.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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ALICE IN SEARCH MODE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        success, purpose, doing God’s will
SCRIPTURE:    Rom.8:28, 2Cor.5:5-13; Eph.3:8-13, 4:14-16;
.             Phil.2:1-4; 1 Thess.4:7; 1 Tim.4:7;
.             1 Pet.2:21-25
Style:        satire/conversation:  ALICE finds herself
.             meeting characters from every walk of life
.             as she searches for the purpose in life.
NOTE:         Both skits stand on their own, but
.             if you want to make a longer “drama,”
.             you can start with “Alice in Search Mode”,
.             then flow it into “
Alice in Study Mode”;
.             beginning with the search for purpose,
.             then continuing the search for clarity.
.             FRIEND
Set & Props:  backpack, Bible, maybe costumes


(ALICE enters with backpack from stage right and wanders
across to bump into MADCAP, dressed as a punk/rebel.)

M   Hello.  I’m Madcap.

A   I’m Alice.

M   Pleased to meet you, maybe.  And where did you
.   come from?

A   I’m not sure.  I just fell through a dark hole
.   and here I am.  So what does that all mean?

M   That you come from darkness - or nothingness?

A   So then, I’m searching for something.

M   You are?  Well, as it so happens, you have
.   just found something.  (motions to himself)

A   I guess I have.

M   Join me then, in a cup of nothingness.

A   Alright?                                            2

(MADCAP begins to mime pouring a cup of tea.)

M   Tea?

A   I actually prefer coffee.

M   As you wish.

(MADCAP mimes pouring a cup of coffee.)

A   How do you know which pot is which?

M   Does it matter?  It’s all pretend.
.   So nothing matters.  Life is crazy that way.

A   Really?  Then where are YOU going in life?

M   I like it right here.

(MADCAP hands ALICE an imaginary cup of coffee.
ALICE finally pretends along.  MADCAP takes a sip.)

A   But – oh!  Ah, thank you. - But, what do you
.   even get out of this?

M   A great imagination, I suppose!  I just
.   make it up as I go.

A   I see.

M   You do?  (looking around)  Well, I’m starting
.   to worry about you.

A   Imagination is nice, but to live in it - isn’t that
.   just an interesting way - to create denial?

M   Depends.  Do YOU live in an imaginary world?

(ALICE looks down at her imaginary coffee cup.)

A   This is beginning to make less and less sense.

(ALICE throws her hands to the side.)

M   Oopsies.  You spilled your coffee.
.                                                       3
A   There must be something real.  Perhaps I need
.   to look further.

M   Further – would be – over there, or there, or there.
.   (as he points, he is careful not to spill)

A   I suppose it would be anywhere but here!

M   (lightly)  Exactly!  Ta-ta.

A   (unsure)  Ta.

(MADCAP exits stage left while still drinking his tea,
while ALICE turns around and heads back toward
stage right where COOL CAT finds her and begins to do
a slow, sly dance around ALICE.  Getting uncomfortable
and suspicious, ALICE stops to face COOL CAT.)

A   Excuse me.

(COOL CAT does a little swirl then stops to preen.)

A   Hello?

C   (coyly pretending to just notice)  Oh, hi.

A   Who are you?

C   Cool Cat.  (looks long and deep into ALICE’S eyes)
.   Did you want to play - or hunt?  Hunt AND play?
.   I just LOVE to hunt and play.

A   Do you live in an imaginary world also?

C   I live – for the moment.  So I try to pick
.   my moments wisely.

(COOL CAT quickly swirls around ALICE and lightly lifts
her backpack from her.)

A   Oh, are you wise?

C   I am clever.  I usually get what I want.

A   (noticing)  Hey, you took my backpack!

C   (lightly)  No I didn’t.                             4

A   You did.  There it is.

C   Oh, so it is.  May I have it?  I just LOVE
.   your backpack.

A   (taking backpack)  No, it’s mine and I need it.

C   I don’t know why you would need it, when you
.   don’t even know what you want?

A   Perhaps you can help me with that?

C   I would LOVE to help you.

A   Well, what looks good to you right now?

C   I just like to float and fly and dance around.
.   I like to look around.  Find what looks interesting
.   for the moment.  Find something that I LOVE.

A   Love sounds wonderful.  It must be nice
.   to have love in your life.

C   Oh yes.  I love many things - for a moment.

A   For a moment?

C   Yes, moments of love come and go.  So I’m always
.   searching for what I love at the moment.

A   Well, then – which is the best way to go right now?

C   What do you THINK you would LOVE to look for?

A   Something - real.  I would love to find something –
.   very real.

C   What does that mean to you?

A   I don’t know.

C   Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.

A   You’ve never found anything that has kept you
.   in one spot?
.                                                       5
C   No.  Whatever catches my fancy for the moment –

(COOL CAT dashes off to stage right in a big flash and
a pounce.)

