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ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        needs, giving, lying
SCRIPTURE:    Acts 4:1 - 5:11
Style:        drama/conversation: groups discuss giving
.             (can divide lines if you have more actors)
NOTE:         This skit can be lengthened and
.             added to “Healing of the Lame Beggar”


(PEOPLE 1-3 enter and approach PERSON 4, ANANIAS,

P1  We’ve brought someone along here who needs to meet
.   with the apostles. (motions to P3, then looks around)
.   Ah, so, where are they?

P4  The temple guards have arrested Peter and John.
.   We really thought it was the end of them.

P1  What do you mean?

P4  The priests and Sadducees both wanted to put them
.   to death.

P2  Well, can you blame them?  After Peter and John
.   spread the word about Jesus Christ, over
.   five thousand people became believers.

P3  I can see how the temple officials would be angry,
.   and afraid of losing their power over the people.

P4  Peter explained that he was only able to heal
.   the lame beggar through the power of Jesus Christ.
.   But sadly, even the high priest still doesn’t get it.
.   The power of Jesus is available to anybody
.   who will believe.

P1  Yes, but in order for the high priest to believe,
.   he would have to admit that the Man he had put
.   to death on the cross – WAS our Messiah – AND
.   he would have to admit that Jesus our Messiah
.   ROSE from dead.
.                                                       2
P2  Well, what happened after they were arrested?

P4  You could see that the officials were confused.
.   Here they were, Peter and John, just ordinary men,
.   with no schooling at all.  But they were speaking
.   like very educated men - about Jesus’ power.

P2  But didn’t they SEE the evidence of Jesus’ power?
.   It was pretty hard to miss the once-lame Bachir,
.   walking and jumping all around – completely healed.

P1  Yeah, what did they say about THAT?

P4  What could they say?  They were speechless.  And they
.   would look pretty stupid if they tried to deny
.   that Bachir had been healed.  Everyone saw this.

P5  (rushes out)  Peter and John have been released!
.   (CROWD is all excited)  BUT – but they have been
.   warned not to speak to anyone else about Jesus.
.   (PERSON 3 looks saddened)  Not to worry, that will
.   never stop Peter and John!  In fact, our numbers
.   only keep growing because of this.
.   (CROWD is excited again)

A   But, aren’t they putting themselves into more danger?

P5  As Peter said, “WHICH is right in God’s eyes:
.   to listen to men, or to God?  As for us, we cannot
.   help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”
.   Jesus is the stone the builders rejected, which
.   has become the cornerstone.  Salvation is found in
.   no one else.  There is no other name under heaven
.   given to mankind by which we must be saved.

P2  Indeed!  Praise God!

S   I think Eli, here, is a preacher-in-the-making!

P5  The Sovereign Lord has made the heavens and the earth
.   and the sea, and everything in them.

P2  God spoke by the Holy Spirit through the mouth of His
.   servant, our father David:  that the nations rage
.   and the peoples plot in vain.  The kings and rulers
.   of earth rise up and band together against the Lord.
.                                                       3
P5  (continues in prayer)  Now, Lord, consider their
.   threats and help your servants to speak Your word
.   with great boldness.  Stretch out Your hand to heal
.   and perform signs and wonders through the name
.   of Your holy servant Jesus.

P3  Amen!  I do believe this.  I believe in Jesus.
.   And I claim - that nothing I have is my own.
.   It all belongs to God.  I used to pass by beggars
.   on the street and look away, but there shouldn’t
.   be anybody in our sight who is in need of anything.
.   (to P5)  I want to sell all that I have - and share
.   with everyone who has need.

P5  Anybody else who wants to do this, they should bring
.   everything to the apostles to distribute accordingly.
.   We can trust that they will be honest and fair.

(ALL exit, except for ANANIAS and SAPPHIRA.)

A   I guess we should – do this - so we don’t look
.   greedy compared to everyone else.

S   Sell everything?  But, we’ve worked so hard for
.   what we have.  And then what happens if WE ourselves
.   should ever need anything?  Ananias, can we really
.   trust these people to help us – IF that ever happens?

A   I can hear it now.  I’m sure the apostles would
.   call that – not trusting God – or something.

S   Well, why put us in that position at all?
.   Wouldn’t God honor us – BECAUSE we have taken care
.   of ourselves?  We have never been a burden to anyone.
.   Why start now?

A   I completely agree with you, Sapphira.  Hm, well...
.   I know!  We could sell a portion of our property,
.   but we don’t have to give everything that we make
.   from it.  We could just tell them that we gave
.   all the money, and hide the rest.  No one will know.

S   I like that plan.  We will look good to everyone,
.   we’ll still have some money, and no one will know.

.                                                       4
or these could be completely different people.)

P2  Did you hear about Ananias and Sapphira?

P1  That they sold some land and donated money?
.   Who didn’t hear them bragging about that?

P2  Well when Ananias brought the money to Apostle Peter,
.   Peter asked him why he would lie to the Holy Spirit
.   and keep back some of the money.  And right then
.   at that very moment - Ananias – fell down - dead.

P1  What’s going to happen to Sapphira?

P2  Oh, well, when they saw her about three hours later,
.   Peter asked her about the amount of money – and
.   she lied about it, too.

P1  Did she die?

P2  On the spot.

P1  Wait, why?  What was so wrong about keeping some
.   of the money?  Isn’t this all voluntary?
.   Isn’t it all up to each person as to how much
.   they want to give?

P2  It wasn’t about that.  They both lied – and that -
.   is lying to God.

P1  (talks while exiting)  I guess, that’ll make
.   people think twice about telling lies.