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.             refer to

SOUND OF SUCCESS – written by Tanis Harms, © 2012

PREMISE:     Three young city women search for success,
.            first trying it the world’s way; but after
.            seeing a poor man help out the homeless,
.            they begin to discover the riches of God
.            and the real definition of success.
STYLE:       musical
TOPIC:       success, salvation
SCRIPTURE:   Luke 12:13-34


(HOMELESS MAN enters on crutches and settles down
into the floor at lower stage left with his bags.  
He shivers a little and rubs his arms to warm up.  
POOR PERSON enters and stands in the same area,
but stands ready with a sign that says “NEED WORK.”)

LIGHTS:    come up brighter as if the sun is rising
SOUND:     city sounds of cars honking, etc. and
.          fades out again after scene is established

(VENDORS get opened for business at their places of work.
ANDREA, BECKY and CHARLENE enter at stage right.
CHARLENE plays an intense game on her iPhone, obliviously
blocking the pathway of a BUSINESSMAN trying to get by.  
ANDREA sees this, and grabs CHARLENE’S shoulders to
swing her around and set her down at a café table.  
ANDREA then rushes to catch up to BECKY who makes her way
toward the bank while shaking her purse full of coins.)

BECKY      (happily)  Sweet sound of success!
.          That - is money in the baaaaank-
.          (sees jewelry across the way- mesmerized)
.          Was almost money in the bank.
.          (points and walks toward the jewelry)

ANDREA     It’s just not enough!

(ANDREA grabs her arm to swing BECKY around and back
towards the café, while still pointing.  On route,
BECKY points at and notices HOMELESS and POOR person.)

BECKY      Sorry!  Cannot help you out, there- you!
.                                                      2
ANDREA     We need coffee.

(BECK motions toward the café table, like reciting
and mocking a commercial.)

BECKY      A successful start to any day!

ANDREA     But – really - what is success?

(Still in her own world, CHARLENE cuts in with-)

CHARLENE   Score!  I finally beat my record!

(CHARLENE immediately puts her earphones in and
starts bobbing to some music from her iPhone.
ANDREA and BECKY sit down at the table.)

ANDREA     There has got to be more to it
.          than just this.

BECKY      At least we have jobs.

ANDREA     Do you really love your job that much?
.          Do you really believe that it’s enough?

BECKY      At least there aren’t any surprises?  Or...
.          Huh... (realizing)  Every day is the same.
.          Just what are we doing?

(BECKY starts song and dance.  OFFICE WORKERS off to work
join in:)

SONG  1:   “9 TO 5” (by Dolly Parton)

(BECKY sits back down, OFFICE WORKS exit with purpose.)

BECKY      Maybe there COULD be more success.
.          So – what do you suggest?
.          What- do you think is the answer?

(WAITER enters to take order, poised with pad and pen.)


BECKY      (apologetically)  And two more, please.

(WAITER swings around immediately and exits.)

BECKY      It’s not like we’re suffering.
.                                                      3
ANDREA     But is it really living?  
.          I feel like all I ever do is work.
.          There has got to be an easier way.

BECKY      One could always find a rich man to marry.

(Suddenly seeing that as a viable answer,
ANDREA anxiously looks around her and sees POOR MAN.)

ANDREA     That would certainly not be you!  Sorry!
.          (turning back to her friends)  Where are
.          all the rich men when you need them?

(CHARLENE starts pushing buttons on her iPhone.)

CHARLENE   Dating site!

ANDREA     Am I really that desperate?

(ANDREA goes into the song:)

SONG  2:    “MONEY, MONEY, MONEY” (by Abba)

(During song, RICH MAN enters, sees ANDREA singing,
and buys a flower to hold out to her.  Smiling,
ANDREA is about to take the flower, when WOMAN enters.
RICH MAN becomes distracted and moves the flower
around and away from ANDREA, who balks.  
RICH MAN follows after the WOMAN as she exits,
now holding out the flower to her.  
ANDREA finishes the song while buying a lotto ticket

(ANDREA returns to table holding out her lotto tickets
just as WAITER brings out tray of coffees.
Still holding out the tickets like they are magical,
ANDREA sits motionless, staring at her tickets.)

