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TALENT SHOW OF GIFTS – written by Tanis Harms

(Geared for a creative arts camp for kids, this is easy
and has many bit parts and talent numbers to go around.
For some of the numbers, I have made suggestions,
for others you can find appropriate songs, dances, etc.)

PREMISE:     A talent show is being rehearsed,
.            and things keep going wrong, all the while
.            one person is trying to figure out
.            their talent so they can be in the show.

STYLE:       talent show and vignettes
TOPIC:       gifts, talents
SCRIPTURE:   Rom.6:7-8; 1 Cor.12:1-31; Eph.4:7-13;
.            Sheet music of original songs
.            comes with director’s package,
.            or you can find/buy other music/songs

.            $25.00 USD to receive a DIRECTOR’S SCRIPT
.                                   (plus sheet music)
how you receive this & package description

SCRIPT:               CENTER STAGE

(KID 1 rushes on.)

KID 1      Hey everyone, let’s warm up
.          before the director gets here.

(TALENT GROUP 1:  opening song with choreography.)


LYRICS:    “We’re just warming up, warming up,
.          We’re just warming up, let’s go, hup! Hup!
.          It is getting down, getting down,
.          then jumping right back – up! Up!
.          Warming up, skipping, hip hop!
.          Warming up, stretch bend and spin.
.          Warming up, kick, dip and pop!
.          Warming up, side to side and swing.
.          We’re just warming up, warming up,
.          We’re just warming up, let’s go, hup! hup!”
.                                                   2
.                      STAGE LEFT

(JAMIE wanders on, looking around with awe.  
KID/S 2+ enter and see JAMIE.)

KID 2-1     Hi.  You look lost.

JAMIE      Is this where the talent show is?

(JAMIE ums and ahs and shrugs throughout lines.)

KID 2-2     Yeah... Let me guess,
.           you want to be in it.
KID 2-3.    You’ll have to talk to the director
.           when he/she isn’t busy...
KID 2-4     What do you do, by the way?
KID 2-5     What are you good at?
KID 2-6     Everyone is good at something!
KID 2-7     Singing, dancing, juggling?
KID 2-8     Maybe you want to figure that out first?
.           I don’t know.
KID 2-9     You could just watch a bit, in order
.           to figure out where you might fit in.
KID 2-10    Oh, there’s the director now.
KID 2-11    Gotta go.

(JAMIE sits on the floor at stage left to watch.)

.                     STAGE RIGHT

(DIRECTOR and ASSITANT have entered at stage right
and look at the clipboard while calling out.)

DIRECTOR    Let’s get practicing, people.
.           First number, please!


(MIME rushes up to DIRECTOR and frantically mimes
that they cannot talk.)

DIRECTOR    Cat got your tongue? – -
.           Oh! You lost your voice?
.           How did you lose your voice?

(MIME mimes someone coughing, then flutters
a hand representing germs toward them,
then grabs their own throat dramatically.)

ASSISTANT   That can’t be good.                        3

(MIME mimes crying.)

ASSISTANT  No-no, don’t cry.  It’s okay.

DIRECTOR   Listen, just – do the best you can?

(MIME gives “okay” signal, and joins the group, stands
to the side to do actions/sign language with the song.)


(TALENT GROUP 2:  SONG, could have choreography.  
KID/S 2+ takes their place with the group.)

.                     CENTER STAGE


LYRICS:     “Let’s get started, it’s time for the show.
.           To entertain you, let our little light glow.
.           It’s time to warm up your heart!
.           It’s time we all do your part!
.           It’s time, it’s time, it’s time to start!
.           It’s time, it’s time we all do our part!”

.                     STAGE RIGHT

(ASSISTANT and DIRECTOR speak to each other.)

ASSISTANT  We are off to a good start,
.          wouldn’t you say?

(SICK KID rushes up to center microphone,
holding a hand to their mouth.)

SICK KID   I think I’m going to be sick.

(SICK KID takes a few steps toward DIRECTOR and ASSISTANT.
ASSISTANT shakes head and points
to the other side of the stage.  
SICK KID then rushes off in the other direction.
JAMIE hugs knees afraid of getting trampled.

ASSISTANT  Nothing else will go wrong.

DIRECTOR   Okay people, look alive now.

.                     CENTER STAGE                   4

(DIVA enters, dramatically yawning and dragging herself.
FRIEND+, KID 3+ and ROMEO follow behind.)

DIVA       Ugh, but I’m so tired.

KID 3-1    You better find your energy
.          real quick-like.

ROMEO      Yeah.  You need to give me enough motivation
.          so I can deliver my lines properly.

(DIVA rolls her eyes.)

DIRECTOR   Places everyone, and - action.

DIVA, FRIEND 1+, ROMEO and KID 3+ take center stage.  
DIVA suddenly becomes very awake and dramatic.)

DIVA       Oh Romeo, Romeo... where -
.          wait, why do I not have a Romeo?

FRND 1-1   Ah, well, for one thing, you’re way too young.

(DIVA lets her arms drop and swings around to look
at FRIEND/S with shock.  FRIEND/S remain casual.)

