.          all rights belong to Tanis Harms, © 2015
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WHERE CHRISTMAS IS CREATED – written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:     Kids are invited to participate
.            in a spectacularly commercialized
.            Christmas product commercial tour
.            at a factory, only to find out the truth
.            when there are glitches here and there
.            within the automatic conveyor systems.
.            This journey helps change their
.            hearts of pride, jealousy and selfishness
.            to hearts of humility, trust and love.
STYLE:       fantasy/comedy
TOPIC:       Christmas gift
SCRIPTURE:   Matt.18:4; Prov.22:4, 11:2, Jhn.11:25;
.            Rom.6:23; Eph.2:8; Jhn.3:16

.            $30.00 USD to receive a DIRECTOR’S SCRIPT
.                                   (plus sheet music)
how you receive this & package description

SCRIPT:                   ACT 1
.                     CENTER STAGE


(Music begins and WORKERS enter singing, robotic-like,
with pasted on smiles and stiff choreography.
Their moves can even emulate gears working and turning,
while the background screen builds on the motif
of levers moving and gears turning.)

WORKERS      (singing first verse)
.            Time to make, time to create –
.            Christmas!
.            Let us make it work, make it look like play.
.            Time to make, time to create –
.            Christmas!
.            Let us make it work, make a special day,
.            Let’s make a very merry Christmas day.

(CEO enters importantly at stage left.
Without looking, CEO holds out briefcase to the side
while calling out with a commanding voice.)

CEO          Where’s my assistant?  Ms. Aliston?
.            Keep on going, everyone.
.                                                     2
(As second verse is sung, and the CEO continues watching,
ALISTON enters before CEO can even finish asking,
and quickly-smoothly takes briefcase then holds it out
for ASSISTANT to rush on and take it off stage.)

WORKERS      (singing second verse)
.            Time to make, time to create – Christmas!
.            Let us make it work, working all the day.
.            Time to make, must create – Christmas!
.            No time to waste, no time to play,
.            work along to a song-

CEO          (singing / speaking)
.            Where’s the choir?  They must gear up!
.            Practice now, get to it, hup-hup-
.            It must RING Christmas,
.            So BRING it, little elves.

(CHILDREN ELVES rush on and group together like a choir.
CONDUCTOR helps usher them in to then direct them.)

CHILDREN     (singing continues chorus)
.            Ringing, Bringing, Ringing, Singing,
.            La la la la la, La la la la la,
.            La la la la la, CHRISTMAS!

(At musical interlude, CEO spreads out arms.)

CEO          What was that?  Not perfect enough!
.            Go work on that some more!

(ALISTON makes a notation in her notepad, and every time
Aliston says “check” she makes a big check on her notepad.)

ALISTON      Make children work more.  Check!

CEO          Let’s try this again!

(ELVES and CONDUCTOR rush offstage.  As song continues,
WORKERS perk up and try to work harder with more energy.)

WORKERS      (singing second verse)
.            Time to make, time to create – Christmas!
.            Let us make it work, working all the day.
.            Time to make, must create – Christmas!
.            No time to waste, no time to play,
.            work along to a song-

(CHILDREN-ELVES rush on and into their choir poses.    3
CONDUCTOR ushers them in to then direct them.)

CHILDREN     (singing continues chorus)
.            Ringing, Bringing, Ringing, Singing,
.            La la la la la, La la la la la,
.            La la la la la, CHRISTMAS!

(While CHILDREN sing, some WORKERS hang garland over
“The Christmas Incorporation Factory” sign
at downstage left.  The other WORKERS dance
with even more happy energy, but still robot-like,
and strike a pose at the end of the song.)

CEO          All of you – I need to see more spirit!
.            MORE energy!  We’re trying
.            to convincingly create –
.            the joy - of Christmas.  
.            And - we cannot afford
.            to have anything go wrong this year!
.            Am I making myself clear?
.            Everything MUST go smoothly this year!

ALISTON      Things to go smoothly.  Check.

(WORKERS and ELVES busily exit while
CEO continues to speak with fiery conviction.)

CEO          Our profits must continue to rise!
.            So!  Where are we
.            with our grand marketing surprise?

ALISTON      Implementing marketing surprise!-
.            (whips out 3 invitations and holds them out)
.            sending out invitations to
.            strategically selected children as requested.

(ASSISTANT rushes up to grab invitations, then exits.)

ALISTON      Check!

CEO          And what is the name of our first victim?
.            I mean – guest.
.            The name of our first guest.

ALISTON      Gigi Applegate.

CEO          And is she
.            a very entitled, spoiled brat ?
.                                                    4
ALISTON      Check!  The most entitled, spoiled brat
.            we could find.

CEO          Parents who enable their children
.            are so good for business!  It tends to
.            generate guilt-ridden expensive purchases
.            in hopes of appeasing their greedy nature,
.            instead of teaching love, and giving kisses.

.                   DOWNSTAGE RIGHT

(As the next scenes bits play out, you can spotlight
each spot and Ping-Pong the lights accordingly.)

(POLLY enters, pulling at the hand of GIGI, who is
stomping her feet in a fit and pulls her hand away.)

GIGI         I want-I want-I want-I want!

(POLLY stops to sweetly give full attention
to her dear, little princess.)

POLLY        What is it, dear?
.            Do you want something right now?
.            You have to let me know, and be
.            very specific.  So like, for this year,
.            what is on your Christmas wish-list?

GIGI         Everything!  I want everything.

(As GIGI pulls out her mile-long-wish-list,
ASSISTANT appears and holds out an invitation.)

