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AGREE TO DISAGREE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     disagreements, unity, forgiveness
SCRIPTURE: Matt.5:24, 18:15-17; Eph.4:31-32
Style:     drama/conversation: 3 FEMALES (could be men)
.          try to work out a situation where one of them
.          is offended way to easily over differences
.          of opinions.  This does not equal sin.


(DANI & ELLEN approach BOBBY with a stern attitude.)

BOBBI  Hi, Dani – Ellen. What’s up?

DANI   You should know, Bobbi. I approached you once
.      about this matter, but you didn’t do anything
.      about it.  I doubt that you even listened.
.      So now, according to Matthew chapter 18,
.      I’ve brought along Ellen to help.

BOBBI  I still don’t understand. What did I do?

DANI   You offended me.

BOBBI  Well... please tell me how, Dani.

DANI   You should just KNOW.

ELLEN  Eh, okay, let’s keep it civil.

BOBBI  I’m sorry, but this is very frustrating.
.      Seriously, I have no idea.

DANI   I shouldn’t have to tell you.

ELLEN  I actually - disagree with that there.
.      (shrugs at DANI’S hurt-filled glare)

DANI   Okay!  (turns back to BOBBI)  But I’ve already
.      told you.  At the last Sunday School committee
.      meeting - you were very rude to me –
.                                                       2
BOBBI  (quickly, defensively)  I was frustrated.
.      I felt like I wasn’t even being heard.
.      And I already apologized for that,
.      and you said you forgave me.

ELLEN  Dani, you can’t just keep bringing up old–

DANI   It’s not that.  You still haven’t apologized
.      for NOT supporting me on the new study material.

BOBBI  Buuuttt, I was just giving my opinion.

DANI   You were trying to run things.  It’s always
.      about you and what you want.  But - if you just
.      always want things to go YOUR way, then –
.      that’s fine – whatever.

BOBBI  Couldn’t I say the same thing about you?
.      You had your opinion and wanted to see your idea
.      put in place.  And it was.  How is that
.      any different than what I did?

DANI   It was 3 to 1.

BOBBI  But I’m still allowed to have my opinion
.      and disagree with yours.

ELLEN  (cautiously)  That is correct.  So Matthew 18
.      really does not even apply to this situation...
.      It’s not like a sin was committed.

DANI   There WAS - I was offended.

BOBBI  I think you offend way too easily.

ELLEN  (to BOBBI)  Easy.  (to DANI)  Dani,
.      what exactly do you think Bobbi is guilty of?

DANI   I felt attacked because she kept disagreeing.

ELLEN  That’s not a sin.

DANI   The Bible is clear that if I’ve been offended
.      I should approach –
.                                                       3
ELLEN  To offend someone means they have committed
.      an offense... that they have actually sinned
.      against them.  You’re not going to have everyone
.      agree with you 100 percent of the time.
.      It’s impossible.

DANI   But the Bible talks about unity.  We are
.      supposed to be unified.

ELLEN  You can’t beat or bully people into unity.
.      And there will be times where you’ll just
.      have to agree to disagree.

DANI   I disagree!  We are supposed to be of one mind.

BOBBI  But - does it have to be YOUR mind?

DANI   It would be yours too if we were all in agreement.

ELLEN  Regarding that verse, it should be God's mind.
.      But listen, God allows some variety.  Let’s say we
.      went out for lunch, and two of us wanted to go
.      to Burger King’s, but the other wanted McDonald’s –
.      no one would be wrong.  No one would commit a sin
.      if they disagreed.

DANI   Except our disagreement was over study material.

ELLEN  And either one would have been fine.  They are
.      both doctrinally sound and well laid out -

DANI   And I wouldn’t go to either of those restaurants –
.      I prefer Wendy’s.

ELLEN  Then I won’t suggest we go out to eat.  Dani!
.      You’re being so contentious.  Do you WANT
.      to fight?

DANI   I thought you were on MY side?

ELLEN  You brought me along to act as a peacekeeper.
.      And that’s what I’m trying to do.  As I see it,
.      you’re being very unfair.  And self-righteous.

BOBBI  Maybe you don’t realize, but you have really     4
.      hurt ME through all this too, you know.
.      I feel like I have to walk around on eggshells
.      around some of you, and that’s not right.

DANI   I’ve been hurt too.  And you’ve done enough
.      things to make me not trust you anymore.

BOBBI  Because I express my opinions?  I thought that was
.      the purpose for committees.  To consider other
.      ideas, discuss them, then make the best choice -

DANI   Well fine then!  Let’s agree to disagree!

(DANI storms off haughtily.  ELLEN looks at BOBBI.)

BOBBI  She doesn’t get it.  What should I do?  Do I
.      need to pursue this any further?  Matthew 5:24
.      says I should reconcile with my brother.

ELLEN  (sighing and shaking her head)
.      You’ve done your part.  You let Dani know
.      that you were hurt.  You tried to talk.
.      It’s up to Dani to apologize.  But,
.      whether or not you ever get an apology,
.      you need to choose to forgive Dani,
.      or you’ll wind up being bitter...
.      Easier said than done.

BOBBI  Everything in God’s strength, so God’s help,
.      I will forgive her.

ELLEN  That's exactly it - ask God to forgive her
.      FOR you.