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TO SEE AND HEAR – written by Tanis Harms

(Geared for a creative arts camp for kids, this is easy
and has many bit parts and talent numbers to go around.)
I have made suggestions for all of the numbers,
but you can certainly find others.)

PREMISE:     While kids try to plan a talent show
.            for the neighborhood, a few of the kids
.            keep seeing singing and dancing animals.
.            When they try to tell the rest of the kids,
.            they do not believe them until the very end.
STYLE:       talent show and vignettes
TOPIC:       faith, belief
SCRIPTURE:   Proverbs 1: 2, 5, 6;  Hebrews 11: 3, 6;
.            Hebrews 1:1; Matthew 11:15, Luke 10:23b;
.            Job 13:1, John 20:29  (Colossians 1:23)

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SCRIPT:              STAGE RIGHT

(RECITERS 1, 2, 3 enter.  They can be holding Bibles.)

RECITER 1    (Proverbs 1:2)
.            To know wisdom and instruction,
.            To discern the sayings of understanding-

RECITER 2    (Proverbs 1:5)
.            A wise man will hear
.            and increase in learning,
.            And a man of understanding
.            will acquire wise counsel-

RECITER 3    (Proverbs 1:6)
.            To understand a proverb
.            and a figure,
.            The words of the wise
.            and their riddles.

(RECITERS 1, 2, 3 exit.  NARRATOR steps up.)

NARRATOR     There are some things in life              2
.            that are very real, yet cannot be seen:
.            wind and gravity, far away galaxies,
.            and a powerful heavenly Father-
.            These might go unnoticed, unless
.            we choose to look for the evidence.
.            THIS – is an allegory!  Kah-CHUNG!

.                     CENTER STAGE

(MICE enter while squeaking, and scurrying around.
ALL MICE gather together and squeak in conversation;
except for MOUSE 1 who is left out and feeling very sad.
MOUSE 2 notices and rushes over to put a comforting arm
around MOUSE 1 to bring into the accepting group.
OPTION OVER: THEN get into position for the song.)

(TALENT GROUP 1 / MICE:  singing and dancing to...)


LYRICS       “No one is too small,
.            too big or too tall,
.            Gog created us, one and all.
.            Let’s all stand and sing –hey, hey, hey.
.            Let’s all jump and shout – yeah! yeah!
.            Let’s all rise and dance – yay!
.            What more is there to say?
.            No one is too small,
.            too big or too tall,
.            Gog created us, one and all.”

(KID 1 has entered at stage left in time to see them.
MICE quickly make their way off stage right, squeaking.)

.                      STAGE LEFT

KID 1        I – I think I just saw singing
.            and dancing mice!  Hello?

(KID 1 looks around for friends.)

KID 1        Hey, guys!  Quick!  Come over here!

(KIDS 2, 3 enter, or more.)

KID 1        I- I think I just saw – some -
.            some singing and dancing mice!

(KIDS 2, 3 cross their arms, etc. in poses which       3
demonstrate that they do not believe KID 1.)

KID 1        I did – really!  I mean, I think.

(KID 1 becomes less confident while speaking,
then gives up with a shrug.  KID 2 takes over,
waving off KID 1.)

KID 2        Anyway!  Listen up, you-all –
.            all the neighborhood kids
.            are getting together to put on a show.

KID 3        What kind of show?

KID 2        A BIG show!

KID 3        What can we do to make it big?

KID 2        We will have to FIND something big.
.            Like, REALLY big.

KID 1        You mean, like, singing and dancing mice?

(KIDS 2, 3 laugh.)

KID 3        (sarcastically)  Ah, yeah, okay, sure.
.            Although – I have never seen any
.            singing, dancing mice in my life.

KID 2        If you can find singing, dancing mice-
.            to be in the show, that would be great.
.            Meanwhile, let’s get real here.

KID 3        I think we’re going to have to give this
.            some more thought.

KID 2        You are so right.  Come on.

(KID 2 waves for other KIDS to exit.  KID 1 looks behind,
hoping to see those mice again.  Shrugging, KID 1 exits.)

.                     STAGE RIGHT

(RECITERS 4, 5 enter.  They can be holding Bibles.)