ASSISTANT    Gigi Applegate?  Your special invitation
.            to the Christmas Incorporation Factory’s
.            annual tour – where Christmas is created!

(ASSISTANT holds the position with extended invitation.)

GIGI         I have many spectacular events to attend.
.            Why would I bother with this one?

ASSISTANT    It includes a competition.
.            And if you win,
.            you could be princess for a year.

(GIGI snatches the invitation, gripping it tightly in
one hand, wish-list in the other, then turns to POLLY.)
.                                                    5
GIGI         What will I wear?!-What will I wear?!

POLLY        I’m only assuming you’ll want something
.            new to go with one of your tiaras.

GIGI         I also want a new tiara.  I want to win!

POLLY        I’m sure you’ll get a new one when you win.
.            And you will win.  I’ll make sure of it.

GIGI         Of course I will win.  I always do.

(GIGI struts off stage, POLLY and ASSISTANT following.)

.                   DOWNSTAGE LEFT

(CEO rubs hands together gleefully as if imagining,
then comments to ALISTON.)

CEO          Oh, this will be so much fun!
.            Gigi’s winning - is - as good as done!

ALISTON      Not so fast!  You have not yet heard
.            about the second guests.  Jane Matthews.

CEO          Is this the insecure and jealous child?

ALISTON      Check!
.            (smiles as she adds fuel to the fire)
.            And this is only made worse by her parents’
.            cruel and discouraging remarks.

(CEO nods knowingly, then begins a thoughtful pace.)

CEO          Breeding even more insecurity and jealousy.
.            When people need to fill that empty void,
.            they usually go on big shopping sprees.

(CEO poses, as if to imagine the next scene.)

.                   DOWNSTAGE RIGHT

(BECKY and JANE enter, with JANE tenderly cozying up
to her mother like this will influence her in some way.)

JANE         Why can’t I have everything that
.            Gigi has?  Am I not good enough?

BECKY        I try my best – so you can measure up    6
.            with the rest of the children.

JANE         Except that it’s never enough.
.            I just want to feel good about myself.

(ASSISTANT enters and approaches JANE with invitation.)

ASSISTANT    Jane Matthews?  Your special invitation
.            to the Christmas Incorporation Factory’s
.            annual tour – where Christmas is created!

(ASSISTANT holds the position with extended invitation.)

JANE         What’s the point?

ASSISTANT    A chance to show everyone
.            that you are better than anyone else.

JANE         Really?  And will Gigi be there?

(Without changing position, ASSISTANT smiles and looks up,
thinking with amusement, then looks back at JANE.)

ASSISTANT    The name does sound familiar.

JANE         (snatches invitation, grips it with anger)
.            I knew it. Good things always happen to her.
.            Well this time it’s my turn!
.            I’ll show everyone!

BECKY        But darling, if you do NOT win,
.            I will try to buy you something.  

JANE         I will win!  And I’ll do whatever it takes!
.            WHATEVER IT TAKES!

(JANE leads the rest out with an angry, pouty stomp.)

.                   DOWNSTAGE LEFT

(CEO rubs hands together gleefully as if imagining,
then comments to ALISTON.)

CEO          This will be one glorious contest.
.            I’m seeing lots of dollar signs!
.            (clapping hands ecstatically)
.            Now, who is our third and final guest?

ALISTON      Ned Sparrow.                       7

CEO          Ah!  That would have to be our child
.            in extreme need.

ALISTON      Check! Although this year’s child-in-need
.            goes well beyond your expectations.
.            This kid does not rely on the parents
.            for anything – and so – is extremely
.            determined and full of pride.  Wants to
.            prove himself worthy by working hard.

CEO          Hard work is one thing, but when
.            pride is involved, one tends to buy
.            lots of things in order to show off.
.            The one with the “most toys” wins the game.
.            Is that not how the saying goes?

(CEO poses, as if to imagine the next scene.)

.                   DOWNSTAGE RIGHT

(NED and HAROLD enter with tough, independent demeanors.)

HAROLD       Well, it’s Christmas.
.            Is there – anything you need?

NED          I’ll give you a few little ideas, but
.            I’m done with being disappointed.
.            If there’s anything I really want,
.            I’ll just start an extra paper route
.            and buy it myself.

HAROLD       (joking)  Are you sure you’re my son?
.            Seriously, in m

NED          Dad!  My goal is to be
.            a self-sufficient, self-made man.

HAROLD       There you go again.  I don’t even know
.            what you’re talking about.

(ASSISTANT enters and approaches NED with an invitation.)

ASSISTANT    Ned Sparrow?  Your special invitation
.            to the Christmas Incorporation Factory’s
.            annual tour – where Christmas is created!

NED          I am not some charity case!
.                                                     8
ASSISTANT    It is not charity.  Some of the richest,
.            brightest and most powerful children
.            are being hand-selected.

NED          So it’s some sort of corporate scheme!

HAROLD       (laughs to ASSISTANT)  Seriously, no idea.
.            (to NED)  Ned, where do you get this stuff?

NED          (to ASSISTANT)  So, what’s in it for me?

.            and EARN your way to the top.

(NED snatches the invitation.)

NED          Game - on!

(NED marches out, leading the way.)

.                         ACT 2
.                     CENTER STAGE

(While walking to center stage, CEO rubs hands
together gleefully as if imagining,
then comments to ALISTON.)

CEO          Brilliant!  So the game is on!
.            This year’s challenge
.            will be the most exciting!
.            Anyone of them could win!

ALISTON      Even though you know full well
.            that no one really wins.

