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APOLOGY FROM A PARENT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        love, forgiveness
SCRIPTURE:    Eph.6:4
Style:        drama/conversation:  a parent apologizes
.             to their teenage child for not being there
.             for them as they should have been
Set & Props:  chairs/sofa (optional)


(TEEN approaches PARENT with some awkwardness.)

TEEN     Dad/Mom, ah, happy Father’s/Mother’s Day.
.        I – ah - I love you.

PARENT   That sounded a bit awkward.

TEEN     Sorry.

PARENT   No.  Actually, I’m sorry.  Why would it
.        come naturally to you, if it does not
.        come naturally from me?  I mean,
.        I should say it more often – Right?  I mean,
.        I should have started that when you were a baby.

TEEN     It’s okay.

PARENT   No.  No, it isn’t.  Ah... you do know that –
.        that I – love you?

TEEN     Yeah?

PARENT   I do, you know.

TEEN     I know.

PARENT   Well, I know I haven’t been the perfect parent.

TEEN     I haven’t exactly been the perfect son/daughter.

PARENT   But – I am the adult.  I should be
.        the example.  No matter what my parents
.        did or did not do – I need to step up.
.                                                       2
TEEN     Were your parents – not around for you?

PARENT   You know, that really should not matter.
.        When I became a Christian a few years ago,
.        I learned to forgive my earthly parents.
.        And God became my perfect heavenly Father.
.        And Jesus is my perfect, living example.
.        And the Bible- (looks around, then sighs)
.        ah, should be somewhere nearby – so that I
.        can study it every day and learn from it.
.        And then – I should be living it - consistently.
.        And – teaching you what I’ve learned,
.        not just by what I say, but what I do.

TEEN     I’ve noticed a bit of a difference.

PARENT   Well, I do know – there should be a WAY
.        bigger difference.

TEEN     No one’s perfect.

PARENT   No, of course not.  But we should be trying, and
.        be learning and growing every day.  And when we
.        DO make mistakes, we should learn how to work
.        things out- properly.  Like - the other day,
.        you were trying to explain something, but I just
.        cut you off– because– well – there’s no excuse –
.        I just assumed that you were up to no good.
.        And then we got into our usual screaming match.
.        I should’ve listened and we should’ve
.        discussed things.  So I apologize for that.
.        (PARENT and TEEN can subtly fight tears,  
.          then PARENT suddenly gives TEEN a real hug)
.        I would like to try again with that, and have
.        a real conversation.  If you are to respect me,
.        then I need to respect you.  We need
.        to work together, because I would really like
.        to have a peaceful, joyful house where you
.        feel safe, and loved.  So... how about if we
.        sit down somewhere and really talk.  And-
.        I want you to start.  Let me know your thoughts
.        and concerns - and how you’re feeling.
.        (PARENT guides TEEN out with sideways hug.)
.        And then – we could just spend some time
.        together.  Maybe watch a movie?