ANDREA     Now, all I have to do is wait.

(CHARLENE punches out something on her iPhone.)

CHARLENE   Odds of winning this lottery is
.          one chance in 176 million.

ANDREA     Maybe one cannot depend on luck
.          to bring you success.

(STREET MUSICIAN has entered and overheard the comments.)
.                                                      4
MUSICIAN   I can vouch for that!

(STREET MUSICIAN plays guitar and sings song:)

SONG  3:    HARD LUCK (by Elvis Presley)

(BECKY goes into her purse and gives MUSICIAN a coin.
MUSICIAN holds up the insult while eyeing BECKY
then walks away, still holding out the measly coin.)

ANDREA     Not exactly encouraging or uplifting.
.          (calling out to the world with arms out)
.          Looking and waiting for success, here!
.          (going into a determined pout)
.          It’s gotta be out there somewhere.

CHARLENE   (punching buttons on her iPhone)
.          What are you looking for?  I’ve got
.          the updated GPS app right here.

ANDREA     Success.

CHARLENE   Success – is a word!  Googled meaning:
.          degree or measure of succeeding;
.          favorable or desired outcome; also:
.          the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.

BECKY      Look at the bright side- brighter side-

(BECKY wonders what to say and has to look around.
BECKY points after the STREET MUSICIAN.)

BECKY      At least we’re not – him.

(BECKY then remembers to point to POOR and HOMELESS MEN.)

BECKY      Or them.  Or... them.

(BECKY points to TRADESMEN who suddenly begin to enter
while singing and eventually dancing to:)


(As TRADESMEN end their song and exit, they point to
POOR and motion for him to follow in order to work.
POOR is excited and follows.  When they motion to
HOMELESS MAN, he motions to his crutches and
shrugs sadly.)

(After watching this, BECKY turns back to ANDREA.)     5

BECKY      Well, good for him.  Maybe there is hope.

(CHARLENE looks up and sees her cup of coffee.

CHARLENE   Oh!  Coffee!  (on iPhone)  Twittering
.          status update:  enjoying a coffee
.          with the girls at trendy street café.

ANDREA     Charlene...  Hey!  Twitter-girl!
.          You really need to get a life.

CHARLENE   (on iPhone)  Sending message to Andrea:
.          let me know when you get one.

ANDREA     (reaching for her phone)  Ah!
.          (realizes it’s CHARLENE)  Oh!
.          (sarcastically to her)  Nice.

BECKY      Ever hear the saying, “Dress for success?”
.          Maybe if we looked the part,
.          like that – woman over there-

(RICH LADY enters singing and dancing with
VENDORS joining in as they help adorn the RICH LADY:)

SONG  5:   “MATERIAL GIRL” (by Madonna)

(As song ends and RICH LADY exits with bags of things,
she drops a credit card to the ground.)

(ANDREA sees the credit card and rushes to pick it up.
ANDREA calls out while holding the card in the air.)

ANDREA     Oh!  Yoo-hoo!  Lady!  Your credit card!

(Nobody returns.  ANDREA then studies the card’s name.)

BECKY      Whom does it belong to?

ANDREA     You’re not going to believe this!

(ANDREA races to the bank where TELLER attends to her.)

ANDREA     I am just curious if you have ever seen
.          a credit card like this one.
.          Please tell me it’s legitimate.

(BECKY walks over to ANDREA with curiosity.)
.                                                      6
BECKY      What is so unique about the card?

ANDREA     It says, right there on the card –
.          “For whomever holds the card-“

(ANDREA quickly looks at the TELLER and holds out
her hand for the TELLER to give it back.  TELLER is
tempted to keep it and holds it slightly behind her.  
ANDREA quickly reaches over and snatches it back.
ANDREA walks around the stage gloating.)

