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AVOID HOSTILE TAKEOVERS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        strive for unity to present gospel
SCRIPTURE:    Ps.133:1, Jhn 17:23, 1 Cor.1-3, Eph.4:3
Style:        allegory/conversation:  as people hold
.             a project meeting, 3 people try to
.             takeover to do it their way
Cast:         LEADER, 7 PEOPLE (this can be altered
.             to fit another amount of actors)
Set & Props:  whiteboard or corkboard on stand,
.             pieces of white paper with tape,
.             one piece of yellow paper with tape,
.             pieces of black paper with tape,
.             (or thumbtacks – this may work better)
.             (optional)  long table, chairs


(PEOPLE all stand, or sit down around a conference table.
There are pieces of white paper on the table already.
PERSON 4 carries in a yellow piece of paper.
PEOPLE 1-3’s faces need to be seen by congregation.
PEOPLE 1&3 have snuck pieces of black paper in with them.
LEADER enters and stands beside whiteboard.)

L    Welcome everyone.  Let us begin our meeting.
.    I am very excited to get this project started.
.    We are hoping to reach many people through this
.    venture.  So this is the premise that we have
.    come up with.

(LEADER tacks white paper up in the center of the board.
Except for PEOPLE 1-3, ALL nod or react positively.)

L    We are looking for other ideas that will compliment
.    this plan of action, as well as for others to
.    step up and help carry this out.

(PERSON 5 gets up to tack a white paper beside the other
then steps back to examine it.)

P 5  Well, I for one, am very excited.  I think if
.    we were to proceed with this, this other idea
.    that we have - would fit in very nicely.  As you
.    can see, they seem to work together quite well.
.                                                       2
(Except for PEOPLE 1-4, ALL nod or react positively.
PERSON 5 sits back down while PERSON 4 gets up
tentatively and puts up their yellow paper.)

P 4  I was kind of hoping that we could fit in this idea.

L    Hm, that is interesting.  But I think for now
.    that idea may distract us from our goal.
.    What you think everyone?

P 6  Yeah, perhaps put that one on the shelf for
.    another time.

P 4  Well, I’m certainly hanging on to it.  I feel
.    very passionate about this idea.

(PERSON 4 takes yellow paper down and returns to seat.
PERSON 7 gets up and puts a white paper on the board,
then sits back down.)

P 7  I can totally see myself helping out in that area.
.    It is one of my gifts.  And I really look forward
.    to serving in that capacity.

L    Awesome!  Anyone else?

(PERSON 6 goes to put up 2 pieces of white paper.)

P 6  I know I can contribute resources over here.
.    And - I would love the opportunity to head up
.    this aspect of the project.

(PERSON 6 returns to seat while PERSON 4 gets up again
with their yellow paper.  As PERSON 4 speaks, s/he moves
the yellow paper to different positions on the board.)

P 4  Well, if you are able to do that, certainly we can
.    work this idea in somehow.

P 6  I’m giving as much as I can already, I just think
.    that would really push things too much.

L    We really don’t want to burn anybody out.
.    And we do need to be mindful of our budget.

P 4  But what if I do this, and we put it over here?
.                                                       3
L    Again, this would be dividing our efforts,
.    and taking away from our goal.  As you can see,
.    it conflicts with this ministry over here.

(LEADER points to a white paper already on the board.
PERSON 4 takes yellow paper and sits back down.)

P 1  Well, who put you in charge?

L    (unsure)  Ahhh, you - all - did.

P 2  (mumbling to P 1)  I didn’t vote for him.

(PERSON 1 gets up and approaches the board to tack up
a black piece of paper, and stays up there.)

P 1  Look, this is how I see it.  We spend far too much
.    time, money and energy on all - of this stuff.
.    This - is what is important to me.

P 3  I agree.  You can add my two cents to that.

(PERSON 1 puts up another black paper.  LEADER and
PEOPLE 4-7 all balk in wonder, not knowing how to react.)

P 2  And you can get rid of that one idea over there
.    completely.  I don’t have any time for that.

L    But - we have enough volunteers for that,
.    even without you.

P 2  Oh, then why do I always feel like I’m being put
.    on a big guilt-trip for not helping?

L    We only ever try to encourage people to serve.

P 7  Perhaps you are feeling guilty for a good reason.
.    God wants us all to serve.  God designed all of us
.    with gifts and talents and blessed us with resources
.    so that we will build up the body - together.

L    Yes, but again, we certainly try not to GUILT anyone
.    into doing anything.  We want people to serve with
.    the right motives, with joy and love-

(PERSON 3 goes to tack black paper onto board.)
.                                                       4
P 3  (returns to seat)  Look, I come here expecting
.    to have certain ministries available to me.

L    And who is going to do that one?

P 3  You can figure that out.  There are lots of people
.    in this church who can do that, I’m sure.

P 6  But if everyone has your attitude, then there is
.    really no one.

P 2  See!  Guilting us into doing stuff!

(PERSON 1 begins to fill up the board with black paper.)

P 1  So if you would all see it MY way, you’d see that
.    it makes the most sense.

L    Listen, we have now gone way off track.

P 1  Says you.

(LEADER removes all black papers.)

P 6  Actually, our constitution says!  And if you are
.    a member, then you have agreed to support
.    the constitution, with the stated doctrines.
.    These should never change.

L    Look, nothing should be done MY way, but everything
.    should be done God’s way. If you disagree with
.    the doctrines and constitution, and are unwilling
.    to work within that, and unwilling to work as part
.    of the body, then why are you here?

(PERSON 1 shakes a finger at LEADER.)

P 1  Hmmmm, well, I’m certainly going to look into this!

L    Please do.  And pray.  Pray for unity.
.    (as P 1 storms off, LEADER turns to ALL)
.    You know, we all should have been praying for unity
.    right from the beginning.  Let's do that right now.

(ALL bow in prayer.)