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.            refer to

ARMOR OF GOD – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     spiritual battle using armor of God
SCRIPTURE: Dan.2:22, John 8:12, Eph.6:12-20
Style:     allegory/conversation: kids go into
.          a video game where they find themselves
.          in different situations which require
.          using the different armor to get through.
Cast:      PLAYERS 1-3, DOOR KEEPER, 1-2 people
.          behind spikes, 1-2 people to throw missiles
Costumes:  PLAYERS could be dressed in bright colors,
.          DOOR KEEPER in white, OTHERS in black
Set:       You could get very creative with the set,
.          especially with lighting so it looks
.          like the players are in a video game,
.          or you could have it fairly dark using
.          a spotlight on the players as they move
.          through the different “levels.”
.         -----------------------------------
.        /                              sword\
.      door                                   \
.  w/exit sign         barricade of spikes     \
.     /               \                         \
.    /               open                        \missile
.   /               gateway                       \throw-
.enter                   \      ba\                \ ers
. /                              rr\                \
./ table             jacket       ic\                \
/ of stuff                        ade\                \

Props:      table
.           STUFF ON THE TABLE: big book, note,
.             3 crowns, 3 helmets w/lights on them
.           UNDER TABLE: 3 martial arts robes,
.             3 shields (garbage can lids),
.             3 boots (these could be fabric slip-ons)
.           GATEWAY (of some sort), beside this on floor:
.             military looking jacket
.           BARRICADE (of cardboard about 2 feet high)
.             lots of missiles (12 or more – maybe
.               soft balls heavy enough to be thrown
.               but soft enough not to hurt, each with
.               2 feet of red streamers attached)
.           BARRICADE OF SPIKES (cardboard, 2’ high)
.             plus cardboard spikes to be lifted up
.               by people behind the barricade
.             sword (plastic or cardboard) beside this
.           DOORWAY WITH EXIT SIGN, another sword
.                                                       2

(PLAYERS 1-3 tumble onto the stage from down stage right.
They land far enough out that the table of stuff
does not hide them.  When they stand up and look around,
they should pretend that they cannot see anything
except the table beside them.)

P 1   What just happened?

P 2   Looks – looks like we just enter into a video game?

P 3   How’s that even possible?  What did you do?

(PLAYER 3 looks at PLAYER 2.)

P 2   Why do you assume that I did this?

P 1   I think when you crossed those two wires,
.     something blitzed.

P 3   (to Player 2)  Why did you do that?

P 2   It was only a matter of time.  You were thinking
.     about doing the exact same thing.

P 1   Okay-okay, let’s stop arguing about how
.     this happened and start thinking about how
.     we are going to get back.

P 3   (to Player 2)  So, just how do we do that?

P 2   I don’t know.

(PLAYERS look around, still pretending that they
cannot see anything except the table beside them.)

P 2   Well, if this IS like a video game, maybe
.     we have to play our way through the game
.     to get to the end - in order to get out.

P 3   Okay...  so how do we do that?

P 1   Considering the fact that we can only see
.     as far as this table here, let’s check it out.

(PLAYERS start for the table, but PLAYER 2 stops them.)

P 2   Careful, it may be a trap.
.                                                       3
(PLAYERS then carefully approach the table which
contains 3 crowns, 3 helmets, the book, and a note.)

P 3   There’s a note.  Maybe it’s some kind of clue.

P 1   (reads note)  “You must choose wisely
.     in order to successfully complete the game.”

(PLAYERS study the 3 crowns and 3 helmets with lights.)

P 2   If I have to choose between the crown
.     and the helmet – I’d totally go with the crown.
.     The helmet kind of clashes with what I’m wearing.
.     THAT – and the crown appeals to my desire to rule.
.     I love to be in control, you know.

P 3   Tell me something I don’t know.

(PLAYER 2 puts on a crown and tries to take a step
forward, but still cannot see.)

p 2   Whoa, still can’t see a thing.

P 3   Hm, then what good does a crown do?  Doesn’t
.     give you all that much control then, huh?

P 1   I choose the helmet with the LIGHT on it.
.     I mean, not only does it have a LIGHT
.     so I can see where I’m looking – but in case
.     something happens – it’s also protection.

P 3   You make an excellent point.

P 2   I suppose that makes far more sense.

(PLAYERS all put on a helmet and look around.  Now they
notice the other stuff underneath or beside the table.)

