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ALWAYS READY TO FORGIVE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        relationships, forgiveness, grace
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 15:1-32; Gal.5:1; Eph.1:6;
.             Col.2:6-14; Heb.3:8-22; 1Pet.2:16
Style:        drama/conversation:  kids discuss
.             why they don’t feel worthy enough
.             to be attending the family gathering
Cast:         KIDS 1-4 (can be adults), MOM, DAD
Set & Props:  (optional) doorway to house


(KIDS 1-2 enter from one side of the stage and approach
doorway, while KIDS 3-4 enter from the other side.)

K 1   (seeing K 3)  I cannot believe you are actually
.     coming to the family reunion!

K 3   I know-I know.  I almost did not come.
.     I still feel so guilty.

K 1   And you should!  What you did was just terrible.

K 3   You don’t have to rub it in.  I have my doubts.

K 2   Doubts about what?

K 3   Whether Mom and Dad have written me out of
.     their will.  I mean, I would not blame them if they
.     did not want me to be part of the family anymore.

K 2   Why would you think that?

K 3   Come on.  What I did was unforgiveable.

K 1   At least we agree on something.

K 2   (to K 1)  You’re not helping.

K 1   That’s not my job.  Or my concern.
.     I make sure I always do the right thing.

K 4   Of course, because in your mind,
.     you’re the favorite child.
.                                                       2
K 1   That’s because I follow the rules,
.     and don’t rock the boat.

K 2   (to K 1)  You do so rock the boat.

K 1   You all started this conversation.  
.     I’m just trying to help you all see the truth.

K 2   You don’t know everything.  And what gives you
.     the right to speak for Mom and Dad?

K 1   Because I keep in touch with them.  I visit them
.     every week.  I even call or text every day
.     to make sure they’re okay.

K 2   I do the same thing.

K 4   That’s why I almost didn’t come today.

K 1   What do you mean?  You’re never here.

K 4   I know.  That’s... what I mean.  I may as well
.     not even be considered part of the family.
.     I’m never here.  And I’m so busy, I certainly
.     don’t have time to call.

K 1   That’s your own decision.

K 4   I know.  I have no excuse.  I should just stop
.     trying to justify my absence.

K 1   It’s important to put forth the effort
.     to make an appearance.

K 2   (to K 1)  Maybe you make an appearance,
.     but you could put forth some effort
.     to help out more.

K 1   I help out.

K 2   I’m the one left doing all the dirty work.
.     They’re getting older, you know.

K 1   I send them money.  They can use it
.     for whatever they need.

K 2   You put notes with the money saying               3
.     what they should buy.  And in the end,
.     it’s always something that will benefit you.

K 1   What are implying?

K 2   I thought I was actually being pretty clear.

K 1   I do not try to manipulate.

K 2   Of course, because you’re so perfect.

K 1   Mom and Dad have never complained.

K 2   Because Mom and Dad love all of us –
.     no matter what.

K 1   Oh come on, everyone has their limits.

(MOM and DAD open the door and/or step out.)

DAD   Hi, kids.  We thought we heard you out here.

MOM   Why don’t you come in?  The food’s
.     getting cold.

(After a moment of awkward silence, KID 2 steps forward.)

K 2   I’m sorry.  I should not have gotten involved
.     with this petti argument.

MOM   We forgive you, dear.

K 2   (to KIDS)  Sorry guys.

K 4   (mumbling)  That’s... okay?

K 1   (K 1)  Don’t try to make ME look bad.

K 4   (steps forward)  Mom, Dad, I’m truly sorry
.     for not keeping in touch.  I’m going to try
.     to do better in the future.

DAD   Come on in, we forgive you.

MOM   We’re just so glad that you’re here now.

(KID 4 enters the house.  KID 3 shuffles feet           4
while trying to gather up the courage to speak.
KID 1 decides to hang back and watch the show, gloating.)

K 3   I’m-  I – would not blame you if you never
.     wanted to see me ever again.

MOM   Why would you ever say that?

DAD   You are our child.  And you will always
.     be our child - no matter what.

MOM   No matter what you’ve done – we’ll always
.     love you.

K 3   I’m so sorry.

DAD   We forgive you.

MOM   Come here.  Let us hug you.

(KID 3 shuffles over and allows the hugs of MOM and DAD.
KID 1 balks and shakes head in surprise.)

K 1   How can you forgive that?  Here I am,
.     always trying my best to follow the rules-

(KID 3 enters the house.  MOM and DAD turn to KID 1.)

MOM   You might not understand this, because
.     you think that you have to earn our love...
.     but – we love all of you the same.

DAD   Do you think so little of us – that we would
.     be incapable of loving you – just because
.     you are one of our children?

K 1   Never thought of it that way.  I’m – sorry.

DAD   Of course we forgive you.

MOM   And just as we love and forgive you, we want
.     all of you kids to love and forgive each other.
.     It makes for a much better family time.  Yes?

(MOM and DAD usher KID 1 inside.)