CEO          Oh, someone always wins.  I – win.
.            It’s a brilliant marketing strategy.
.            As the children compete in this most
.            creatively interactive commercial campaign
.            for all our products and services,
.            it appeals to their greed, jealousy and
.            pride, and they are only left wanting more.
.            And as the parents watch on,
.            they will know exactly what to buy their
.            poor, discouraged, and distraught children.

(ASSISTANT rushes on.)

ASSISTANT    They’re here!                          9
.            Our special guests have arrived!
.            (exits again, on a mission.)

CEO          (back to business)  Everything’s ready!

ALISTON      Check!

CEO          (skeptical)  Everything’s in its place?

ALISTON      (annoyed)  Check.
.            (remains unwavering in her determination)

CEO          (angry, insistent)  NOTHING out of place?
.            There can be no glitches.
.            (suddenly frantically worried)  I mean,
.            I’m talking– you know– about– just like-

ALISTON      (firmly affirming) Like it never happened.

CEO          (psyching up)  This is our biggest
.            promotional seasonal event of the year.

ALISTON      (cheerleading) Yes it is! And here they are!

(ASSISTANT enters leading in GIGI, POLLY, JANE, BECKY,
NED and HAROLD.  They ALL keep to stage left.  GIGI
now wears a tiara and something that really stands out.
When GIGI is introduced, JANE eyes her jealously.
ASSISTANT motions to each while being introduced.)

ASSISTANT    May I introduce you to our special guests:
.            Gigi Applegate and her mother, Polly.
.            Jane Matthews and her mother, Becky.
.            And Ned Sparrow and his father, Harold.
.            Special guests, this - is our company’s
.            one and only, CEO – Mark/ie Sellsalot.

CEO          (grandly, with a whole lot of energy)
.            Welcome!  Welcome, everyone – to
.            The Christmas Incorporation Factory Tour-

(CEO grandly motions with an arm to introduce the
song and dance number, while, with the help of ALISTON,
ushers KIDS and PARENTS toward stage left.  Meanwhile..
while marching out different formations.  CHEERLEADS
either wave pompoms or carry balloons.)


SINGERS     (singing)  Hi, come on, come on in,
.           enter, we welcome you here,
.           to the magical Christmas experience
.           of real joy, have no fear.
.           This is where Christmas is created.
.           It’s not complicated.
.           What you feel, it’s so real,
.           It’s all yours if you – want –
.           you will get it, when you buy it.
.           So, stick around, stay, don’t say adieu.
.           This magical Christmas experience
.           brings real joy, it’s true.
.           Christmas joy.  It’s all for you.
.           All for you.

SALES GIRL rushes in and strikes a Vanna White pose,  
speaking super-fast and super-happy!)

SALES GIRL   All party items presented in this song
.            and products in the songs to follow,
.            will be available for purchasing
.            in our very own gift store,
.            which you will find as you exit
.            at the very end of our tour.

(KIDS and PARENTS ‘ooo’ their delight.  
SALES GIRL exits.  CEO, more subtle now,
leads GUESTS to center stage.)

CEO          Again, a very heartfelt welcome to
.            The Christmas Incorporation Factory Tour-
.            But this is not just any ordinary tour,
.            this is a competition.  With a chance
.            to win big!  The winner will become -
.            the token honorary CEO for a year.

HAROLD       (to NED)  What exactly’s a CEO?

NED          It is the chief executive officer.

GIGI         I thought I was going to be a princess!

POLLY        A CEO is like a princess, dear.
.            You still get to boss people around.

JANE         Except I’m going to be the one to win!  11

BECKY        Just keep telling yourself that, dear.

(As CEO talks, ALISTON walks along, flipping over pages
for each KID/PARENT team to very quickly sign.  
KIDS and PARENTS pass along the pen for it go quicker.)

CEO          Before we begin, we need you to quickly
.            sign the official entry forms.
.            This is my trusty assistant, Ms. Aliston,
.            who will be accompanying us
.            on our tour of the factory.  As we go,
.            I will periodically give you a challenge.
.            The results for each challenge
.            will be recorded by Ms. Aliston.
.            At the end, the child who scores the highest
.            as well as - meets all the requirements -
.            will win.  Any questions before we begin?

GIGI         Will there be gifts?

CEO          You’re so pretty.

JANE         How will you keep the contest fair?

CEO          Every man for himself!

NED          When do we start?

CEO          I like your spirit!  Now, please, if
.            everyone would follow me over to the
.            control panel.  The tour, and contest will
.            begin.  This is where Christmas is created.

(As CEO talks and goes to stand behind the control panel,
ALISTON motions for KIDS & PARENTS to stand behind them,
then ALISTON stands beside and slightly behind CEO.)

CEO          Our entire PURPOSE here at
.            The Christmas Incorporation Factory
.            is to provide products and services
.            that give each and every one of you
.            the best Christmas experience imaginable.
.            And what could be more Christmassy
.            than winter sports in the great outdoors!

(CEO presses a button which sets everything in motion.)

SONG 3       “WINTER SPORTS”                       12

(CHORUS PEOPLE enter with lots of excitement,
waving for others to hurry up and join them.)

CHORUS       (sing)  Winter sports in the snow,
.            here we go, how fun to see.
.            We love those winter sports in the snow,
.            let’s all go,
.            it’s better when it’s you and me!

(SALES GIRL and maybe ANOTHER SALES GIRL has entered,
holding a few hockey sticks to hand out.  SALES GIRL
holds out one hockey stick to “model” with a big smile.)

SALES GIRL   Hockey sticks – 10.99.

(Some BOYS & GIRLS break away from the CHORUS while
singing to grab the sticks, then mime playing hockey.)

“BOYS”       (singing) We can play hockey,
.            score lots of goals.