P 1   What’s all this other stuff?

P 2   Who cares, I don’t want to be carrying
.     around stuff.

P 3   Let me guess, it’ll clash with what you’re wearing?

P 2   That too.

P 1   But what about this book?  Should we take it along
.     just in case?
.                                                       4
P 2   It looks heavy.  (looking around)

P 3   I hate reading.

(PLAYER 2 points to door at center stage.)

P 2   Look, there’s some kind of open doorway.

P 3   More like a gate.

(PLAYER 1 looks at gateway, then looks around some more
to see the door at upper stage right – which is
pretty much right beside them.)

P 1   There’s another door.

P 3   That one says “exit.”

P 1   I thought you said you didn’t read.

P 3   I didn’t say I COULDN’T read.

P 1   Should we check it out?

P 2   I think it’s a trap.  It just seems - way too easy.
.     WAY too easy.  Right?  Isn’t there a purpose
.     for everything?

P 1   Your philosophical approach is definitely
.     intriguing, but – does it really make sense?

P 2   Did you want to just stand around and debate this,
.     or did you want to try moving ahead?

P 1   (resigning)  Okay, let’s try the gate.

(PLAYERS approach the gateway at center stage.
DOORKEEPER steps through and blocks their path.)

D     You need to have the true uniform of authority
.     in order to pass through.

(PLAYERS look at each other.)

P 3   What does that mean?

P 2   Maybe this is a test.  Let’s just try making up
.     something.  (to Doorkeeper)  We ARE wearing
.     the true uniform of authority.
.                                                       5
D     That is a lie.

P 2   (gasps)  We have it, we’re just not wearing it.

D     That is a lie.

P 1   (to Players 2-3)  Ah, What if we look around
.     for some kind of uniform?

(PLAYERS look around and find the military jacket
on the floor near the doorway at center stage.)

P 3   There’s an army jacket.

P 2   That’s more like it.  Nothings says ‘authority’
.     more than a military uniform.

P 1   But that doorkeeper said something about
.     a ‘true’ uniform of authority.

P 2   Exactly.

(PLAYER 2 puts on the jacket and approaches DOORKEEPER.)

D     You need to have the true uniform of authority
.     in order to pass through.

P 2   Are you looking at me?  I found it.

D     No you didn’t.

P 2   This is the uniform of authority.

D     That is a lie.

P 1   Maybe it was one of those things back there.

P 3   What things?

P 1   One of those things, on the floor, by the table.

P 3   Couldn’t hurt to check it out.

(PLAYERS go back to the table and look at the stuff.
PLAYER 1 picks up a white robe.)

P 1   This has got to be it.

P 3   Certainly doesn’t hurt to try it.
.                                                       6
P 2   Why not, I’m already wearing the helmet.

(PLAYER 2 takes of the jacket.  PLAYERS put on the robes.
As PLAYERS approach the gate again, the DOORKEEPER simply
steps out of their way and disappears.)

P 1   (skeptically)  Oh, well that was easy.

(PLAYER 3 points to stage left.)

P 3   Oo! Something's moving over there!  So creepy!

P 1   I didn’t see anything.

P 2   In case we’re in danger, let’s go take care of it.

(As PLAYER 2 tries to go closer to the edge, a missile
is tossed at them.  PLAYER 1 pulls PLAYER 2 back.)

P 1   I see that!  Look out!

(PLAYERS see the barrier and duck for cover behind it.)

P 3   What was it?  Who’s doing that?

P 2   Some sort of evil forces of darkness.
.     We need to prepare for battle.

P 3   I just don’t get you.  You don’t want your
.     wardrobe to clash, yet you’ll fight tooth and nail-

P 2   Hey, remember, I like control?  Nobody is going
.     to mess me up-

P 1   Okay-okay, so just how are we supposed to fight?

(Another missile is tossed at them.  PLAYER 3 cringes.)

P 3   Ahhhh!  Who cares about fighting!  I’m scared!
.     I just want to get - past all this.

P 2   What if we just take THESE, and - throw them
.     right back?

(PLAYER 2 picks up a missile and pretends that it
really burns the hand.  PLAYER 2 drops it while
wincing and shaking hand in pain.)

P 2   Ouch, ouch, ouch!
.                                                       7
P 1   (looking around, then-)  I wonder if there’s
.     something back there to help us get through this?

P 3   (looking also)  Yeah, I’m not seeing anything
.     around here, except for this pathetic barricade.