RECITER 4    (Hebrews 11:3)  By faith we understand that
.            the worlds were prepared by the word of God,
.            so THAT what is seen - was NOT made
.            out of things which are visible.
.                                                       4
RECITER 5    (Hebrews 11:6)
.            And without faith
.            it is impossible to please Him,
.            for he who comes to God
.            must believe that He is
.            and that He is a rewarder
.            of those who seek Him.

(RECITERS 4, 5 exit.  NARRATOR steps up.)

NARRATOR     You’re traveling through another dimension –
.            a dimension not only of sight and sound
.            but of mind.  A journey into a wondrous land
.            whose limitless boundaries are that of
.            a higher power.  That’s a signpost up ahead:
.            your next stop:  STILL - the allegory!

.                     CENTER STAGE

(CATS enter while meowing, pouncing and playing.
CAT 1 curls up to sleep, but soon is scared awake
when CAT 2 gently pounces onto the floor right beside.
CAT 1 begins to kitty-cry.  CAT 2 gives CAT 1
an “I’m-sorry-hug”, who hugs back an “I forgive you” hug.
CAT 3 paws the air in the stage left direction,
as CAT 3 sees and waves at TEEN 1 approaching.
OPTION OVER: THEN get into position.  Meanwhile,
TEEN 1 has entered stage left, and stops in an obvious
but out-of-the-way spot.  TEEN 1 freezes in place and
watches what is happening, like in great disbelief.)

(TALENT GROUP 2 / CATS:  singing and dancing to...)


LYRICS:      “There are reasons!  We have purpose!
.            We might have fun – but we mean business.
.            We can sit still – we can all get restless.
.            It all depends – how we are inspired.
.            It all depends – on what is required.
.            There are reasons!  Not always easy!
.            We ponder things – heads can get dizzy.
.            We seek out things – then we all get busy.
.            It all depends – how we are inspired.
.            It all depends – on what is required.”

(As CATS make their way off stage right, meowing,
TEEN 1 turns forward, freezes and stares deadpan.)
.                                                    5
.                      STAGE LEFT

(TEENS 2, 3 enter, or more.)

TEEN 2       (casually)  Hey, (name).

(TEEN 1 remains frozen in place, wondering if
what he/she just saw was real.  TEEN 2 waves a hand
in front of TEEN 1’s face.)

TEEN 2       Yooohooooo!  (name)!  What’s up?

(TEEN 1 snaps out of it and suddenly acts “normal.”)

TEEN 1       Huh?  Nothing!  Nothing at all.

TEEN 3       Are you sure?

TEEN 1       Yeeeaahhhh, it’s all good.

TEEN 2       Okay then.  We’ve got
.            a neighborhood show coming up soon.  

TEEN 3       Lame!

TEEN 2       It would not have to be lame – if -
.            we would come up with a really cool idea.

TEEN 3       So, NOT like last year.

TEEN 2       Hey!  That was my idea.
.            And - I thought it was good.

TEEN 3       Oookay.

TEEN 2       It was way better than YOUR idea.

TEEN 3       I did not HAVE any idea...
.            (suddenly gets it)  Oh.

(TEEN 2 sings attention to TEEN 1.)

TEEN 2       (to TEEN 1)  Any ideas?

TEEN 1       Nahhhh, eh-eh!  Nope.  None.
.            No ideas, at all.  Nothing.

TEEN 2       Oookay then, I guess I’ll be
.            putting on my creative-thinking cap.
.                                                       6
(TEEN 3 slaps her/himself in the face, like “oh no.”)

TEEN 1       I’m sure you’ll think of something.

TEEN 3       Oh, I’m sure it’ll be something, all right!

TEEN 2       All right then, follow me.

(TEEN 2 leads the way with TEENS following.
TEEN 1 looks back quickly, then rushes out, afraid.)

.                     STAGE RIGHT

(RECITERS 6, 7, 8 enter.  They can be holding Bibles.)

RECITER 6    (Hebrews 11:1)
.            Now faith is
.            the assurance of things hoped for,
.            the conviction of things not seen.

RECITER 7    (Matthew 11:15)
.            He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

RECITER 8    (Luke 10:23b)
.            ...Blessed are the eyes
.            which see the things you see.

(RECITERS 6, 7, 8 exit.  
NARRATOR steps up.)

NARRATOR     Headspace: the final frontier.  These are
.            the voyages of the friendship Enterprise.
.            Its five-day mission:
.            to explore awesome new ways,
.            to seek out new life and new concepts,
.            to boldly go where no man has gone before-
.            the allegory – which still continues...