CHORUS       (continues singing)
.            No one gets hurt when well equipped.
.            With padded pants, padded elbows,
.            padded shins and shoulders.
.            Hockey sticks, gloves and skates,
.            and don’t forget a helmet!

(SALES GIRL holds out a helmet and waves for “BOYS”
to follow her off stage.  FIGURE SKATER steps out
from CHORUS with a leap and ends in a spin – using
white dancing slippers while CHORUS WOMEN sing...)

WOMEN        (singing)
.            Or if you prefer, there’s figure skating
.            with white shiny skates and sparkly outfits.

SALES GIRL   Figure skates – 79.99.

(SALES GIRL holds up white figure skates.
SKATER goes to SALES GIRL to take skates and exits.)

CHORUS       (sing)  Winter sports in the snow,
.            here we go, how fun to see.
.            We love those winter sports in the snow,
.            let’s all go,
.            it’s better when it’s you and me!
.                                                   13
MEN          (sing)But wait there’s more, so much more!

(As CHORUS sings, SALES GIRLS demonstrate the different
articles mentioned in the song, and/or flash photos
up on the screen.  At the end, do a fast montage.)

CHORUS       (sings)  Can you imagine skiing the Alps?
.            Snowboarding, downhill, cross-country,
.            Toboggan mountains, on a luge, on a sled.
.            Ringet and curling, snowmobiles.
.            There’s so much more we have not said.
.            So much more, more and more, so much more!

SALES GIRL   Outdoor equipment for every winter sport
.            is available near you at all Christmas
.            Incorporation Factory outlet stores.

(SALES GIRL/s exit with a smile and a wave.
CHORUS sees SALES GIRL/S leaving and rushes off after
as if they need to get some of these things.)

CEO          Wasn’t that fun?! (wait for applause to die)
.            Product development is a very important part
.            of being successful.  One must always
.            be creating new product ideas to sell.
.            The first challenge begins right now!
.            You must quickly create a new outdoor sport
.            which would require people to buy products.
.            And - go!

JANE         Skating, hockey, skiing, tobogganing-

CEO          Already on the market.  We just saw those.
.            Keep thinking.

(As GIGI talks and looks around while thinking,
she looks down and notices her feet.)

GIGI         I did not see...
.            snowshoeing.

CEO          Not bad, but we’re always looking
.            for fresh NEW ideas, as well.
.            Something no one has yet developed.

NED          Winter badminton, with brightly
.            colored birdies.

CEO          The winner of this challenge is Ned.    14
.            Excellent idea!
.            (motions for ALISTON to jot that down)
.            Now, what is Christmas without music,
.            to listen to, as well as buy as gift ideas?

(CEO presses a button.  SINGERS enter with great energy
to sing, while DANCERS dance to the song.)


SINGERS      It’s this time of year
.            when we change up the music.
.            To celebrate however you want.
.            Swing dance, jive, boogie-woogie disco!
.            Country, hillbilly blues!
.            And let’s not forget the rock and roll.
.            We like to sing along to music
.            especially at this time of year.
.            We like to listen to the music.
.            And dance this time away.

(You can have soloists or groups sing the different
song style portions.  At the end of the song,
as SINGERS and DANCERS exit, SALES GIRLS 1-3 enter.  
SALES GIRL 2 holds a CD array, while SALES GIRL 3
motions grandly.  SALES GIRL 3 makes the announcement.)

SALES GIRL   CDs of every music style for every age
.            is available near you at all Christmas
.            Incorporation Factory outlet stores.

CEO          A good CEO is up on marketing strategies.
.            First, assigning PURPOSE to each product,
.            then - knowing how to sell the idea - to
.            make people think they NEED that product.
.            Now, how could you have improved
.            on what you just saw?

NED          It was perfect, just the way it was.

CEO          Some people like a yes-man, others,
.            like me, want to hear the truth.

JANE         The whole thing was totally lame.

CEO          Although, one has to be constructive
.            with their criticism, as well as offer
.            some advice and alternative suggestions.
.                                                   15
GIGI         The song was a little old-fashioned.
.            You need an artist to either give that
.            song a new spin, or - write a new song.

CEO          Brilliant.  Gigi is the winner
.            of this challenge!
.            Truth is sometimes hard to hear,
.            but there is value in hearing it.
.            Which brings us to our next segment
.            of our tour-

(CEO pushes a button, but sparks fly out of the
control panel, and/or up on the screen.  
CEO throws a worried glance over at ALISTON, who
shrugs – JUST before there is a complete blackout.)

.                           ACT 3


(Mysterious sounding music begins with a BLACKOUT,
which moves to a BLUE LIGHT shining on the back screen,
getting brighter and brighter.  Then you can
project creation photos to go with music, while
ANGELIC CHOIR stand to the side at the back,
but make this choir look different than the other singers,
because these represent the voices of truth.)

A.CHOIR      (sing) Creation’s story, begins with God.

(CEO gasps and rushes to machine to fix, while...)

A.CHOIR      (sing) Who spoke all things to be,
.            All for His glory, all things in harmony.

(MAN’S silhouette enters from one side at the back, and
WOMAN’S silhouette enters from the other side.  
THEY meet in the middle and hold hands.)

A.CHOIR      (sing) Then Creator God, gave mankind the
.            the key, to everything, to eat from
.            everything, except from just one tree.