P 1   Exactly, we can’t just sit here and be afraid.

P 2   You’re right.  Why be sitting ducks?

(PLAYERS get up to go back through the gateway.
Another missile heads straight for them.
PLAYER 1 quickly pulls the other two out of the way.)

P 2   Hey!  What are we – targets?

P 1   Come on.

(PLAYERS return to the table and look through the stuff.
Finding the shields, PLAYER 2 holds one up.)

P 2   This should do the trick.

P 1   Should we just put on those boots while we’re here?

P 2   Noooo, do you WANT to end up on "What Not to Wear?"

P 3   They look heavy, too.

P 2   All we need are the shields.

P 1   Fine.  Let’s just take the shields.

(PLAYERS all pick up a shield and speak as they return
via the gate.)

P 1   Come on.

P 3   You sure this will help?

P 2   I’m pretty sure.

(PLAYERS go through the gate then use their shields
to stop all the missiles that are tossed their way.)

P 2   Yeah, I’m sure.

P 1   Hey, let’s stick together, here.

(PLAYERS find that they have more coverage when         8
they clump together.  Getting past the missiles,
they reach the upper stage left corner.  Here,
PLAYERS look at the “field” of spikes.)

P 1   I suppose we now have to get through this.

P 3   Now how are we going to get through THIS?  Huh?
.     And - what exactly IS this?

P 1   Some sort of field - of sharp - spikes.

P 3   I’m thinking these just might hurt.

P 2   Eh, what’s the worst that could happen?

(PLAYER 2 tries to take a step – which is behind
the cardboard fence of spikes – but a cutout spike
suddenly juts out at them.  PLAYER 2 quickly pulls
their foot back.  PLAYER 1 & 3 help pull 2 back.)

P 2   OUCH!  Whoa, that was close.  Let me try again.

(PLAYER 2 puts a foot out and the spike attacks again.)

P 3   Ah, I don’t like this very much.

P 1   There must be a better way.

P 3   Okay, what should we do then?

(PLAYERS look around and see the sword in the corner

p 2   Oh, cool, I found a weapon.  Let’s just try
.     knocking them down.

(While PLAYER 1 & 3 crowd closely behind, PLAYER 2
tries to lead the way while swinging the sword
at the spikes that jut out at them.  PLAYER 2 also
tries to hammer them down, but it doesn’t work.)

P 1   There’s too many!

P 3   And this is just making them angry.

P 2   Ah!  And they seem to be multiplying.

(PLAYERS take a step back into the corner.  They never
got to move forward much at all.)
.                                                       9
P 2   Well, now what?

P 1   I say, back to the drawing board?

P 3   What drawing board?

P 1   Back to the beginning!

P 3   Oh yeah, that - pile of stuff.

P 2   Hm, I’m beginning to think that the weapons
.     and gear out HERE – are not real, and
.     that other stuff at the beginning - is.

P 1   You THINK?!

P 2   Let’s go.

(PLAYERS begin to retrace their steps.  PLAYER 3 comments
as missiles are tossed at them while passing stage left.
PLAYERS shield themselves as they clump and make their
way to the gate.)

P 3   Oh, we’ll NEVER get out of here!

(PLAYERS go through the gate and arrive at the table.
They don’t have to look long before they pick up
the boots.)

p 1   So – looks like we needed these boots after all?

P 2   I don’t like how they clash with my outfit.

P 1   So what, because of that, you just want to stay
.     behind?  Looks are more important than living?

P 2   No, I’ll put these on.

(PLAYERS put on the boots then return by the usual route
while holding up their shields as they pass by the
flying missiles.  PLAYER 1 pulls 2 close to keep safe.)

P 2   Got to avoid those!

(Reaching the upper stage left corner, PLAYER 3 chastises

P 3   We keep going back into this enemy territory,
.     what do you expect?
.                                                      10
P 1   It’s not like they’re suddenly going to become
.     our friends, that’s for sure.

P 2   I get it – I get it!  So you really think
.     these boots are going to do the trick here?

P 1   We can only hope.

P 3   Hope?  Hope?  Is that enough?

P 1   We can only try.

P 3   This is crazy.

P 2   (to the spikes)  You beware, you!  We are a’coming!

(Spikes rise up at PLAYER 2, who then jumps back.)

P 1   Why do you agitate them like that?  They’re
.     already angry.

P 2   You go first, if you think you know so much.