ANDREA     My precious!  I- I can buy whatever I want.
.          I’m rich.  I have found success!
.          (seeing HOMELESS MAN)  Sorry, the rules state
.          that only the one in possession of this card
.          can use it.  Rules are rules.  Tough break.

BECKY      Does that mean you inherit the debt
.          that probably goes with it?

ANDREA     Sh!  That coming from the woman in denial.

BECKY      I am NOT in denial.

ANDREA     But – I am in the money.  It is now time
.          for me to REALLY live.  It is party time!

(ANDREA or someone else starts singing and dancing while
GLAMOROUS PEOPLE enter from all directions and join in:)


(Once the song ends, ANDREA tries to buy one more item.  
VENDOR shakes head and looks over at TELLER, who
marches over with scissors to cut credit card in half.  
ANDREA clutches at her heart and staggers.  
GLAMOROUS PEOPLE are horrified and slink away.)

ANDREA     Some friends you all are!

(ANDREA staggers back to collapse at the table.)

BECKY      That was short-lived.

CHARLENE   (typing into her iPhone)  Dear Bloggers,
.          the newest upstart in who’s-who –
.          is already a has-been.  Eventually,
.          the party always comes to an end.

ANDREA     And honestly, even in my most               7
.          glorious moment there, I still felt empty.
.          I really thought having all the money
.          in the world would be the answer.

(CHARLENE pulls her earplugs out and pretends to turn up
the iPhone’s volume, and starts to sing sadly.)

SONG  7:   DUST IN THE WIND (by Dana Winner)

(BECKY goes to put her arm around CHARLENE’S shoulders.)

BECKY      Charlene.  I’m sure that if we
.          just did a search-

(CHARLENE looks back at her iPhone to start
punching buttons.  BECKY motions with her arm across
the “sky” – above the audience - for CHARLENE to look.)

BECKY      No-no – search – somewhere out there -
.          we might see something of value!

(CHARLENE gazes out to the audience, then decides
to take a photo, then walks away to study it.)

CHARLENE   Posting to facebook - the distant cloud
.          between the skyscrapers kind of looks -
.          like a bird. – Like.

ANDREA     I think your head is in a cloud, Charlene.
.          Yes!  And you’re definitely storing all
.          your data in some cyber-space cloud.
.          Why are WE so distracted with such
.          trivial things – thinking that’s the answer?

(ANDREA sings song while ballet is danced out:)

SONG  8:   BOTH SIDES NOW (by Joni Mitchell)

(As ANDREA finishes singing, TRADESMEN return “home”,
walking across the stage.  

CHARLENE   Maybe success is only an illusion
.          that we create in our minds.

BECKY      That just sounds crazy.

(POOR MAN enters, still holding the sign,
but it is now dangling at his side.  ANDREA observes as
POOR MAN stops to give HOMELESS MAN some of his money.)
.                                                      8
ANDREA     THAT is crazy!  What is he doing?

(POOR MAN continues across the stage, only to be
stopped by ANDREA.)

ANDREA     (to POOR MAN)  What are you doing?
.          He’s just a lazy bum.
.          He should be out working for himself!

POOR MAN   He was injured, lost his job,
.          ran out of money and health insurance.

ANDREA     There are jobs he could still do.
.          He could go to school and learn a new trade!

POOR MAN   With what?  He just needs some help
.          getting there.

ANDREA     But, how can you even begin to help?
.          You are giving money to a poor man,
.          when you yourself are poor.

POOR MAN   I just give what I can.

(POOR MAN goes into his song:)


ANDREA     Do you not care about being successful?

POOR MAN   Depends on how you define success.

CHARLENE   (punching on iPHone)  Retrieving information–
.          definition of “success”–

POOR MAN   You won’t find it there.