(Project photo of unusual fruit tree, then photo with
serpent in the branches.  WOMAN turns away from MAN and
takes, eats, then turns to give to MAN to take and eat.
Make sure their silhouettes clearly show their actions.
Fruit cutout can be tucked into WOMAN’s costume.)
.                                                    16
A.CHOIR      Instead, they listened to evil,
.            and chose to eat from that...
.            bringing sin and death to all!
.            Separating us from God
.            and a perfect habitat.
.            Greed, jealousy and pride is our fall-

(FLASH white, then flicker lights.  MAN & WOMAN look up
at God, embarrassed, they cringe and run off to hide.  
BLACKOUT.  Lights up at stage left as CEO has managed
to stop this from progressing any further.  
CEO looks at ALISTON with a sigh of relief.  
Again, ALISTON shrugs.  KIDS and PARENTS look at CEO.)

GIGI         Greed?

JANE         Jealousy?

NED          Pride?

CEO          (pulls ALISTON aside)  It’s happening again!

ALISTON      It must be a glitch in the automatic
.            conveyor systems.  I’ll call IT –
.            while you - work your promotional magic.

(CEO turns to KIDS and PARENTS with a sigh-filled smile
as ALISTON picks up the phone to mime talking.)

POLLY        Are we doing something wrong?
.            The children are very upset.  I’m upset.

BECKY        Can we change these things-
.            this - greed, jealousy, and pride?

HAROLD       It sounds completely hopeless.

CEO          No-no-no.  These are – GOOD things –
.            actually.  Yes-yes!  It’s okay to have –
.            a healthy pride.  And jealousy –
.            well, let’s say it’s more of a hope
.            to get and achieve things.  And greed –
.            that’s just another way of saying
.            that you won’t settle for just anything.
.            These things are what helps us
.            try to be – better people.  See?
.            People - who can afford to buy whatever
.            they want.  Let’s continue, shall we.
.                                                     17
NED          What about the challenge?

CEO          Oh, yes, of course, the challenge –
.            is to know – which ideas will NOT sell.

GIGI         So what’s the challenge?

CEO          This was actually – more of a lesson.

JANE         So, sometimes a company will use
.            fear to sell things?

CEO          Yes, yes, good.  Very good.  
.            That was actually a trick test challenge.
.            And so - the point goes to Jane.

POLLY        I thought companies were
.            in the business to help people,
.            and make them feel better?

(ALISTON finally hangs up the phone and nods to CEO,
or gives a subtle thumbs up.)

CEO          Exactly!  And with that,
.            let’s move on to something much sweeter,
.            to make our stomachs feel better, perhaps?

(CEO now cautiously presses a button to set everything
into motion.  Both are relieved to see the next song.)


(SINGER/DANCERS dance with giant candy canes,
making formations like they did in 1950 movie musicals.  
OTHERS form lines at the back and add other formations
which add to the color and magnitude, maybe using props
or dressing like some of the other candies mentioned.)

CHOIR        Sweet candy cane lane, wonderful, magical!
.            Unwrap them quick and lick ‘em up,
.            Ah... it’s Christmas time wrapped up.
.            Oh... Shortbread, gingerbread, fruitcake,
.            Figgie pudding, chocolate bonbons
.            Ah... it’s Christmas time wrapped up.
.            Ah... it’s Christmas time wrapped up.

(SINGERS and DANCERS dance out with huge smiles.)

CEO          Didn’t that make you want to dash out   18
.            and buy candy?  (wait for applause to die)
.            Now, you are all tied with one point each.
.            This next challenge is very important
.            for every manufacturing and distributing
.            company.  It’s inventory!  You must always
.            know how much inventory you have in stock.
.            Your challenge is to find out how many
.            candy canes were in this segment.  Go!

(NED and GIGI try thinking and keep count on their fingers.
Jane looks at them, then suddenly dashes offstage right.
Realizing what Jane is up to, NED and GIGI dash off
after her.  CEO smiles after them, then smiles back
at parents.  POLLY slowly, slyly steps up to CEO.)

POLLY        I just want to thank you so very much
.            for offering this awesome opportunity.
.            And if you have any suggestions that would
.            help us make the best use of this time and
.            give my child an advantage over the others,
.            that would also be so greatly appreciated...

(KIDS race back.  As CEO turns back to the kids,
POLLY slowly backs away.  NED reaches the CEO first.)

NED          32!  (have it one away from actual # used)

GIGI         No fair!  He was faster.

CEO          That’s all part of the job.
.            Not ONLY being creative, knowledgeable,
.            or smart, but being fast.  Aliston,
.            is that the correct inventory number?

ALISTON      Mmm, I’m afraid not.

JANE         33!  (actual number used in the song)

ALISTON      THAT is correct.

CEO          Sorry lad, it’s also critical
.            to be accurate.  The point goes to Jane.

BECKY        My daughter is on a roll, so look out.
.            (suddenly to Jane)  Just don’t fail now,
.            Jane.  You always choke as you get
.            closer to the finishing line.

(JANE shakes her head at the criticism.            19
PARENTS become aggressive.)

HAROLD       It’s okay, Ned, you’ll get this next one.

POLLY        Gigi, you know you’re going to win.
.            Just keep telling yourself that.
.            You’re looking good.

CEO          LOOKING GOOD is our next segment.
.            Please, observe-

(CEO presses a button with purpose.
GIGI adjusts her tiara, like getting ready for battle.)


(SINGERS enter singing.)

SINGERS      (sing)Christmas fashion at its finest.
.            So you want to look your best.  It’s
.            a magical affair.  What will you wear?

(During the song, PEOPLE dressed fashionably, model
up and down the street scene like it’s a runway,
some waltzing, showing off their clothing and
accessories, while SALES GIRLS motion grandly
towards everything and mug to the audience.)