.                     CENTER STAGE

(DOGS enter while barking, pouncing and playing.
DOG 1 sees CHILD 1 entering at stage left.  
DOG 1 rushes over to sit and shake a paw.  DOG 1 then
rushes away from CHILD 1, barking, trying to get
CHILD 1 to follow.  DOG 1 rushes back to try again.
OPTION OVER:  THEN get into position.  After entering,
CHILD 1 gets excited and joins the DOGS.)

(TALENT GROUP 3 / DOGS:  singing and dancing to...)   7


LYRICS:      “God loves us, so we sing for Him.
.            God loves us, so we dance for Him.
.            God loves us, and we love Him so -
.            God loves us, so we live for Him.
.            God is awesome, so we sing for Him.
.            God is awesome, so we dance for Him.
.            God is awesome, and we love Him so -
.            God is awesome, so we live for Him.”

.                      STAGE LEFT

(CHILD 1 can join in with the song as best possible.
Near the end, CHILD 2, 3, or more, enter and watch.
The number ends and CHILD 1 dances up to CHILD 2, 3.
DOGS clump together, panting happily as
DOGS now watch the CHILDREN.)

CHILD 2      What are you doing?

CHILD 1      I’m singing and dancing with dogs!

CHILD 2      Why?

CHILD 1      Who would NOT want to sing and dance
.            with dogs?

CHILD 3      (raising a hand)  Ah, I kind of do.

CHILD 2      (thinking)  Hm, well,
.            now that you’re talking about it,
.            I’m thinking this WOULD be
.            a really cool thing to do –
.            and - we could do that
.            for our neighborhood show.

CHILD 3      Yeah!

(DOGS and CHILDREN freeze, thinking.)

.                     STAGE RIGHT

(RECITERS 9, 10 enter.  They can be holding Bibles.)

RECITER  9   (Job 13:1)
.            Behold, my eye has seen all this,
.            My ear has heard and understood it.
.                                                   8
RECITER 10   (John 20:29b)
.            Blessed are they who did NOT see,
.            and yet - believed.

(RECITERS 9, 10 exit.  NARRATOR steps up and
looks around.  While NARRATOR speaks like a professor,
MICE and CATS enter quietly, slinking in,
and join the DOGS.)

NARRATOR     Well?  The allegory:
.            a symbolic representation
.            of abstract ideas or principles
.            by characters, figures, or events
.            in narrative, pictorial or dramatic form-
.            has been clearly defined.

(NARRATOR is about to walk away, then comes back.
NARRATOR speaks cryptically now.)

NARRATOR     Ah... How about - if I put it another way:
.            What if you had never seen this show,
.            but someone told you that they had seen
.            singing and dancing animals –
.            would you believe them?
.            And whether you believed them or not,
.            would that change the fact
.            that the singing and dancing animals
.            actually happened?

(NARRATOR swings attention to other side of the stage.)

.                      STAGE LEFT

(KIDS and TEENS enter without noticing those on stage.  
TEEN 2 leads the way and talks loudly to sell his/her
idea to the TEENS and KIDS following behind him/her,
who moan and groan.)

TEEN 2       What could be cooler than reciting a poem?

TEEN 3       I really do not know.

(KID 1 is the only one looking around and sees
MICE, CATS and DOGS, then points with excitement.)

KID 1        Singing and dancing animals?

(TEENS and the rest of the KIDS all look, amazed.)

TEEN 2       That would work!                      9

TEEN 3       Definitely!

TEEN 1       I’m wondering why I wasn’t brave enough
.            to suggest that in the first place.

KID 2        Come on!  Let’s go!

.                     CENTER STAGE

(TALENT GROUP 4 / ALL:  singing and dancing to...)


LYRICS:      “All God’s creatures,
.            sing-sing-sing – sing out our praises,
.            move-move-move – because His love amazes.
.            All God’s creatures,
.            speak-speak-speak – speak out His Holy Word,
.            dance-dance-dance – our thanks unto the Lord.
.            Because God is peace, God is joy,
.            God is our saving love.
.            Because God is strength, God is truth,
.            God is our King above.
.            All God’s creatures,
.            sing-sing-sing – sing out our praises,
.            move-move-move – because His love amazes.
.            All God’s creatures,
.            speak-speak-speak – speak out His Holy Word,
.            dance-dance-dance – our thanks unto the Lord.”