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BASIC TRAINING - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     spiritual battle, armor of God, Bible, prayer
SCRIPTURE: Eph.4:27; 6:10-20;  Ps.23:4,34:9,
.          Jhn.16:33; 17:13-19;  1 Tim.6:9-12;  Heb.13:6
Style:     allegory/conversation:  DRILL SERGEANT finds
.          SOLDIERS heading for the hills out of fear
.          and has to re-equip them with the armor of God.
Cast:      DS (drill sergeant), a few SOLDIERS (at least 3)
Props:     Bible


(SOLDIERS huddle together in fear.  DS walks up with air
of quiet confidence.)

DS    Soldiers! Attention! - What's the matter now?
.     Where are you all going?

S 1   I heard that an old lady was mugged, just
.     down the street.

S 2   There was another school shooting-

S 3   And there was a drug bust in a town close by.

S 1   Way too close for comfort!

S 2   So – we’re heading for the hills.

DS    Is that where the war is?

S 3   Nope!  I mean, no-siree–sir!

S 1   Far away from it, sir!

DS    Is that what soldiers do?  Run away from the war zone?

S 3   Ah, yes?...

(DS continues to stare at the SOLDIERS who look at
each other, perplexed.)

S 3   Noooo?

DS    What have we been training for?                        2

S 1   War?

S 2   Standing firm!

DS    There you go!  And should you be afraid?

S 3   No!

DS    HAVE you been afraid?

S 3   Yes!

DS    Why are you afraid?  Tell me, what are you missing?

(SOLDIERS look around at each other.)

S 1   A really good leader?

DS    Are you saying that I’m a bad leader?

S 3   No!

S 2   You are a great leader.

S 1   In fact, maybe you’re too great.  We just expect you
.     to protect us and do everything for us.

DS    My bad – I suppose.  Well, let’s get it right then.
.     So - WHAT – are you missing?

S 1   Ah... our – weapons, sir?

DS    Aaaannnddd...

S 2   And our armor.

DS    Do we need to go through basic training AGAIN?
.     How many times do you need to hear something
.     before you will stop relying on others, and
.     you will - just get it and do it?

S 1   But - the random violence – how can we NOT be scared?

DS    Do you think you can escape sin?

S 3   Yes.                                                   3

S 2   If we run far enough.

(DS stares at the SOLDIERS.)

S 3   No?

DS    Wherever you go – YOU are there.

S 1   You’re saying that we sin?

DS    (drilling)  Are you perfect?

S 3   NOOOO!

(ALL look at SOLDIER 3.)

S 3   Well, I’m not.  But I do try.

S 1   Right, at least we try.

DS    My point is - you cannot escape sin.

S 2   Wait!  I thought there were situations
.     of imminent danger when we SHOULD run away.

DS    That is correct.  When you find yourself
.     in a situation where you might be too weak
.     to stand firm-remove yourself from the situation.

S 1   So we SHOULD run for the hills?

DS    Negative!  I’m looking around and I still don’t see
.     your armor and weapons.

S 2   I guess that would help.

S 3   Right!  What are they again?

DS    It sure would help if you had your swords.

(SOLDIERS look around.  DS then hands them a Bible.)

DS    The Sword of the Spirit – the word of God –
.     which speaks to you and gives you direction.

S 1   (looks up Ephesians 6)  Oh, I found it.  We need       4
.     truth!  We need to gird our bodies with truth!
.     I guess that would mean – knowing the word.

DS    Yes, so you know what to stand firm on.
.     So you can recognize sin – and avoid doing that.
.     Good job, soldier.

S 2   (taking Bible)  We need the breastplate
.     of righteousness, which would protect our hearts.

S 3   (taking Bible)  Our feet should be equipped
.     with the preparation of the gospel of peace.
.     This WOULD give us support and stability,
.     so we could live the word as we go.

S 2   (taking Bible)  We need to use the shield of faith
.     to extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one.

S 1   (taking Bible)  And the helmet of salvation
.     to guard our minds and what we are thinking about.

DS    And lastly – we need prayer – which gives us access
.     to God’s power.

S 2   So God fights for us?

DS    Exactly!  Don’t depend on your leaders,
.     or even yourself.  If you did, you should be afraid.
.     But if you are depending on and looking to God -
.     who or what is stronger than God?

S 3   No one – and nothing.

S 1   So if we’re on God’s side, then we don’t have to
.     be afraid.

DS    Exactly.  So – at ease – everyone.

(SOLDIERS slouch.)

DS    Well – how about finding your armor and weapons?
.     so you are ready?

S 3   Oh.  Good idea.  Sir, I mean, yes, sir!

(ALL exit.)