FRND 1-2   You wanna play “Go Fish” instead?
FRND 1-3   Or “Snakes and Ladders”?

(As DIVA and FRIEND 1+ exit,
ROMEO looks forward, confused.)

KID 3-2    That’s not how the script goes.
KID 3-3    (shrugs)  Whatever.  Works for me.

(KID 3+ runs off, followed by ROMEO.)

ROMEO      Hey, wait up, I wanna play too!

.                     STAGE RIGHT

(DIRECTOR scratches head.)

ASSISTANT  We WERE on a roll.  Ah, no-no –
.          I say we’re on a roll.

DIRECTOR   Let’s keep rolling then.  Next?
,                                                      5
.                      STAGE LEFT

(LATE KID rushes in.  KID 4+ hears ruckus and turns around.)

KID 4-1    You’re late.

LATE KID   And I forgot to bring my dancing shoes.
.          My life is over!  Wahhhhh!

KID 4-2    Dance anyway.
KID 4-3    Just be very careful.
KID 4-4    (to JAMIE)  Are you in this number?

(JAMIE shakes head.)

.                      STAGE RIGHT

DIRECTOR   I thought we were on a roll!
.          Let’s keep rolling, people!

.                     CENTER STAGE

(TALENT GROUP 4:  DANCE.  KID/S 4+ join this number.  
Afraid of slipping or falling, LATE KID
does very small movements which is VERY obvious.  
Make this cute and funny.)


LYRICS:   “Let’s keep it rolling!  Let’s keep it going!
.         We love to dance!  We love to sing!
.         Keep it rolling!  Keep it going!
.         All to serve and all to bring!
.         Flowing!  Going!  Let’s keep it rolling!
.         Let’s keep it rolling!  Let’s keep it rolling!”

.                      STAGE LEFT

DIRECTOR   Ahhh, there was something really wrong
.          with that number.  

.                      CENTER STAGE

LATE KID   Sorry!

KID 4-5    I guess it is better to be
.          properly prepared and equipped.

LATE KID   My life is over.  Waaahhhhh!
.                                                 6
(LATE KID runs off dramatically.)

KID 4-6    (calling after her)  It’s not over.
KID 4-7   (to DIRECTOR)  I’ll go cheer her up.
.          I’m good at encouraging people.

(KID 4+ runs after LATE KID.)

.                      STAGE LEFT

(KID/S 5+ enter from stage left and see JAMIE.
Throughout, JAMIE just shakes head and shrugs.)

KID 5-1    Are you in this number?
KID 5-2    Are you in the show?
KID 5-3    If you want to part of the show,
.          you have to be doing something.
KID 5-4    Anything.
KID 5-5    What are you good at?
KID 5-6    You must be good at something.
KID 5-7    Everyone - is good at something.
KID 5-8    Sometimes you just have to jump in
.          and try something until you figure it out.

.                     CENTER STAGE

(TALENT GROUP 5:  SONG.  KID/S 5+ join this number.
JAMIE tries to get close and very timidly
tries to sing and dance along.)


LYRICS:    “Everyone’s good at something,
.          Everyone has a gift.
.          It’s not to lose, a gift to use,
.          to glorify, magnify, don’t be shy!
.          Everyone’s good at something.
.          Everyone has a gift.
.          So let it fly!  Let it ring!
.          Use to soar!  Use to lift!
.          Everyone’s good at something.
.          Everyone has a gift.”

.                     STAGE RIGHT

DIRECTOR   Not - bad.  

(GROUP 5 lingers on stage a bit.  
JAMIE shrugs, shakes head, and sit downs again.)
.                                                    7
ASSISTANT  (hopefully)  It’ll get better.
.          EVERYTHING is going to get better.

(KID 6 comes crawling through the crowd looking
for something and nears DIRECTOR and ASSISTANT.)

KID 6      Sally!  Saaaallly!  Sally, where are you?!

DIRECTOR   Kid, what’s wrong?  Who’s Sally?
.          The rabbit you’re going to pull out of a hat?

KID 6      My snake.

(GROUP 5 hears this and rushes off screaming.  DIRECTOR,
ASSISTANT and JAMIE look around with fear and concern.)

ASSISTANT  Why? Why?  Why do you have a snake?

KID 6      I need a snake for my magic trick.

ASSITANT   I don’t think so.

DIRECTOR   Do something else, perhaps?  I know you are
.          talented, you’ll think of something.  And-
.          you’re up next, by the way.

.                     CENTER STAGE

KID 6 goes to center stage while looking around.)

KID 6      Ah, okay, I need a volunteer.

(JAMIE perks up and eagerly raises a hand.)

KID 6      Yes, you.  Please come up here.
.          And what is your name?

JAMIE      Jamie.

(HELPER comes out holding a cookie sheet pan,
with the paper and scissors on that.  
KID 6 holds up piece of paper and shows it grandly
to all the audience.  Try to hold out blank side to them.)

KID 6      I will now make JAMIE
.          go through this piece of paper.

(KID 6 puts paper down onto cookie sheet pan,         8
folds it, cuts it appropriately, then unfolds the paper.)