SINGERS      (sing) To fam’ly gath’rings,
.            warm and cozy.
.            Holiday pageants, bright and rosy.
.            Glittery galas, sparkle mostly.
.            Christmas fashion at its finest.
.            So you want to look your best.  It’s
.            a magical affair.  What will you wear?

(SALES GIRLS remove one necklace to bring forward.  
SALES GIRL 1 holds it out, while SALES GIRL 2 and 3
motion to it with beaming smiles, while CHOIR exit.)

CEO          Wasn’t that lovely?
.            (wait for applause to die down)
.            Part of the CEO’s job is to have a good
.            sense of how items should be priced.
.            The next challenge is to determine
.            what price should be charged
.            for this elegant necklace.

(SALES GIRLS shuffle closer to the group.          20
NED rolls his eyes.)

NED          Jewelry!  What’s the point of that?

HAROLD       Ah!  So you do not know everything.
.            This one I know.  Jewelry is something
.            a man buys for his woman when he messes up.

CEO          You should – sometimes - listen
.            to your father, there, Ned.

JANE         8.99.

CEO          It should be within what the market can bear
.            meaning - what are people willing - and able
.            to pay, but you also want that dollar amount
.            to be as high as possible - to make as much
.            money as possible.  What do you say, Gigi?

GIGI         It depends, are those real gems,
.            or cheap imitations?

CEO          Ah!  Give this girl the point.

(GIGI throws a winning smile to POLLY.)

POLLY        You are SO good, sweetie!

BECKY        Don’t think that people get ahead
.            in this world by being sweet and good.

CEO          SPEAKING – of sweet and good –
.            our next segment promotes the angelic side
.            of Christmas.  You cannot have Christmas
.            without cute, darling little baby angels
.            to hang on your Christmas trees.

(CEO sweetly presses a control panel button.)


(During intro, TINY ANGELS flit around while holding out
angelic Christmas tree ornaments.  Just before lyrics,
have lightning flashes, then BRIGHT LIGHTS at back screen.
BIG ANGELS appear.  LITTLE ANGELS run away terrified.  
Stagger BIG ANGELS with the poles in sleeves, so they can
periodically “flap” wings without hitting anyone.)

ANGELS       Glory!  Glory!  Glory Hallelujah!    21
.            Do not be afraid, behold,
.            I bring good news of joy,
.            for people to be told.
.            In David’s city, there was born for you
.            a Savior!  Redeemer!
.            Who is Jesus, Christ the Lord.
.            Glory!  Glory!  Glory Hallelujah!
.            To God in the Highest!  Incomp’rable!
.            Who is peace on earth among men!
.            To God in the Highest, incomparable!
.            To choose!  Brings Salvation!
.            Hope and love, eternal joy!
.            Good news!  Exultation!
.            Glory!  Glory!  Glory Hallelujah!

(At song’s end, BLACKOUT so ANGELS can disappear.)

POLLY        Are you trying to scare us?

CEO          I promise you, that has nothing to do with
.            anything... (to ALISTON who gets on phone)
.            Why does this keep happening? Fix it quick!

JANE         It WAS kind of scary at first, but then,
.            well, now I’m just curious.

GIGI         Yeah, what is the good news?

NED          Or is that part of the challenge?

CEO          No!  That is not part of the challenge.
.            There is NO - good news.

ALISTON      Or YES!  Of course we have lots of good news
.            here- at – (stalling to give CEO time)
.            The - Christmas Incorporation Factory.

CEO          Of course?  Of COURSE THERE IS!  Yes.
.            Another rarely used tactic is using shock!
.            Get the people’s attention.  Get them
.            curious about something.  And yes, there
.            IS lots of – good – news – about...

JANE         Hope?

GIGI         Love?

NED          Joy?
.                                                  22
CEO          (quickly waves off those concepts)
.            Exactly!  We have products and services
.            that supply you with just such things.
.            Something to make people FEEL good -
.            in the moment.

(CEO presses a button, while discretely wiping sweat
from brow.)


(EXTENDED FAMILY enters and creates the perfect
Norman Rockwell-like scene.  
Throughout song, SALES GIRLS motion
to different props, ie. lights, and candles as
FAMILY members bring props out as they are mentioned.)

SINGERS      (sing) It’s our favorite time of year,
.            when our home becomes so dear.
.            Fah-lah-lah, deck the halls!
.            String up lights,
.            line the walls with pine boughs.
.            There’s no worry, there’s no fear.
.            (vs.2)  It’s our favorite time of year,
.            and the reasons are so clear.
.            Light the fire, and scented candles,
.            hang stockings on mantels.
.            Ring those bells,
.            Singing loud for all to hear.
.            (vs.3)  It’s our favorite time of year,
.            all the family is here.
.            Hang the wreath and the mistletoe,
.            Trim the tree, make a bow.
.            Let’s all glow.
.            Then we wish you all good cheer.

(Song ends and FAMILY exits, while SALES GIRL 2
carries forward a candle centerpiece, with SALES GIRL 3
motioning toward it, and SALES GIRL 1 announces-)

SALES GIRL   Warm up YOUR home with our lovely
.            scented candle displays, and our
.            mood-setting lighting kits,
.            available near you at all Christmas
.            Incorporation Factory outlet stores.


CEO          Brilliant.  (waits for applause to die)  26
.            CEOs need to be on top of the latest
.            style trends in order to create
.            advertising campaigns that offer the people
.            the promise of warm, cozy feelings,
.            while still leaving them wanting more.

POLLY        BUT, you don’t actually give it to them?

CEO          Well, that’s up to the individual person,
.            now, isn’t it?  NOTHING and NOBODY
.            can actually offer anybody THOSE things!
.            You cannot make, sell or buy true love,
.            hope or joy. It just does not exist. So -
.            you must simply create the illusion -

HAROLD       So what’s the challenge?