(ANOTHER MAN or MEN’S QUARTET comes out to sing:)

SONG 10:   MEASURE OF A MAN (by 4him)

(During the song, CHARLENE has ignored her iPhone
and paid attention.)

CHARLENE   Interesting definition.  So which words
.          did you use to google-search?

POOR MAN   Its definition is found in the Bible.

CHARLENE   (punching in iPhone)  Bible – hey!          9
.          There’s an online Bible.

(ANDREA is not satisfied with POOR MAN’S answer.)

ANDREA     But you have to worry about SOME things.
.          People need to eat, and clothe themselves.

BECKY      And why are you so happy?  I mean,
.          I’m typically a happy person, but,
.          truthfully, I’m only happy when things are
.          going my way.  And when they’re not,
.          then it’s - more of a cover up.
.          (to a shocked ANDREA)  Yeah, that’s right,
.          I’m admitting it – I am in denial.

POOR MAN   A person can have true joy, in every
.          circumstance, without ever needing
.          to worry about anything.

(CHURCH PEOPLE surround them like a big choir to sing:)


(As the song ends, CHURCH PEOPLE surround HOMELESS MAN
to help him get up and exit.)

ANDREA     Who are they, and what are they doing?

POOR MAN   Those are people from my church.
.          We’ve decided as a group to help that guy out.

ANDREA     This all sounds very nice, but,
.          I do not want to be poor.
.          I do not want to share.

(STREET MUCISIAN enters with excitement.)

MUCISIAN   Hey, everyone, I just heard something
.          really cool and want to share it with you.

ANDREA     People!  You will never get anywhere
.          if you keep sharing everything.

(STREET MUSICIAN goes into his song:)


(As the song ends, CHARLENE contemplates the words.)

CHARLENE   Everything – and yet nothing.              10

ANDREA     Seriously, what do you have to show
.          for that decision?

POOR MAN   Salvation.  God left His heavenly throne,
.          and all His comforts and riches –
.          in order to die for you so you can be saved.

(CHURCH PEOPLE enter again and sing:)

SONG 13:   MORE THAN ENOUGH (by Newsboys)

(CHARLENE is starting to have a light bulb moment.
VENDORS become curious and come closer to listen.)

CHARLENE   That does sound like a lot.

ANDREA     Why am I so selfish, though?

POOR MAN   We have all sinned and deserve death.
.          But when you look to Jesus to forgive you,
.          you will find new life.

BECKY      Joy - true happiness?

CHARLENE   Wisdom!

ANDREA     And hope?

POOR MAN   More than hope.  Faith.  Purpose.  Success.
.          Riches which are treasures in heaven.

ANDREA     So it’s treasures – in heaven?
.          But while on earth?


SONG 14:   DON’T MISS NOW (by Downhere)

(ANDREA steps forward with head bowed.)

ANDREA     So this success, these riches, that God
.          wants to give to with us –
.          I don’t even have to work for it?

BECKY      I’m beginning to understand.
.          There is no denying its magnitude.

CHARLENE   MY search is over.
.                                                     11
ANDREA     Why would I not want this - treasure?

(Where words are applicable, STREET MUSICIAN,

SONG 15:   ALL YOURS (by Kutless) or
.          YOURS (by The City Harmonic)

ANDREA     We now have heaven to look forward to-

BECKY      And a richer life here on earth.

CHARLENE   It may not be what the world calls success-

POOR MAN   But you now have the King of kings
.          as your heavenly Father –

ANDREA     Sounds like success to me.

(Ending song should include ALL coming on stage.  
Choose a lively song that is applicable, and
assign lyric-portions to characters as it makes sense.)

SONG 16:  LIVING THE DREAM (by Downhere) or...
.         TREASURES IN HEAVEN (by Pete Buchwald Booples)
.         BUILD UP TREASURES IN HEAVEN (by Marilyn Baker)
.         TRESURE IN HEAVEN (by Beth Biderman)