          God knew we would continue to struggle with sin,
.          but notice, God told – God commanded us –
.          not to worry about anything.  That would
.          include us worrying about the next time
.          we will sin.

PERSON     That means I’ve been sinning?

PERSON 3   Well, yes.  Look, even the Apostle Paul
.          kept struggling with sin.  Don’t you trust God
.          and what He promises?  It sounds like you
.          are going back to trusting in your own efforts
.          to be perfect.  And that’s impossible.

PERSON 1   It is.  And I’m so tired of trying to live
.          this way.

PERSON 3   Christianity isn’t a bunch of do’s and don’t’s.
.          It’s all about your relationship with God.
.          I found you here, afraid to move –
.          but you could have still been sinning
.          by what was in your heart and what was
.          going through your brain!  Right?

PERSON 1   Yeah, and there’s no way to wipe that mess up
.          with a towel.

PERSON 3   God wants you to soar with the eagles.
.          Galatians 5:1 says “It is for freedom that Christ
.          has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let
.          yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”
.                                                            4
PERSON 1   Sounds like a commandment to – lighten up.

(PERSON 1 relaxes and faces PERSON 3.)

PERSON 3   Exactly!  Hey, let’s go have some fun.
.          I’m on my way to a Bible study.

PERSON 1   Fun? At a Bible Study?

PERSON 3   Wow!  You have so much to learn.  Come on.
         And relax, you’re not expected to know
.          everything all at once.

(PERSON 3 leads PERSON 1 out.)