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ANGEL VIEW – ON THE MILLENNIUM – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        millennium, God’s purpose
SCRIPTURE:    Is.2:1-4, 4:2-6, 35:1-10, 60:1-62:12,
.             65:17-25, 66:10-14; Matt.24:29-25:46;
.             Rev.20:1-10
Style:        spoof of “The View”: as angels, the panel
.             discuss their views on the Millennium
Cast:         (3 ANGELS:)
.             Caw-wa-Wawa (Barbara Walters-like)
.             Yahoo-Precious-Metal (Whoopi Goldberg-like)
.             Joyful-Layer (Joy Behar-like)
Set & Props:  3 chairs, table (optional), cue cards


(ANGELS sit in semi-circle primping and getting ready.)

CAW-WA   Hah-woh, and wow-come to ow Ang-oh-View Show.
.        I’m Caw-wa Wawa, and these are my co-hosts:

JOYFUL   Joyful!

YAHOO    And I’m Yahoo.  Welcome to the show, ya’all.
.        So much has happened since last time.

JOYFUL   Yes, indeed!  The planet earth has begun
.        the wedding feast celebrations!

YAHOO    Nothing like a thousand-year-long party!
.        Say what?

CAW-WA   Exact-wy!  Things are aw-most back to the way
.        they were, back in the Gaw-den of Eden.

JOYFUL   Aw-most.  I mean, almost.  Even the plants
.        and crops are flourishing.  The entire planet
.        has been rejuvenated and renewed.

YAHOO    And we can see that the animals are all
.        getting along again.  I just saw the lions –
.        hanging out there with the sheep.

CAW-WA   Such a wove-wy sight!

JOYFUL   Lovely sight, indeed.                         2

YAHOO    And the humans – have it way better now, too.
.        God has kept His promises to Israel.
.        All of their covenants have been fulfilled.

JOYFUL   And for the rest of the people,
.        there is no more pain during childbirth.
.        People are healthier, and living longer.

CAW-WA   And getting awong with each oth-ah.
.        How about that?  I don’t know if we’ve
.        w-eawy seen that before.

JOYFUL   Only briefly back in the Garden of Eden.

YAHOO    They ARE getting along better, aren’t they?
.        There hasn’t been any fighting since
.        that horrible battle of Armageddon.

JOYFUL   Jesus came at the right time and won that war.
.        All the raptured Christians– with all us angels-
.        all fighting right alongside Jesus.

CAW-WA   That batt-ow was fiewce and tewible,
.        and I’m so gwad that’s aw ovah.

YAHOO    And now with only Christians entering the
.        Millennium, we don’t have all that much to do.
.        I mean, it’s not like we have to rush around
.        and protect people like we did before all this.
.        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.
.        It’s nice to get a bit of a break!

CAW-WA   We-w, it ce-tainwy helps that Jesus is
.        w-ight here, on the eawth.  What are
.        you-w thoughts on that?

JOYFUL   I think it’s so cool that the people can just-
.        go right over to see Jesus – face to face.
.        They can simply ask Him about everything
.        and anything.

YAHOO    People could do that before – through prayer,
.        and then get the answers by reading the Bible.
.        The Bible has every answer to any possible
.        situation.
.                                                      3
JOYFUL   Although now, Jesus can give very specific
.        insights, wisdom and guidance, which address
.        all the finer details of all their questions.

CAW-WA   This is twue.  Vewy twue.  What a bwessing!

YAHOO    I hear what you’re saying.  People really
.        don’t have much of an excuse now, if they say
.        they don’t understand something.

CAW-WA   How about the nation-ow peace amongst aw
.        the diffewent countwies?

JOYFUL   With Jesus as the perfect judge between
.        the nations, as well as with all the people,
.        it’s no wonder we are experiencing
.        such peaceful times.

YAHOO    Well, think about it.  Jesus is God.
.        God is all-knowing.  Of course His judgments
.        will be completely fair and honorable.
.        So, as the people continue listening
.        and seeking out Jesus’ guidance,
.        of course we will continue to live in peace.

CAW-WA   Too bad this aw won’t w-ast.

JOYFUL   Now, why do you have to bring that up?

CAW-WA   Because we can’t ignowe the facts.
.        We know it won’t w-ast, because the Bi-bow
.        says so.

YAHOO    That’s right.  God has a plan, which
.        He has shared with the people before.
.        It was all written down in His Word.
.        Although, I just don’t get why God is going to
.        release Satan after the thousand years is up.

JOYFUL   God is just.  And He knows what He’s doing.
.        Even the people being born into the Millennium,
.        throughout these entire thousand years,
.        still have the freedom to choose.

YAHOO    God is so gracious that way.
.        Never forcing His will on anyone’s soul.
.                                                      4
CAW-WA   We-w, aw those people wi-w have to choose
.        whether or not they ah going to fow-ow God.

JOYFUL   They have the perfect conditions right now.
.        And even THEN, some are silently defiant.
.        What do you think about that?

YAHOO    I certainly cannot understand that one!
.        But then, us angels have already made
.        that choice.

JOYFUL   Still, after everything we’ve seen Jesus do
.        for the people, you’d think it would be
.        a no-brainer.

CAW-WA   They have it pah-fect w’ight now, but
.        they’ow ce-tain-wy be put to the test.

YAHOO    You bet.  When Satan is released at the very end
.        and he goes out to deceive all those who have
.        not chosen to honor God - Well, we know
.        that there will be only one more battle.

JOYFUL   The last battle!  But God will win that one too.
.        Which is the best news of all!

YAHOO    It’s just so sad when people choose not to see
.        or understand the love of God.

JOYFAL   My feeling on this is that we should just
.        enjoy God’s love to the fullest extent,
.        and trust in His purposes.  As well as
.        do our part – always being ready to spread
.        the good news.

CAW-WA   Amen to that!  Wew, ow show for today is done.
.        Thanks foh joining us, and see you aw next time.