P 1   All right.  Okay.  So, let us calmly – proceed.

(PLAYER 1 takes a careful sigh, then steps very carefully
through the spikes, PLAYERS 2 & 3 follow right behind.
The spikes still move but not as aggressively.)

P 1   See, they’re still moving, but they’re not
.     as angry.

P 3   Yeah, and I hardly feel a thing.

P 2   Again, this seems sooo opposite to logic.

(PLAYERS reach the other side and see the door.)

P 1   Look – a door.

P 3   With an exit sign!

P 1   Is this the same door?

P 2   You’ve got to be kidding me.

(DOORKEEPER steps out in front of door holding sword.)

D     In order to exit, you must know the mystery.
.                                                      11
P 2   What is the mystery?

D     What is the one thing you need in order
.     to FIND the exit?

P 3   Ah, a sword to fight?

P 2   Is this a trick question?

P 1   What?  (to Players)  Hey, I wonder if it’s
.     the same thing?

P 2   Ah, what?

P 1   To exit, you need to know the mystery.  The mystery
.     is to have the one thing to find the exit.

P 3   What?

P 1   Argh!  You have to have the one thing to FIND
.     the exit – which allows you to exit.

P 2   You mean, in order to exit – you just have
.     to FIND the exit?

P 1   That’s exactly what I’m saying!

P 3   But didn’t we just do that?

P 1   But do we know exactly HOW we found the exit?

P 3   Ah, it wasn’t with a sword.  Ahhh... a map?

P 2   We didn’t have a map.

P 3   I’m so confused.

P 2   This is now getting really complicated.

P 3   THAT coming from you?  (realizing)  Ha!  Hey,
.     what if WE made it complicated.  And by WE –
.     I mean – YOU.

P 2   Hey!

P 1   Yeah, what if it was like - all really simple?

P 2   Okay!  Sooo... What was the question again?

(PLAYERS look to the DOORKEEPER.)                      12

D     In order to exit, you must know the mystery.
.     What is the one thing you need in order
.     to FIND the exit?

P 3   (to Player 1)  Hmph.  So... anything?

P 1   Nooo!  Come on, think.

P 3   (to Player 2)  Can you make something up?

P 2   That hasn’t worked so far.

P 1   Keep thinking.

P 2   What is the one thing you need in order
.     to find the exit?

P 3   Ah, the answer to the mystery?

P 2   And what is that?

(PLAYER 1 suddenly thinks of something.)

P 1   Guys!  What if the answer is in that book,
.     you know, back there at the very beginning?

P 2   (to Player 3)  You stay right here, we’re going
.     to get that book.

(PLAYER 1 & 2 turn to leave.)

P 3   Guys!  Don’t leave me alone!  I’m scared!

P 1   (calling back)  You’ll be fine.

(PLAYERS 1 & 2 retrace their route, treading through
the spikes slow and carefully, then putting up
their shields to protect themselves from the missiles,
through the gate and back to the table.  When they
reach the table, they see the book and stop with
a poignant pose.  Then – PLAYER 3 calls over to them
with a little wave.)

P 3   Ahhh, hey there, guys!

P 2   How did you get here so fast?-

P 1   We told you to stay – ahhhh there?–
.                                                      13
P 2   I don’t believe it.  It's the same door.

(PLAYER 1 shakes their head, then looks back at the table
for the book.)

P 1   Forget about that, let’s just get the book.

(PLAYER 1 opens the book.  PLAYER 2 looks over shoulder.)

P 2   So what does it say?

P 1   Ah, it says –

P 2   What?

P 3   (calling over from the door)  What does it say?

P 1   It says... “Find the door with the exit sign,
.     but you will need the light.”

P 3   (calling over)  That’s it???

P 2   No way!

P 1   Way!  Come on.  (taking book with them)

(PLAYER 1 & 2 just walk right over to the door.)

D     In order to exit, you must know the mystery.
.     What is the one thing you need in order
.     to FIND the exit?

P 2   (sighing)  The light.

P 3   The light.

P 1   It was the light all the time.

(DOORKEEPER opens the door.  PLAYER 1 goes first,
but pauses to look back and comment to PLAYER 2.)

P 1   (to Player 2)  It WAS that simple.

P 3   (to Player 2)  You were the one who wanted
.     to complicate everything.

P 2   Hey, don’t forget, you all chose to agree with me.

(ALL exit.)