.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
.             refer to

.                              - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:     A crime has occurred at a hoity-toity
.            charity ball and Farley’s detective darlings
.            have been sent to out investigate, and ask
.            the dinner guests to help search for clues
.            and question the suspects in order
.            to figure out who is the murderer.
STYLE:       interactive murder mystery dinner
.            spoofing Charlie’s Angels
TOPIC:       revenge
SCRIPTURE:   Lev.19:18                   BACK TO


SHELLY       sultry smarty,  big brunette wig
CAMERON      no-nonsense toughie, shorter brunette wig
APRIL        soft-voiced airhead, big blond wig
FARLEY       voice only (could disguise BENJAMIN’S voice)
WAITER       (who can be one of the servers)

TONYA        (Kimble)  host & organizer of charity ball,
.            jealous and secretly wants it all, and
.            felt threatened by the victim because she
.            wanted to take over organizing the
.            charity ball for the next year

SAMUEL       (Silverman)  young entrepreneur,
.            was dating the victim and was in the midst
.            of breaking up with her

BROOK        (Meriwether)  young spoiled rich girl,
.            was jealous of the victim, because she has
.            wanted to date Samuel and loves him

DIANE        (Prospect)  rich bejeweled heiress,
.            loves jewelry and is known to be ruthless
.            in her pursuit to get what she wants

BENJAMIN     (Strump)  rich business investor tycoon,
.            going broke and owes money to the victim

GLORIA       (Strump)  pampered wife of Benjamin,
.            afraid of being exposed and scorned
.            because they are going broke
.                                                       2


STAGE RIGHT: unspecific area
.            (this should be on the opposite side
.             of the stage as the podium)
STAGE LEFT:  Podium to one side.  (In the script,
.            it is at stage left, but you can switch
.            this around if you need or want to.)
CENTER STAGE: (as well as the enter dining hall) can be
.            decorated for the hoity-toity charity ball.
.            This area is considered the VIP lounge area,
.            and can have 4 tall drink tables

.            SUGGESTED LAYOUT:
.             ___________________________________
.            /                                   \
.       VIP’s          1                     only Tonya’s
.     entrance                                 entrance
.               2            3         4            \
.________/                                     podium\
. entrance
huddle area

3 purses for Shelly, Cameron and April
3 detective badges, 3 powder compacts,
chewing gum (or just mime chewing gum),
paper pads, pens, (paper can be the script),
tissues, handkerchief,
tray, drinks, chocolate

- vial of poison in plastic bag with brown fingerprint
    on its label saying “homeopathic poison”
- Diane’s purse with a squirt gun
- Brook’s purse with perfume
- Samuel’s wallet with tons of [monopoly] money
    and driver’s license
- Gloria’s purse with husband’s business cards and gum
- Benjamin’s wallet – note “All money owed – paid in full
    (signed) "Cary Mary Solarry”
- victim’s purse (belonging to Cary Mary Solarry)
    with very sparkly jewelry
- Tonya’s purse with a business card of homeopath
    and chocolate bars, therefore
    the brown chocolate fingerprint belongs to Tonya.