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ADAM AND EVE - written Tanis Harms
TOPIC:      forgiveness, relationships
Scriptures: Genesis 3; Ephesians 5:22-33
Style:      comedy/conversation: Adam and Eve
.           have a typical argument while
.           leaving the Garden of Eden
Costume:    clothed


(ADAM and EVE slink on stage – embarrassed)

ADAM  You had to take the fruit!  You could have taken
.     anything else.  Like: an apple, or - orange.
.     A banana, kumquat, kiwi, coconut, strawberry –

EVE   You’re not going to list them all, are you?

ADAM  (little louder)  Avocado, pear, peach, pomegranate–

EVE   You’re so immature!

ADAM  (in EVE’S face) Green grape, red grape,
.     lemon, lime –

EVE   You ate from it too!

ADAM  But you started it.

EVE   What that snake said, made so much sense
.     at the time.  And come on, think about it –
.     the pretty snake was TALKING!

ADAM  You’re so gullible and weak.  (now mockingly)
.     Oh, let me just do what the pretty snake says.

EVE   Whoa!  It took a talking snake to convince me!
.     It only took little ol’ me to say, “Try it”,
.     and you just crumbled like a fragile sandcastle.

ADAM  You think you have that much power over me?

EVE   Then why don't you own up to your own actions
.     and stop blaming me!?

(ADAM stops to think and scowl at EVE.)
.                                                       2
ADAM  You DO realize I’m going to be spending
.     a lot more time at work now.  So you just better
.     not complain when I’m not home by suppertime.

EVE   Just don’t go using that as an excuse.
.     You better try really hard to be home
.     at a decent hour, buster, because –
.     it’s not like I’m going to have it easy, either!
.     (holding stomach)  In fact, I feel like -
.     I want to throw up right now.

ADAM  What do you mean?  What’s – “throw up”?
.     Just another type of excuse?

EVE   I’m not sure!  But I think I need to sit down.
.     (sits)  I think we’re going to have one of those
.     babies God was talking about.

ADAM  You mean, with all that pain?  And all those
.     possible complications?–

EVE   Okay, okay, don’t rub it in! Adam – I’m scared.

ADAM  (sits next to EVE)  Me too.  At least God
.     forgave us when we asked Him.  And we know
.     He’s always there with us.

EVE   Yes, but are YOU always going to be there for me?
.     God did warn us that we’d have a lot of problems
.     in our relationship now.

ADAM  Yeah. Although, I’m not exactly sure what
.     that means.

EVE   Me thinks it includes miscommunication.

ADAM  I – still don’t get it.

EVE   Exactly.  (frustrated gasp)  We’re going
.     to have work at talking CLEARLY to each other,
.     and trying to understand each other.

ADAM  Oh, yeah, well of course.  And just remember,
.     God said you were supposed to do exactly
.     what I say.

EVE   What?!  N-NOOOoooo!

ADAM  You heard Him say that I’m to be over you.
.                                                       3
EVE   You’re taking that way out of context.
.     God said you were supposed to be
.     the spiritual leader of the household,
.     and I should respect that.  But you have to be
.     considerate.  You have to consider - my feelings -
.     or - you’ll have - you’ll... (begins to cry)

ADAM  What are you doing now?

EVE   Crying.

ADAM  Why?

EVE   I don’t know... Because, I don’t feel like
.     you’re hearing me at all.  And you’re –
.     being so bossy, and speaking so harsh –

ADAM  I don’t understand!  You know, since you – WE –
.     ate the fruit – you haven’t made any sense.
.     (EVE gives ADAM a dirty look.)
.     Nothing makes any sense!

EVE   That’s what I’ve been saying.  Aw!
.     (drying her eyes)  You know, God forgave us,
.     but we’re going to have to forgive each other.

ADAM  You’re right.  It’s not going to be easy.
.     Especially since I have a big pride issue.

EVE   And is that going to always be YOUR excuse?
.     Seriously, you don’t think I have the same issue?

ADAM  All right-all right then. Come on.
.     (EVE just looks at ADAM, about to cry again.)
.     What?  What is it now?  Okay – okay-I love you...
.     and – I’m sorry.

(EVE stands and puts her arms out for a hug.
ADAM rolls his eyes and gives her a hug.)

ADAM  Okay, okay.  Let’s go.  We’ve got a lot of work
.     to do.  Like – something called “weeding.”

EVE   And making more clothes.  I'm just glad God gave us
.     clothes made of animal skin.  Your idea of leaves
.     really did not work.  But still, what do you think,
.     does this dress make me look big?

ADAM  Ahhhhh – (follows EVE off, wondering how to answer)