KID 6      Jamie will now go through the piece of paper!

(KID 6 puts the paper over JAMIE’s head.  JAMIE slips
through the paper, throwing both arms up in victory.)

.                     STAGE RIGHT

(DIRECTOR and ASSISTANT get the applause going,
while KID 6 and HELPER exit while waving to audience.
DIRECTOR pulls JAMIE over to stage right.)

DIRECTOR   Excuse me, Jamie? You did a great job helping.
.          Why didn’t you approach me a lot sooner?
.          Did you want to be in the show?

JAMIE      I do, but I don’t know what I am good at.

ASSISTANT  Why don’t you watch this next number.
.          It might just help you answer that.
.          The speak-theater-number is next.

.                     CENTER STAGE

Have scriptures up on screen,
and/or KIDS holding up signs during each portion.  
Recite the lines as prose [fairly quickly]
with great emotion and energy,
with slight pauses between each portion.  
To make it more interesting,
you can have actors move around in patterns or groups.  
With many actors, just have them go down the line.
NOTE:  verses on the screen should fade in and out quickly
just to show that what is being said is from the Bible.)

ANN. 1     God offers everyone a gift:

REC. 1-1   Love!

REC. 1-2   Hope!

REC. 1-3   Eternal life!

(Kid can hold up POSTER BOARD 1 with “Romans 6:23”.
SLIDE 1 “For the wages of sin is death, but –
the free gift of God - is eternal life
in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Rom.6:23.)
.                                                      9
ANN. 2     The gift of God saves us:

REC. 2-1   Forgiveness!

REC. 2-2   Grace!

REC. 2-3   Freedom!

(POSTER BOARD 2 with “Ephesians 2:8”.
SLIDE 2  “God's grace has saved you
because of your faith in Christ.  
Your salvation doesn't come from anything you do.  
It is God's gift.”  Eph.2:8)

ANN. 3     The gift of God
.          is something to appreciate:

REC. 3-1   It is so great!

REC. 3-2   It is so wonderful!

REC. 3-3   Let us give thanks!

(POSTER BOARD 3 with “2 Corinthians 9:15”.
SLIDE 3  “Let us give thanks to God for His gift.  
It is so great that no one can tell
how wonderful it really is!” 2 Cor.9:15)

ANN. 4     God gives His children other gifts:

REC. 4-1   Gifts from the Holy Spirit.

REC. 4-2   Gifts to show our thankfulness.

(POSTER BOARD 4 with “1 Corinthians 12:4”.  
SLIDE 4  “There are different kinds of gifts.
But they are all given by the same Spirit.” 1Cor.12:4)

ANN. 5     God gives us gifts to share:  

REC. 5-1   Gifts to help us serve!

REC. 5-2   Gifts to help each other.

(POSTER BOARD 5 with “2 Corinthians 9:12”.
SLIDE 5  “Your gifts meet the needs of God's people.
And that's not all.  Your gifts-
also cause many people to thank God.” (2Cor.9:12)

ANN. 6     The gifts of God come in a variety:      10

REC. 6-1   If it is to teach, we should teach.

REC. 6-2   If it is to speak, we should speak.

REC. 6-3   If it is to encourage, we should encourage.

(POSTOR BOARD 6 with “Romans 12:6-8”.
SLIDE 6  “So we are to use our different gifts
in accordance with the grace that God has given us.
If our gift is to speak God's message,
we should do it according to the faith that we have;
if it is to serve, we should serve;
if it is to teach, we should teach;
if it is to encourage others, we should do so.
Whoever shares with others should do it generously;
whoever has authority should work hard;
whoever shows kindness to others should do it cheerfully.”
Romans 12:6-8 [GNT])

ANN. 7     The gifts of God are found in the Bible:

REC. 7-1   “Every good and perfect gift is from God.”
.          James 1:17

REC. 7-2   “That is why I remind you
.          to help God's gift grow,
.          just as a small spark grows into a fire.
.          God put His gift in you...” 2 Timothy 1:6

.                     STAGE RIGHT

DIRECTOR   So Jamie, do you now understand?

JAMIE      I asked for the first gift, and got eternal life.
.          And now I see that I’ve been given other gifts,
.          which I should use to serve God and others.

DIRECTOR   Any idea what those gifts are?
.          It’s quite simple, really.
.          What are you able to do that brings you joy,
.          and brings joy to others?

JAMIE      I definitely like to help.  And -
.          I can sing and dance a bit.
.          (aside)  I just need a bit of practice.

DIRECTOR   Don’t we all!  Well then, come on, everyone,
.          let’s practice our last number altogether.
.                                                    11
.                     CENTER STAGE

(TALENT GROUP 8:  SONG and DANCE, with everyone)


LYRICS:    “Working together, altogether,
.          We’ve got a gift, from above!
.          Given out of love!  Used to show our love!
.          Special like us, fits like a glove!
.          Working together, brings peace like a dove!
.          We’ve got a gift, from above!
.          Everybody, everyone,
.          people are blessed, and we have fun!
.          Working together, altogether,
.          We’ve got a gift, from above!”