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Who Done It? Who Did In Wubby? – NOTES
.                              - written by Tanis Harms
PREMISE:     During Trish’s sixteenth birthday party,
.            her stuffed rabbit is discovered...
.            demolished.  It becomes Sheldon’s job
.            to figure out who did the deed.
STYLE:       comedy/who-done-it mystery
TOPIC:       lying produces hurt, guilt and distrust
SCRIPTURE:   Ex.20:16, Rom.3:5-8, 1Cor.13:6

Cast:        Ms. Pepper     (perky Party Planner)
.            Trish          (
16 yr old birthday girl, sensitive)
.            Todd           (
Trish's brother, tease)
.            Terri          (
Trish's sister, competitive tomboy)
.            Sheldon        (serious sleuth wanna-be)
.            Katie          (caring friend)
.            Gale           (jealous friend)
.            Emma           (coy friend)
.            Annette        (skeptical friend)
.            Quinton        (macho friend)
.            Colin          (ghoulish friend)
.            Russ           (goofy friend)
.            Jimmy          (laidback friend)
.            Cook           (no-nonsense Mrs. Fellini)
.            Butler         (aloof Mr. Douglas)
.            Chauffeur      (jokester Mr. Stellar)
.            Maid           (anxious Miss Carol)
.            Mr. Bergman    (
Trish's father, competitive)
.            Mrs. Bergman   (
Trish's mother, fun-loving)

NOTE:        EVERYONE, except for Trish and the parents,
.            should play up their parts so that
.            the congregation could suspect
.            anyone of them.  And just have fun
.            getting into all of your parts, as all
.            the characters are very serious about
.            what they are depicting and experiencing.

Set:         FAMILY ROOM:   a few chairs, maybe a sofa,
.                           side table, coffee table
Props:       blanket, turn up pink bunny, masking tape,
.            pad/s of paper, pen/s, toy airplane,
.            40 tiny items for game, ipod with earphones,
.            feather duster
Sound FX:    of a big dog barking