BECKY        Wouldn’t the challenge be to find
.            those things?

GIGI         I need hope.  I never feel hopeful.

JANE         I’d like to find love. The kind that’s real.

NED          I guess - I could use joy.
.            I’m never satisfied - with anything!

(NED says this while slamming his fist down
on the control panel.  Thunder rolls.)

CEO          (with dread) What- what have you done?!

.                         ACT 4

VOICE OVER:  For God so loved the world,
.            that He sent His one and only Son!


(SCREEN shows a starry night, with one bright star.
At the back, BIBLE-TIME PEOPLE enter to sing and
create manger scene.  Everyone can cheat their angles
so their backs are not to congregation.  MARY and JOSEPH
stand near the screen with a photo of a manger,
right at the bottom and in the center.  
Later in song, manger turns into a cross.  
PEOPLE go from worshipful bowing, to mournful poses.)

SINGERS      (singing, verse 1)                       24
.            He left His throne and His kingly crown,
.            when He came to earth for me;
.            But in Bethlehem there was no room
.            for His nativity.  He came to live among us,
       To be Light so that all may see.
.            (v.2)Heavens arches ran, as the angels sang,
.            proclaiming His royalty,
.            But of lowly birth, He came to earth,
.            And in great humility.  He came to teach
.            and serve us, to be what we cannot be.
.            (v.3)He came to earth as the living Word,
.            That should set the people free,
.            But with mocking scorn and crowns of thorn,
.            He hung at Calvary.  To pay for our sins,
.            Lord Jesus, He suffered and died for me.

(BLACK OUT.  SCENE disappears.  CEO steps away
from machine, relieved that he got that fixed.)

CEO          Got it!  So glad that’s over.

NED          Why?

CEO          It’s – depressing.  THAT – has -
.            NOTHING to do with Christmas.

JANE         It kind of seems like it does.

CEO          Well it doesn’t!  Except for...
.            maybe the nativity scene figurines -
.            which can be sold to certain
.            religious-type people for a good price –

JANE         But what about the hope?

GIGI         Love?  (taking off tiara, hides somewhere)

NED          Joy?

BECKY        You cannot end it now!
.            You will leave us feeling unfulfilled?

CEO          That is the name of the game.
.            So – go out and buy some things which
.            will fill you up - make you feel better.

(CEO snaps fingers.  ALISTON then snaps her fingers.
ASSISTANT rushes out with three little gifts.)
.                                                  25
ASSISTANT    Your parting gifts.  To show you
.            our appreciation.  Enjoy.

(KIDS dangle the tiny wrapped gifts in front
of their puzzled faces to take a closer look.)

CEO          I’m sure your parents will buy you
.            something much more meaningful.

JANE         What could be more meaningful than hope?

GIGI         Love?

NED          Joy?

CEO          Like I said, that does NOT exist. And
.            just like I have experienced, I’m afraid,
.            you’ll just have to go through life feeling
.            unworthy, dissatisfied and disappointed.

(KIDS look at their tiny gifts again.)

GIGI         Here, sounds like you need this
.            more than I do.

(GIGI gives her little gift to CEO.  JANE and NED do
the same thing.  Puzzled and slightly touched, CEO gives
gifts to ALISTON, who hands them back to ASSISTANT.)

HAROLD       What about winning – whatever it was?
.            Or did I misunderstand the point of it all?

(ALISTON takes CEO aside and gets into the CEO’s face.)

ALISTON      Get it together!  You need to do something
.            to save this.  (when CEO doesn’t move,
.               she clears throat, turns to GUESTS)
.            A good CEO should know how to manage
.            a project, which can often require
.            trouble-shooting.

CEO          That is correct.  Very often, a CEO
.            needs to figure out how to quickly
.            make - lemons out of lemonade.

NED          Isn’t that - lemonade out of lemons?

CEO          Ned is correct.  Er, a point for Ned.
.                                                  26
NED          I really don’t care about the points
.            anymore.  I just want to know more –

CEO          About the gifts!  Yes?
.            After all, it is all about the gifts.
.            And the production of these gifts.
.            A good CEO knows how to manage employees.
.            In this next segment, you must show me
.            good management skills.  You are now
.            in charge of overseeing the workers.
.            (presses a button on the machine)


(ELVES rush out to stand in line, every other duck down,
while others stand on toes on first beat of each bar.  
ELVES can sing, supplemented by smaller LADIES,
who stand at each end of the line to help out.)

ELVES        (sing)  Making games, making toys,
.            for the girls and for the boys.
.            Let us make a happy noise,
.            in Santa’s workshop!

(For each toy named below, have a prop.  When named,
LADY 1 gives prop to ELF 1 who passes it down the line.  
ELVES move like robots, first to reach for the prop,
then swivel to give prop to next ELF, then back again:
reach on first beat, give on third beat of each bar.  
LADY 2 collects props, other LADIES box them up.)

ELVES        (sing)  Tinker toys, building blocks,
.            Tonka trucks and cuckoo clocks,
.            Baby dolls with curly locks,
.            And red Christmas socks!

(ELF 1 holds up socks grimacing, then throws socks
down – yucky!  Props keep passing down the line until
all props are gone.  As soon as ELF 1 throws sock away,
GIGI notices and rushes over to pick it up to hand back
to ELF 1, who folds arms defiantly.  GIGI goes down
the line with it, but ALL ELVES shake their heads,
they don’t want socks.  As GIGI moves away, ELF 1
runs in tiny circles while other ELVES do funny motions.  
JANE notices but simply tries to motion to ELF 1
to get back in line.  GIGI finally gets socks to LADY 2,
turns, notices and tries to usher ELF 1 into line.)