A   Well, I never.

(ALICE shakes her head and puts the backpack on her more
securely.  Seeing PHIL-O sitting in a lotus position over
at stage left, ALICE approaches him cautiously.  ALICE
stops to study him, wondering if she should interrupt.)

P   Yeeesssss?

A   You look very wise.

P   Indeed.

A   Are you wise?

P   I like to think so.

A   Can you help me then?

P   One can always pass on the knowledge that
.   one possesses.  Ummmmmmmm...

(ALICE quickly sits down to listen closely.)

P   Let me think...  you need to think, and determine,
.   and decide.  Let yourself find the matter to the
.   cause and details of the circumstance, and then you
.   can “be” in the place of accepted realization.

A   Wow.  That sounded very wise.  It MUST mean
.   something...  What DOES that mean?  Exactly?

P   The actualization of the internal question
.   opposed to the propaganda of societal realms.
.   Peace.

A   Oh...  Well, I like the sound of peace.

P   Harmony with your “self.”

A   Harmony sounds nice, too.                           6

P   The musical rifts that equate to an iridescent
.   tranquility.

A   (shakes her head to rattle her brain, finally...)
.   Okay.  But what does that really mean?
.   Put it all into plain words, please.

P   The substance of existence is whatever you make
.   of it.

A   So you live in a pretend world also.

P   Ha!  Such impudence!  You are a stupid girl, then.

A   Because I disagreed with you?  You just said
.   it was - whatever I made of it.

P   Intellectual ponderings will escalate the grander
.   proportions to higher and broader scopes.

A   Just because you use big words and fancy talk
.   does not mean you know anything.

P   Then you have a lot to discover.

A   Indeed, because I have learned nothing here.

(As ALICE gets up, QUEEN BEE enters from stage left
and calls her over.)

Q   Little girl!  Girl!  Forget about him.  Come here!

(ALICE notices QUEEN BEE and approaches.)

Q   Thinking is great, but you must “DO.”  It is
.   all about success in life.  THAT - fills you up.

A   Sounds wonderful!  What is - “success?”

Q   (gasps)  Money and power!

A   That sounds very reasonable, and alluring.

Q   Exactly.  It also gives you purpose.

A   So it’s fulfilling, as well.                        7

Q   It is filling.  Just fill up your bank account
.   and your pockets with riches and you will obtain
.   your heart’s desires.

A   Which is?

Q   (joyfully)  Things!  I have so many things.  And –
.   I want more things.

A   More things?  So you still do not have enough?

Q   (suddenly angry)  It’s never enough!

A   So it’s NOT ful-filling...

Q   It is – filling.  We must continue to fill, and get,
.   and have.  And YOU - will help me do that.

A   Wait!  For myself – or for you?

Q   (suddenly slyer)  Aaaahhhh, both?

A   You’re just trying to use me to get more things.

Q   What is wrong with that?  Success is how much
.   you have, not necessarily how you get it.

A   That doesn’t sound very nice to me.

Q   Are you going to work for me or not?

A   What if I want to work for myself?

Q   Then we may be in competition...
.   Come, work for yourself, while working for me.
.   There is always opportunity as you climb higher
.   up the ladder of life.

A   Is this ladder - stepping on all the things
.   that you acquire – or stepping on all
.   the poor, vulnerable people as you go?

Q   It is work.  All work.  Work hard and work fast
.   and work long hours.  Work-work-work!
.   Or will you be a lazy girl?
.                                                       8
A   I am just questioning the principles here.

Q   You are questioning me?  Off with her head!

A   What?!

Q   You’re – FIRED!  And obviously you will never
.   amount to much!

(QUEEN BEE marches off.  ALICE gasps, then sees FRIEND
across the stage at stage left.  FRIEND holds a Bible.
ALICE is so annoyed, she doesn’t know which way to go,
but is wary of speaking to yet another ignorant person.
FRIEND sees ALICE and approaches her.)

F   Excuse me, can I help you?...  You – you look lost.

A   I am.  I suppose I can listen to one more person.
.   I’m looking for something, and I don’t even know
.   what it is.  Why do we exist?  What is it all for?
.   What does life mean to you?  Are there such things
.   as success, truth, love or purpose?  But – I don’t
.   even know why I’m bothering to talk with you.
.   Like me, you’re not very old.  What could you know.

F   Well, I am young.  But I do know where to find all
.   the answers to your questions.

A   Really?!

F   All of your questions are answered in this book.

A   And you wrote this book?  Or some other wise person?

F   Through men, it was written by God, who not only
.   knows all things, but created all things, and
.   created us – with a purpose – to love God
.   as He loves us.  To have a successful life
.   as we follow His will and perfect direction.

A   Can – can you tell me more?  I really want the truth.


Alice in Study Mode”)