ELVES        (sing)  Making games, making toys,    27
.            for the girls and for the boys.
.            Let us make a happy noise,
.            in Santa’s workshop!

(ELVES march out.  ELF 1 sees them leaving and runs
to catch up.  LADIES at the end hold up boxes
while SALES GIRL comes out to “model” them.)

SALES GIRL   All products seen in Santa’s workshop
.            are available near you at all Christmas
.            Incorporation Factory outlet stores.

(SALES GIRLS exit, along with the last of the LADIES.  
GIGI returns to her spot a little frustrated.)

NED          Well, we kept the employees working.

GIGI         You mean, I kept them working.

JANE         I had stuff to deal with, too.

CEO          It was not a bad attempt, but it just
.            was not good enough.  Perhaps with
.            a little more work, one day, one of you
.            will become a CEO – somewhere.
.            And that concludes the tour of
.            The Christmas Incorporation Factory.
.            Thank you so much for joining us,
.            and take your time as you exit
.            through our gift store.

HAROLD       But - you said there’d be a winner.

CEO          I said that “the child who scores
.            the highest - AS WELL AS - meets all
.            the requirements – will win.”
.            It was also in the contract that you
.            all signed, saying in the fine print,
.            that there was no guarantee of a winner.

NED          Again, I don’t care about that anymore.

JANE         Right!  (realizing)  You distracted us.
.            We want to learn more about
.            the true Christmas.

CEO          And that is why we’re here.  After all,
.            this is where Christmas is created.
.                                                    28
GIGI         But, what about what God did?  That
.            sounds like the biggest gift ever given?
.            Sounds like that’s how Christmas
.            was created.

CEO          I think – that’s because - our machine
.            has been malfunctioning.  So, we really
.            need to have maintenance take a look at it
.            before it can be used again.
.            So, game over.  Bye-bye now.

JANE         (now studying the control panel)
.            But then, what’s this button over here,
.            something to (reads) “over-ride the system”?

CEO          That’s just a - (then realizing)
.            No! – No-no-no!  Do not touch that button.

(Too late.  JANE has pushed the button.)


VOICE OVER:  After He rose from the dead, Jesus said,
.            “I am the resurrection and the life.
.            The one who believes in Me will live!”

(CHOIR sings!  ANGELS come out with celebration.
CHILDREN and PARENTS get excited.  
ALISTON and CEO start to take a curious interest.)

SINGERS      (sing) After 3 days of His last breath,
.            He did arise and conquer death!
.            How great the hope.  Great the hope.
.            Hope, joy, love!  Joy, joy, love!
.            Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high!
.            Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high!
.            (v.2) The perfect sacrifice for sins!
.            With Jesus Christ new life begins!
.            How great His love!  Great His love!
.            Hope, joy, love!  Joy, joy, love!
.            Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high!
.            Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high!
.            (v.3)”This gift of God we’ll cherish well,
.            That ever joy our hearts shall fill.
.            How great our joy!  Great our joy!
.            Hope, joy, love!  Joy, joy, love!
.            Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high!
.            Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high!”
.                                                   29
At the end of the song, either with music still playing
or in the sudden silence, VOICES OF PRAISE...)

VOICE 1:     For the wages of sin is death,
.            but the gift of God is eternal life
.            in Christ Jesus our Lord!  (Romans 6:23)

VOICE 2:     For it is by grace you have been saved,
.            through faith —
.            and this is not from yourselves,
.            it is the gift of God!—  (Ephesians 2:8)

VOICE 3:     For God so loved the world
.            that He gave His one and only Son,
.            that whoever believes in Him
.            shall not perish –
.            but have eternal life!  (John 3:16)

(Realizing, KIDS look at each other, excited.)

JANE         THAT’S the gift!  That is the best gift
.            I could ever get.  To have hope!

GIGI         And love!  

NED          And joy!  This is the best Christmas ever!
.            And I didn’t have to work or do anything
.            in order to earn that.

BECKY        This message needs to be given to everyone.  

POLLY        The most precious gift.

HAROLD       For anyone who wants that!

CEO          (looks at ALISTON)  If word gets out,
.            this is going to destroy us.

ALISTON      Or – is it also a gift for us?

CEO          I don’t deserve that gift.

(CHILDREN gather around CEO and ALISTON.)

GIGI         None of us deserve that gift!

NED          Weren’t you listening?  God WANTS us to
.            be His children, and have eternal life.
.                                                    30
JANE         It’s a gift!  For everyone!
.            All we have to do is accept it!

(ALL sing the last song.  CEO and ALISTON finally
decide to accept, and join the entire joy-filled group.)


ALL          (sing)”Joy to the World the Lord is come!
.            Let earth receive her King;
.            Let every heart prepare Him room,
.            And Heaven and nature sing,
.            And Heaven and nature sing,
.            And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.
.            (v.2)Joy to the World, the Savior reigns!
.            Let men their songs employ;
.            While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains
.            Repeat the sounding joy,
.            Repeat the sounding joy,
.            Repeat, repeat, the sounding joy.
.            (vs.3) No more let sins and sorrows grow,
.            Nor thorns infest the ground;
.            He comes to make His blessings flow
.            Far as the curse is found,
.            Far as the curse is found,
.            Far as, far as, the curse is found.
.            (vs.4) He rules the world with truth and grace,
.            And makes the nations prove
.            The glories of His righteousness,
.            And wonders of His love,
.            And wonders of His love,
.            And wonders, wonders, of His love!”